Foot Worship
by on August 31, 2018

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The Book Store 1

So I am out late at night, about half drunk, and horny as a bunny in puberty when I find myself at a local adult bookstore. This was a number of years ago but still quite a fond memory. As I go in I immediately notice the clerk is a really cute little Latina around 21 years old. I start browsing in the video rows and find a place where I can see her behind the counter. 

I watch her for a few minutes and see her come out to go put up some videos on the shelf. As she steps out from the cash register I notice she is wearing a pair of running shoes with no socks. Instant boner on my end. In my intoxicated state I begin to grope myself thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts. Next thing I know she is on my row quietly putting up boxes on the shelves. I pretend to study the titles and watch her out of the corner of my eye. She was dressed casually in a T-Shirt and jeans otherwise. Her sneakers were old enough that I could actually see the impressions of her toes through the fabric and suddenly lust took me over. Somehow, some way, I just HAD to see her bare feet.

She came back twice more with one or two boxes for my row and I realized she was purposely coming back to my row. It was then I realized that I had a rather sizeable hard-on visible through my jeans. I finally caught her looking at it. I quickly decided that I was going to take a chance see what happened. This wasn't one of my normal haunts, so at worst, I figured I would be banned from the store if I went too far. 

She smiles nicely and greeted me and then says, "Can I show you something?"

Loaded question! I couldn't believe my luck! So, I smiled politely and responded, "You certainly can if your toenails are painted." 

"Excuse me, " she questioned.

"Your feet. I'd like to see your toes if your nails are done," my polite smile back in place.

Shockingly fast she slides her right foot out of her shoe and I see slender long toes and perfectly Black painted nails of her size 9 foot. I nearly came on the spot. "Oh my god, those are beautiful," I blurted out not realizing I had grabbed my engorged cock and was squeezing the hell out of it. She watched closely.

"Oh, you like those?"
"Hell yes."
"They are just feet. What do you like about them?"
So, I told her. She giggled and said, "What do you do with feet anyway?"
So I told her a little more and lust took over again. Here was my one and only shot. I was about to score or get my ass tossed out. "Look," I said, "I am not trying to be insulting in the least, but I will give you $50 if you will let me suck you toes for just a minute." 
" Are you serious?"
"I could get in big trouble if I say yes."
"And you could be missing out if you say no," I replied.
She giggled again. "Sure, I need the money. Go back by the bathroom. I'll be there in a minute." 
I did as I was told. Less than 5  minutes later she was back in the bathroom with me. I locked the door and dropped to my knees. I handed her a $50 bill and pulled her shoe off catching the sweaty scent that gives me a raging boner. I buried my face in her foot and started to suck those toes for all I was worth. She actually moaned and said, "Damn!"
I kept going and decided to go for broke, I pulled out my cock. Then I noticed her head back and eyes closed. I took her toes from my mouth and dropped her foot onto my cock sliding the head between her big toe and second toe. Her eyes opened in shock and she looked down. I waited for the scream or kick or tantrum to come, but it didn't. Instead she began to pump her foot up and down across the head of my dick. Needless to say, stamina was not on the agenda. LOL! Less than 20 pumps later I spewed a load all over her pretty black polished  toenails. She watched in awe. She then pulled her foot off and I grabbed some paper towels and cleaned her up finally putting her shoe back on. She blushed as I thanked her and she went back up front. I cleaned myself up and, shaking, prepared to face her as I left. 

I walked back up front and she was behind the register. I thanked her again and said, "hope to see you again soon. I had a lot of fun" 

She replied, "I did too. I love conversations like that. You can come see me anytime." And I did too until she changed jobs. More stories of her a little later. 
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