Foot Worship
by on August 29, 2018

A foot fetish is an "obsession" with feet. That's all we know. Many scientists are searching for the root of why we have a
foot fetish. Why do we like feet? Is it the shape, the scent or is it because beautiful women walk on them? I
would say its altogether; women know that they look sexy in their heels and treat men, but it's okay or isn't it?

Foot fetish has widely evolved in history and feet are a very sexually stimulating part for men and women.

Getting feet licked or massaged is stimulating. Where our processing of sexual stimulation takes place also
our nerves of foot stimulation takes place. That is a valid logic on why we like feet that much.

Is having a foot fetish bad?

Absolutely no. Every human is different and is great! Imagine every person has the same kind of sex and preferences.
Wouldn't be that very dull? Its the exploration of each other what makes the sexual live so exciting.

Foot fetish can be very engaging for women or men. Women can be pleased getting their feet pleasured by
men after a long day or just spontaneous because men respect them.

Foot fetish disgusting for women?

The opinions on this topic are very different; some don't mind, some love it, and some others think that having
a foot fetish is a disgusting habit. It's the approach you have that makes things different. If you treat your girlfriend
or hot wife, then she will respect your obsession and will love it too.

If it's the first time women getting their feet licked, they might react ticklishly and start laughing, but soon or later
they will feel different. The will get a warm feeling when they feel a wet tongue on their toes and soles and their
beard scratches over their feet. They will see how brave the male cares about their feet, and maybe they will feel
that they also like it.

For a foot fetishist, feet are essential in their sexual life. They will always miss something when they have
sex, so it's vital for women and men to tolerate a foot fetish to make both very happy.


How to tell your girlfriend you have a foot fetish?

The simplest method is not the obvious one that you just say “Baby, I have a foot fetish.” The next time you fuck your
GF just use her feet more. You must not lick them immediately but try to touch them, squeeze them and hold them near
to your nose. She might react strangely, or maybe she responds very open and laughs. Tell her you like her feet.
Massage them more often. Make her thinking that foot sex is normal. And soo or later, you will get
a hot, smelly, fucking CRAZY footjob that you won't forget.

For me, it's mainly not what kind of fetish men have. Its more on how they handle their fetish. If they are very uncertain
about it or are ashamed of it then also women will feel that and react very differently as if you be open with
your preference.

Foot Fetish

How to perfectly handle your obsession with feet?

When you were viewing feet pics online on Instagram, Youtube or here on foot-worship.com you can see unlimited pictures
of nylon feet, ebony feet or many other kinds of foot fetish manifestations and some will make you more horny than
other. Even foot fetish stories are an excellent method to get hot if you are a very visual person.

There are many ways on how to live with your obsession, for example:

  • Write Foot Fetish Stories and publish them online
    That is a perfect way to process your imaginations and your experiences. Have you seen hot feet today at
    work or while you were on your way to work? Tell others about it! Write remarkable stories.
    That will not only make you more creative, but it will also make you much better in sexual life.
  • Post images of your feet online
    Posting pictures of your feet or your girlfriend is quite kinky, but very hot when you read other comments what
    they would like to do with your or his/hers feet. A sexy hobby.
  • Have sex with her after work or massage them
    Fuck her after work when she did not have a shower. You can smell her feet from the distance while you fuck her.
    Or even massage her feet, so you can jerk off with foot scent when she doesn't want to get fucked.
  • Go to an outdoor pool
    Watch feet when it's hot outside, and they're wearing flip flops or laying on the grass on their stomach and
    their soles wrinkle. Just imagine!

I am sure there are much more different ways on how
to live with a foot fetish. If you know more, let me see them in the comments!

I donate the last paragraph to the community. If you're are foot lover and a bit kinky, bisexual, gay or merely a sissy
then you are welcome! Prejudice does not exist here, and you're all welcome. So register today an anonymous account
and meet new contacts, maybe your dream-feet are already here to attend!


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It's great somebody explans this topic, I enjoy footfetish and footworship,I sometimes feel guilty about it, and I am not open about it, only to "like-minded people". And it is also my right to keep it for myself, whatever another may think of it, people who have nothing with foot fetish, you may ex...View More
I love women's feet, but I'm not sure that I'm obsessed with them. I love them, and I am attracted to them, sexually. The statement "A foot fetish is just an obsession of feet" is fucking stupid.
Foot Worship
thanks ^^ Do you want a different definition? Is there a better definition?
It looked like English, to me. All I'm saying is that fetish doesn't equate to obsession. I think there's much more to it, than that. And, don't give me this shit about what's appropriate, or not. Fuck you. I hate stereotypical shit, ignorant shit, and misinformation. Let's just wait, and see, when ...View More
Foot Worship
okay obsession is kinda really the wrong word :)