Foot Worship
by on August 31, 2018

Society commonly sees feet as dirty, and people usually feel embarrassed about their feet from someone they like. You may not know this but any part of your body can be used for a great sex life. Also, foot fetish is very common, mostly men who get incredibly turned on while watching their partner's bare feet.

Although some foot fetishes might be extreme, viewing images of sexy feet and footwear is also considered mild foot fetish. Feet are incredibly sensitive and attending to them can turn you on for a wild ride. Not to mention that toes teasing are the basic moves in domination, if you want to play the dominant and submissive game, or if you want to try pleasing your foot fetish partner than these tips are for you.

First, you must make sure to take care of your own feet. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone and apply cream to make them feel soft and sensual. Sleeping with socks also helps. But if you have a tough skin or thick in places, it is better to consult your dermatologist for a prescribed cream. If you have a feet fetish partner, they might prefer to see feet in particular shoes or dress. To set the mood, dress your feet in stockings or high heels, makes them look ready for sex play. However, in this case, one size does not fit all.

Let your partner take care of your feet

Most people love their partners in high heels, but some people are into sandals, some into heels, and others just love bare feet. Find out what makes you feel sexy powerful and what does your partner like, also make sure these “props” are clean. Tease the Toes There are several things you can do to start the play. Start with a luxurious foot bath with your partner. After a soak, your skin will be softened and you can ask your partner to pat your feet dry.

Continue then with a foot massage. Give or ask for a slow sensual massage with massage lotion on both feet. Make sure to gently rub all over the tops, soles, and especially in between the toes. If you are worried about your feet, make it your partner's quest to perfect them.

You can demand your partner to buy a pedicure set or foot cream, and give them reward by applying those cream (or nail polish) to your feet. Some people also enjoy being tickled in their foot. Be cautious, do not add tickling in your foot massage session when your partner is overly ticklish.

Other than feet massage, you can ask your partner to lick your shoes. Make them go over your shoe with their tongue before finally taking your shoes off and allowing them to properly lick your feet.Make them suck off each of your toes one by one, using their tongue to go around each toe, in and out the gaps between toes slowly. Also, try to add some flavor by using mint body sugar or brown sugar.

You can also tease him by putting your toes to their mouth one by one, pushing as many as you can to see how much they can take. Make your partner lie down and run your toes slowly down their body. Use your toes to pinch their nipples and tease the underbelly, but do not forget to keep coming back to making them lick and suck your toes.

Giving a stunning FootJob

So, here we are in the main action. Place the penis between your feet, and go for it. You will need some time to get accustomed because obviously, your feet are different from your hand. However, a lot of foot lovers will love you more for it. You can try many positions too to give your partner a footjob. You could also try to bend your partner and wear them. Use lubricant and how many toes you can fit in is up to you. Another thing to try is toeing, gently rub your toes against her clitoris. This guaranteed will escalate quickly. Foot fetish also can extend into erotic pain. You might wear high heels and use the heel to pinch your partner's body or leaving a mark.

Cleansing and shining shoes after a wild play might be something you can try too. Feet can be attended for a new experience in your sex life. Henna paint your feet will also give you a different sensation when teasing your partner. Liking feet is not weird or unusual, it can be hot and sensual. But remember to always communicate with your partner, some might go to the extreme, while others may like your feet because they found them cute.

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