Foot Worship
by on October 27, 2017

In this weeks newsletter, we announce some small improvements and some
cool news regarding our member growth. Additionally, I want to talk with
you about some general stuff about the site.

We're growing; I can tell you we will get bigger and this very fast.
I'm happy that you all support our site, that's awesome. We reached 200
members goal. Not everyone is active, but at least some were interested
and tried out our website.

Due to the significant growth, I also got some feedback regarding functionality,
premium membership, and design. I cannot follow every suggestion as it might
stir the site to a wrong or another direction as it was planned initially. We're not
a dating website but will make it easier to find members!

Premium Memberships can now be purchased for 1 Year if you want to
save some money. It's five a Month, so 59 USD for a year.

Recently a bug was introduced that prevents member to search for gender
in gender search. Already working on a fix so please be patient. If you
want you can click "Save" in your profile settings, this will list you again
with your gender.

Some more great news is that we've recently mentioned on the feet hunter
website which is the IMHO the most important foot fetish blog. Thanks!

Forum rules are now on paper; you can read it to them here just keep them in mind
when posting. I hope they will help to keep the forum safe and clean for you!
Chaos is now Moderator of every forum.
Thanks to him the forum will be much better! Thanks!!  

Oh, and I will post this newsletter in our blog as our current e-Mail plan
from our email-provider does not allow it to send more than 200 e-Mails
per day. I will upgrade it as soon it is possible xD

Did you know: Our slogan is "Foot Fetish Deserves A Better Online Experience."

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