Foot Worship
by on August 31, 2018

When a foot slave worships feet then its the most significant thing he can do.
And also he is one of the best. Once I met a foot slave he had to massage my
feet, and you know, it was the best foot massages I have ever received. When
I get worshipped by "normal" guys, it's kinda annoying because the feeling is
missing that he's into my feet like there is no other thing in the world.

When talking about foot slaves then I mean some man that has a foot fetish.
Such men do not think about anything else than feet when meeting a girl.
The foot is the most exciting and most erotic part of the female body for
such a man.

I think those foot worshippers, including me, give full effort in foot spoiling.
But what exactly makes you to a perfect foot slave? And what are the best
techniques to worship feet?

There are many points I will discuss on today's blog. The last was about two
weeks ago because I had not much time because life keeps me busy and
additionally, I had to make some changes on this site.

So let's talk about the not-so-simple way to get a complete foot worshipper.

  • Respect Your Woman
    Of course, every slave has to respect women and follow their rules.
    Your mistress has the most weighty word in household and bed.
    You have to make her happy, which will make you happy too!
  • Pocket Money
    To make your wife happy there is no way around to give her pocket
    money to finance her heavy lifestyle and her shopping addiction.
    You should gift here sometimes an amount of money which will make
    her feel that you care about her!
  • Presents
    Everyone loves presents, especially your mistress. Get her foot size do
    buy her a sexy pair of heels, stockings, thongs or a beautiful
    victoria-secret bra. Think that you can also profit from it!
  • Go out with her
    Suprise her with your spontaneous vein. Take her on a weekend
    trip or go eating to a great restaurant and pay!
  • Tell her how perfect she is in every moment
    Every woman is excellent, so tell her! When you see her tell her how
    good looking and elegant she is. She will love it.
  • Worship her feet
    As a foot slave, you have to learn how to massage and care for
    her feet accurately. It is the most critical part for you, so you need
    to care about them in every moment. Whenever she want's you to
    massage her feet, do so. Learn new massage techniques to help to
    keep her feet healthy and beautiful.
  • Learn to give her a pedicure
    Giving a pedicure can also be a very significant experience for your mistress.
    File her toes or remove the horn skin. In these days you can quickly learn to
    pedicure feet online. You can start by your own hands which will also
    make you a much more attractive slave!

Do you have any more tips? Write them in comments and tell other about
your expirience. I'm sure some foot slaves will love to read your suggestions.

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