Foot Worship
by on November 12, 2017

Imagine you never have to wash your socks or panties anymore! Imagine you just
buy new ones and was them one time before wearing them to sell them online! Would
it not be great if you can make money off your worn panties and socks? Yes, definitely
if you're kinky enough!

Foot fetish and other kinky classifieds are a great way to earn some second income for
your worn items. Here are 12 ideas about what you can sell online to kinksters:


Worn Socks

Well Worn Socks, panties or underwear

Well worn things are trendy. The scent of those items is very arousing for men or
even women. If you want to start selling your items them its mandatory to wear
your things sometime and don't wash them. When sending them to your clients,
it's also important to package them air-tight and stealthy.


Worn Shoes

Worn Shoes
When your shoes need to be replaced with new ones, then it's a great idea to sell
them instead of throwing them into the basket. Clients pay much for smelly and
dirty shoes! Your shoes can be of any sort. Heels, slippers, sneakers or boots.
The most important aspect is that they look old, worn and smelly. So the guys have something
to put their cock inside and smell. You will be surprised how good your smelly sneakers can sell!


Your secrets like spit, cum, and other stuff that you produce
Kinksters love your secrets that come out of your body. Everything coming
from your body smells just wonderful. There is nothing that doesn't smell good.

Many people smell their hands when they've itched their ass. Some even smell
their shoulder because they love their smell. For men, women liquids are a crazy
mixture of pheromones! You can package them in a vessel and ship them stealthily.


Hair from your last haircut
The next time when you go to your barber take your hair back home and wait for
a seller. Hair fetish is very common. The longer your hair, the better it is! Selling
your hair can pay your next haircut and make it free. We know that female spend
much money at the barber!

It's as simple as it sounds. When it's time to cut your sweet-spicy toenails then
simply collect them in air-tight container. You can sell them to guys that love to
refine their food with them. They even have a great snack for in-between.

pubic hair
Pubic hair
Even your pussy hair or ass hair can be sold. When they smelly and full of your
fluids then you can sell them even better.

Predigested food
You can trample/chew banana and sell it. Refine your slave's food that they have
to eat. The will love it for sure!

Smoked Cigarettes
If you smoke, which is very unhealthy and will make you ugly, you can collect your
stubs, and if someone is interested, you can sell them.

Buy or sell tampons online
Bloody tampons also come out of your body. Kinksters will do anything you can
imagine with them. But please, be healthy when you sell any products that come
out of your body!

Custom videos/ pictures
Digital products sell very fast. Delivery is instant, and you can even sell pre-made
videos! There are many platforms out there, and we're currently developing one
that is outstanding. Stay tuned.

Your Whatsapp number
You can create a WhatsApp group and share daily pictures, videos or small
conversations with your followers! Think of monthly/weekly or lifetime WhatsApp subscriptions.

Do it like WhatsApp and sell subscriptions!


You see that there are very many things you could sell. It all depends on what your
clients and visitors want. If you have absolute no-gos or tabus, then you might
want to open yourself more and increase your product palette.

What was the kinkiest thing you ever sold or bought online or physical? Tell us your
craziest thing! We would love to hear it!

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