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How to give a foot massage?

Foot massage is as essential for aching feet as it is for pleasure purposes. A good foot massage has the ability to make the entire body feel soothed and relaxed. However, it must be done right in order to give the most soothing experience. The following steps explain how a foot massage should be carried out:

how to give a foot massage
1. Clean and warm the feet: A good foot massage should start with a simple warm foot bath. A few things can be added to improve this bath such as mood improving oils, which have pleasurable scents and acidic fruits such as lemons which helps the skin release toxins and soften.

2. Increase blood circulation: Sometimes muscle contractions form knots in foot muscles that prevent blood circulation. A trigger point massage eases out these contractions leaves the feet warm up to the toes. After cleaning the feet, place one foot at a time on your laps and wipe them gently with a soft towel. Then, hold the foot at the heel using one hand and use the other hand to hold and rotate the foot clockwise then
anticlockwise at least three times. Next, use your thumbs and move across the sole of the foot to find trigger points. Apply medium pressure on the trigger points while rotating the foot and repeat this until all trigger points are found. A trigger point can be identified by experiencing a “sweet pain” sensation when medium pressure is applied on them. Repeat applying this medium pressure on the upper side of the foot from the ankle to the toes. This greatly helps in improving blood supply to the feet and toes and prepares the feet for the next step.

3. Oil/ Cream/ Lotion massage: Using the oil/ cream/ lotion of your choice, rub it in-between your palms to slightly warm it then apply it all over the sole of the foot, the toes and ankle. Wrap your fingers and thumbs around the foot and apply medium pressure while moving them in a circular pattern around the foot for several minutes. Give a little more attention the arch on the sole of the foot and apply a bit more pressure.
This helps ease up stress and tensions of the day. Next, apply more oil/ cream/ lotion on the foot and use your thumbs to apply more pressure on the foot moving lengthwise from the toes to the heel. Preferably, one thumb should rub the foot from toe to heel while the other from heel to toe, meeting at the center of the foot. Repeat this for several minutes to give a fully relaxed and pleasurable sensation then repeat this step on the other foot.

4. Toe massage: Rub each toe by gently pinching it in between your thumb and index finger then rotating it along its joint with the rest of the foot in clockwise then anticlockwise direction for not less than thirty seconds. Next, pull each toe gently away from its joint then release it. Make sure you do not pull it far enough
to cause pain. Toe massage also eases up stress by relaxing the toes.

5. Leg massage: The remaining parts that are essential to giving the most pleasurable sensation of a foot massage are the sunken part below the ankle and the Achilles tendon. Use you thumbs and index fingers to gently apply some pressure below the ankle for several minutes while moving your hands in an up and down movement. Next, rub the backside of the foot from the heel all the way to the calf muscle, easing tension on
the Achilles tendon. These two areas are solely responsible for providing the most pleasurable sensation and should be done last after easing up stress and tension by massaging other areas of the foot.

6. Closing up: Wipe the feet with a warm moist towel to remove the massage oil layer on the skin. Next, mix some massage oil with a few drops of peppermint oil and apply this oil mix to the feet. Rub it in-between your palms and give a quick massage all over the feet one last time. Peppermint oil has the effect of providing a cooling effect and this will make her feet feel fresh, relaxed and as good as new.

These steps are ideal in providing the most pleasurable sensation in foot massage. However, it is important to note that areas with cuts, bruises, blisters or any other form of wound should not be massaged until they heal. Massaging such areas could cause more damage in the form of infections.

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