Foot Worship
by on August 31, 2018

Heroes: running through fire, rebounding bullets from the chest in a massive
bullet hail,  or loyal soldiers jumping on exploding hand grenades to save their
teammate's lives. You possibly have seen everything in action movies produced
by big movie companies like Warner or Lionsgate.

But for us real people with a foot fetish it is funny how much action we can have
every day and still not die! The feeling having a foot fetish is exciting, and often
we hope that women see that we like their feet and want to worship them. If
you're in voyeurism, then you might already know what I'm writing about. If not
then let me explain why foot fetish is pure action in the real world!

Imagine a woman with pretty nylons, pumps and a skirt. Maybe in the bus
waiting to finally arrive at her end station to go home after a hard workday.
You sit in front of her and carefully watch her feet. Searching for a peek at
her toes. Do you think she's already noticing that you chase her with your
eyes? Yes, she does. I'm sure every woman see this when you hunt her
feet with your eyes when sitting 1 meter in front of her. Don't think that
they're silly!!

When you notice she's getting aroused, then it could be an excellent start
for a foot fetish flirt. She might dangle her pumps or even start to caress
her legs in nylons which can be a very stimulating situation for both of you,
and for sure you won't forget it soon. And that's is the action that I'm
talking about. And you even have always this excellent film in your head
where you lick the sexy feet, like me telling you this short story. That's why
I think foot fetish is like hunting and pure action.

Another great way to experience activities with your foot fetish is to go
entirely into voyeurism: try to find women who have their feet laying on the
chair or close to your nose. Try to smell them but don't get caught :).

If you like to make movie making, why don't you start to create your action movies?
Hunt for feet and make films of them. You can enjoy them later and think
about how arousing it was to film her feet in public while trying not to get
caught! Imagine what she would say? Would you tell someone who is shooting
your feet that he should stop, or do you point your foot to his camera? Tell
us in comments what you would do!

To give you some more insights on how to have more action with a foot fetish in
public I list some of my ideas and experiences that could be a great to have more
fun with you fetish and not the only expertise your obsession online.

  • Say every woman you meet that she has beautiful feet
  • If you have a new girlfriend, make it clear that you have a foot fetish
  • Where do foot fetishists watch firs? Exactly! Feet! No eyes, boobs or butt: just feet
  • If you sit next to a girl with smelly feet, you're pleased and take deep, intense breaths
  • In the shoe store steal all their try-on sock. The shoe store can be your temple of wealth and enjoyment

So get up and start having action with your foot fetish and be active! Also, subs must be
active to have some more fun. Tell us your ideas.

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