Foot Worship
by on August 29, 2018

A couple of years ago before I started college I had a part time job working at a fast food joint close to my house. I never really saved the money like I should have. I bought many things like my calculator for school, a ps3, but more importantly my first foot worship session. To be honest upon messaging the Mistress (whose name I'll keep confidential due to privacy) I was terribly nervous. Though I knew I wouldn't regret it. So once the date was set I drove close to 80 miles to worship her feet. When I arrived I ringed the door bell, as I heard her foot steps my heart started pounding. I didn't know if I needed to drop to my knees before she came or what so I decided my best bet was to stand and walk in normally unless commanded to do other wise. She invited me in, she had on a black dress and black high heels as she came to the door. Her smile was friendly and it put me at ease.....a little too much of an ease. When the door closed she said "carry that bag down to the dungeon" and me being the idiot I was I said "ok". After the words left my mouth I knew I messed up. She immediately corrected me and said "You mean yes Mistress! Not OK". I began to tremble which I began to enjoy and I immediately replied"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress" When I entered the dungeon she commanded me to give her the gift she requested which was money and she also commanded me to strip down and fold my clothes and put them to the side. While taking my clothes off I remember the cold chills on my back and the feeling of being exposed was a feeling I can not describe. Once I finished folding I was told to boww before her chair and she gave instructions. After receiving my lecture considering it was my first session she put chains on my hands and attached the chains to the top of the room. She took her whip and whipped me, I particularly don't care for this but it was ok however I was so nervous I was not getting a hard on. After being whipped for 15 minutes she put a blindfold on me and attached me to an electo machine which honestly felt good. It felt like my privates where getting a massage however I still did not have a hard on after this. Finally she commanded me to begg her to worship her feet. As she sat down in her chair I begged like I had never begged before. She commanded me to take off her heels and to worship. Honestly my mind went blank after taking off her heels and I just began kissing like a mad man. I went all up and down her soft silky soles just kissing and finally I came to my senses and I stuck my tounge out. Immediately I had a hard on and it was very noticeable . "Dear God look at you we should have started with this you literally didn't take any time at all getting hard." She said as she laughed. I replied very quickly with "Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress." As I continued to lick her feet clean like I'd lick an ice cream cone. I licked from the heel all the way to her toes to lick in between each toe and eating her toe jam before fitting all 5 toes into my mouth so she could play with my tonsils with her toes. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and my time was up. Her feet looked sparkling clean though and they had no sweat or smell to them. I gave each toe a goodbye kiss before I put her heels back on for her and I put my clothes back on and departed to go back to my home. It was certainly a thrilling experience as I had also broke up with my ex before visiting this Mistress and I feel like a better submissive for such an experience. I enjoyed it greatly and if I had the money I'd go do it again but unfortunately I had to quit my job so I could have more time for college. Unfortunately it isn't easy becoming an engineer.

Foot worship session

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