Foot Worship
by on August 31, 2018

Investigate what he likes the most on feet

We all have our preferences about what floats our boat, we are individuals after all. It is hard to say what a fetish is too. You might see your boyfriend’s preferences as a fetish, but sexual pleasure is like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder or mind of the beholder.

Let us examine your concerns, which are understandable, feet have such a bad reputation. Feet are mocked and presumed to be dirty. Blessed are those that have them as not everyone does.

When you look at our world today and how we live, who actually has dirty feet these days? Maybe your boyfriend is on his feet all day and working a hot environment, provided he is quite hygienic and showers every day it will be alright for the odd bit of toe sucking. Possibly you could satisfy his desires just after he has bathed.

Try massaging some lightly scented oils that you like the smell of and everything will be fine. In fact, that's  a good place to start, a bit of massaging, just to build up the tension and then go in for the big one.

Oh, how he will love you for it. If he wants you to be his feet slave, embrace this opportunity, it will not take long before his is feeling exhilarated and you may find yourself rewarded handsomely, he will be so excited will do anything for you. Maybe you could ask for a favor in return and you will both be happy.

It is hardly going to be something that is going to cause you any sort of public humiliation apart from if you are the Duchess of York and that  toe sucking incident with the American caught on camera by the Paparazzi back in 1992. Oh, how cross was Her Majesty? Declaring 1992 her Annus Horribilis. Maybe you should have used a different term Your Majesty. I digress.

Foot Fetish Pictures are very popular. Send your boyfriend pics of your feet too!

Make him your Foot Slave

Perhaps we should turn your boyfriend’s desires on its head and make him your foot slave. Take the position of being a dome, it is the 21 st century, it’s allowed. Tell your boyfriend what he can and cannot do.

You could make him do things to your feet. Consider this as a part of your foot slave training. He will naturally do to you what he would like you to do. You might have to supress those fits of giggles, and discipline yourself not to flinch as you don’t want to knock his teeth out.

Feet are so sensitive and easily tickled, but a bit of toe sucking and resisting the urge to move your foot away can be quite arousing. You might even find yourself feeling excited and ready for other action. Everybody will be happy.

You could try a bit of foot trampling; it is the creme de la creme of foot fetishes apparently. Feet are so versatile. Wandering around in some rather classy high heels. That could get your boyfriend excited. Imagine the fun you will have shopping for some marvelous creations you have always wanted and never had a reason to own, well now you have. It could be that your boyfriend will love a few your delicate feet trampling on him. You could get your feet.

where no foot has traveled before, walk on his back, have him on his back and massage him gently with your feet and make him a happy man.

Be brave and have fun!

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