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by on August 31, 2018

The thoughts of role-playing and threesomes tend to flare up at the mere mention of “fetish.” In fact, this word causes some people to freak out. The simple reality is that fetish is a fantasy type, and it is more common among human beings than you can probably imagine. In medical terms, fetishism is a disorder in which a human being tends to have sexual desires in relation to a nonliving object or stimulus. Hence, a nylon fetish refers to a form of fetish in which an individual develops a sexual urge by wearing, seeing, or touching nylons.

A person with a nylon fetish can also develop a desire to have sex when he or she sees another person in nylons. Objects of a nylon fetish may include underwear, gloves, pants, and other clothing made of nylon material. Just like any other form of fetish, nylon fetish can be incorporated into a sexual encounter with a willing partner, or it can act as a replacement for a sexual activity. Generally, people with a nylon fetish only experience sexual arousal and orgasm when they use the fetish in their sexual encounters. In rare cases, they may experience the arousal in the absence of a nylon object. However, this kind of response usually happens at a minimal level because it only involves fantasizing about an object.

Causes of Nylon Fetish

A nylon fetish usually develops during puberty. Though rarely, this disorder can also occur before puberty. Although there are no scientifically proven causes of a nylon fetish, scientists have tried to theorize the causes of this condition. They believe that fetishes result from childhood experiences in which a child associated nylon objects with sexual gratification. Although the fetish usually remains inactive until puberty, these early childhood experiences remain in the child’s memory, waiting to showcase at the right time, usually at puberty. According to behavioral theorists, a child who is exposed to inappropriate sexual activities tends to imitate the activity, leading to sexual disorders, including the nylon fetish, later on in life.


Compensation models contend that nylon fetish results from a need to compensate for certain deficiencies. According to them, the society tends to impose certain rules on individuals, especially the children. For instance, it forbids children from engaging in sexual activities until they attain the ripe age. Since sex is pleasurable and children seek pleasure, they tend to compensate for lack of it by seeing certain things as objects of sex. To them, nylon fetish is seen as a socially acceptable means of experiencing sexual gratification.


Another potential cause of nylon fetish is a person's doubts about his gender characteristics. This is usually common among male persons. For instance, some male individuals with deficiencies in male characteristics tend to think that it is difficult for female partners to accept them. This fear of humiliation or rejection causes them to resort to certain objects for sexual gratification. When the object of this sexual satisfaction is nylon, then the disorder is nylon fetish.


Characteristics of Persons With Nylon Fetish


If you have a nylon fetish as your only object of sexual satisfaction, you may tend to avoid relationships. You may also develop a sexual disorder known as partialism. This disorder typically causes people with a nylon fetish to become sexually aroused when they see a section of another person's body, including the feet, breasts, and buttocks.

Partialism does not only affect individuals who have a nylon fetish but also those with other forms of fetishes, including furry, leather, spandex, and latex fetishes. Generally, people with a nylon fetish experience the following:

  • Sexual arousal upon seeing nylons
  • The urge to wear nylon pants during sexual encounters
  • Sexual arousal when tearing nylon clothing
  • Heightened sexual arousal upon seeing a person wearing nylon clothing

Treating Nylon Fetish A nylon fetish is a normal condition that may not need any treatment. However, treatment may be necessary when the disorder causes impairment to your normal lifestyle.


Some of the treatments that have been applied to remedy a nylon fetish include the following:


Therapies such as hypnosis, traditional psychoanalysis, and behavior therapy Medical therapy including androgen deprivation and use of anti-compulsive thinking drugs. A nylon fetish may not cause any significant harm to your life. It is only a feeling that leads to sexual satisfaction. However, speaking to your doctor may be of help if the disorder impairs your lifestyle.


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