Foot Worship
by on November 14, 2017

Many know that feeling when its just cold outside, snow everywhere and you must watch
where you're going, or you will fall on the floor when stepping on the ice. There are of
course many great things winter can offer: Skiing, ice skating or having a lovely time at
home with your goddess.

The reasonable sad thing on winter is that you're not going to see feet in public anymore.
Until its getting warmer, we have to be satisfied with cold feet in think socks in thick warm
boots. But boots can also be very sexy especially those made of waterproof leather. Or did
you ever think of smelling on ski or snowboard boots? If not, then I'm going to tell you
some facts about winter foot clothing that actually can be hot and sexy.

Compared to summer, clothing becomes much thicker protect our skin from cold air, wind,
water and much other stuff that are not enjoyable. Women often have cold feet in winter,
and therefore they love to put their sweet feet in thick wool socks or even self-crochet
socks. Also, long socks are a great way to protect their velvety-soft legs.

Even though I told you about ski or snowboard boots I need to tell you that they are not
stinking after a day on the ski-run, they just smell a bit differently. But they can be very wet
and steam with sweat. If your fist takes off you goddess ski boots, you will be surprised with
a most sweat steaming shoe you've ever held in your hands! The next step is to take off her
thick socks! If you like sweat dripping socks, then this will be a delightful task where you can
take off wet socks from your mistress' feet. They're most wet at the toe side and where the
soles are. They can also be a bit watery at the ankle-side, or if the socks are very long, she
could loose some pussy juice which ran down the arches of her legs directly to her stockings.
You see that a  day at the ski run can be delightful for a foot slave. The most enjoyable part
will be your lovely taking-off of her shoes.


More common in shopping malls or streets are boots. You will find boots of all kinds and
colors. You can see black ones made out of leather, brown ones that just go a bit above her
ankles or even those funny Chewbacca-like boots that I find very ugly. But I hope they're
at least warm. Let's imagine what they could wear right below their shoes: Nylons, Ankle
Socks, or long socks? Might be an interesting question to ask women. If you think you
have the answer, please write a comment. It can be that they wear long underpants which
does not sound that sexy (:

Winter will come and to overcome your foot fetish withdrawal in the public society its a
great option to just imagine how the feet are looking inside the shoes and how smelly they
could be (when wearing nylons for example!). Feet in boots stink more because the
air-circulation is not so good and therefore sweat is collecting the socks. High-quality boots
won't smell that much, but after a night of full dancing, it definitely can be. Think of it!

Here is a list of great thought on why winter can be great for foot fetishists:

  • Sweat Steaming Ski boots
  • Sweaty and extremely stinky feet
  • Your mistress has cold feet more often (you have to take more care)
  • Socks are dirtier because they can be full of slush
  • You can use your imagination more
  • When you mistress walks in the snow with bare feet, she will become
    exceptional looking feet. They're pink-ish and red. You need to see it!
  • The smell of boots can be dominant in a small room. You can even
    smell them on a train when sitting right to a woman with boots.
  • Watch foot fetish videos here

So you see that there are many advantages in winter too and you must not be scared
that you will miss something in winter! What is your winter experience? What benefits do
you see when it comes to a foot worship in winter? Tell us your great stories.

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