by on November 6, 2019

The newest subject to arrive in a world full of hate speeches surrounding erotica, porn, fleshlights and vibrators, Sex-dolls are life-sized humane figurines which were built to tend to both our carnal and societal instincts – of ownership and dependence.  As opposed to what "experts" say, Inflatable sex dolls can be pretty liberating for people who aren't as opinionated and closed-minded as a carnivorous plant (pun intended).

A sex-doll won't make you feel these – but they will help you gain the proper confidence and control needed to reach the same. These are some of the facts I gathered after discussing with some other doll-users and couples' whose life improved a hell lot better after introducing a harmless sexual partner in their lives.

  • First of all, being in a serious relationship with your custom sex doll is not weird. If it makes you feel something, it's real. You need nobody else to validate your feelings.
  • If a man or a woman can have the chance to indulge while staying within their relationship boundaries, their future will stay secure. There's a 58-year-old man who uses a love-doll while being happily married for 30 years.
  • There is no given age limit - A young adult can use it to gain experience as much as s/he wants, so can an elderly if they feel shy of showing their old prowess in front of somebody else.
  • It's just another way to spice up your life – a love-doll won't care if you're single, committed, polygamous or just in need of a hand to hold.
  • Having sex with a sex doll is NOT a form of cheating. Unless you're with someone who deems reading an erotic book is cheating – please, stay away at any cost if that's the case.
  • You will have a complete sense of control over your synthetic lover. I know people who'd die to have that bond inside the bedroom.
  • A love-doll is reliable, compliant, compassionate, loving and cost-effective – she won't ask for flowers or date-nights, nor do you have to entertain her question about what you did with your time. The only time and money you will be spending are to enjoy her company and keeping her healthy, sleek and clean.
  • Your confident partner has the ability to make you feel free and unhinged while giving a boost to your courage as she helps you in becoming a better lover with every passing experience.

Given the market and conscience surrounding cheap sex dolls keeps developing at this rate, it'll be no wonder if the newer generations start opting for a synthetic partner over humane ones; everybody does not do well with emotions – but being unable to express something doesn't mean that you're completely devoid of it.

People with depressive or anxiety disorders know better than anybody else, how important it is to have a hand to hold, or just being present with somebody you can open up to without the fear of being judged.

If you think it's high time to let go of your fear and confidence issues, to let go of all the unnecessary worries you have and just dive deep into your desires without giving a damn to the outside world – take my word, give it a go. You will know.




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