Foot Worship
by on August 31, 2018

"Oh, shit!" still in bed and I was sure I'm too late for school. Usually, I stand up much earlier, but today it was different.
The day before I was out with my friends I might have had one drink too much on Jon's birthday party. He just turned
18. I was three months older then he and we have been friends for a very long time. Jon knows very much about me;
he helped me to get my first girlfriend, enabled me to make my moped faster and even helped me when my first love left
me. He also knows my secrets, about my foot fetish. Once he caught me when I was watching foot porn on foot-worship
and also told me that I should stop liking foot pictures on Instagram.

After brushing my teeth and taking on my clothing, I ran to my moped and jumped on it with my briefcase on my right
leg holding it with one hand while stirring with the other. Arrived in class, I sat down on my chair. Teachers were not a
problem as I am already old enough. Right in front of me sits Jenny. Jenny is about 1.6m tall, has brunette hair, is not
too thin. She even has some puppy fat what makes her extremely cute. Her fingers are short, and she got light-pink
polish on it with many rings. Sometimes she draws mana on her hand, which makes her look like as she spends much
time in nature. Her voice was kind of not how she looks like; it was a mixture of high voice and instructor. I liked that
too, no I loved it.

She wears slippers at school, precisely Crocks. The girls often change their sandals and draw shit and their names on it
to make them feel that they all are one, I don't know exactly why but I like thinking about it how they exchange their
slippers. Al those cute sneaker socks what they were wearing and they trade their smelly Birkenstocks or crocks.
Today Jenny wears green and her pink Crock I think she changed with Lara, a fat bitch that I don't like. Jenny often
wears multi color toe socks. Today too. I love when she sits on the chair with her knees and her ass on her soles. She
always wrinkles with her toes when she lies like this. I ever watch her.

One day we at the gym we had sports together with the girls. We did some gymnastics. When it was over, we were going
to change our sports clothing and saw Jenny just going in her cabin. She took off her shoes and put them in front of the
door and went in. I took the chance and wanted to take a deep breath of her foot scent, so I watched briefly if no one is
seeing me. When I was sure, I took her shoe to my nose. The smell was incredible; it smelled like she had never changed them
since years. So intensive that I needed to jerk off but I don't want to go, I want more of her feet more of her smell and more
of her cute toe socks.

Suddenly the door opened, and it was Jenny. She saw me how I pressed her shoe to my noes and also saw my boner in my
pants. She opened her mouth and took her hand to her mouth and said surprised "Oh my god, are you crazy?" I just could
say "Fuck!" and tried to calm her down. But she grabbed me on my T-Shirt and dragged me into the cabin. "I always knew
that you like feet, Jon told me about it." she laughed I could not speak, only an ok came out of my mouth. I watched on the
floor and saw her feet, I watched away and thought of the smell. I felt locked in my obsession. "Sit down on the floor!" she
said, and I asked why. "What why? Sit down and shut up or everyone will know that you smelled my shoes" she said in an
instruction voice. The only way out was to sit on the floor, so I did it. "Take off my socks" she instructed in a very dominant
voice. Now I was completely stunned and happy; I never knew this would happen to me. While she sits on the bench she
handed me her pointed foot to my mouth "Use your mouth" she said. I already smelled her feet from that short distance;
the white ankle socks were much darker at some places, they must be very wet, they also were filthy at the front part
where the toes are.
I turned my head to the side to catch the other end of her sock to pull it off. The smell of her feet was very intensive. I pulled her
hose slowly off while she holds the arch of her foot still. When it was off, she pointed with her hand to her feet and told me "Now lick!".
I started to lick it. I was entirely in heave, my heart bumped, and I was sweating. I slowly moved my head forward right to her toes,
which were in light pink polish. Before I started to lick, I stopped and took a huge smell of her toes. I had to smile at that moment
because I was so happy. I stretched out the tongue and slowly began to lick over the beginning of her toes starting at the big one
over to the small. It tasted like salt, but very different. Not like pussy but still like women. A little bit of cheese. I took every toe, one after
on in my mouth and sucked it. I was so hard, and my underpants were very wet from all that precum that came out. "Good boy now
let me suck your dick" she stood up and pulled me on the ground. She took off my pants and put her hair to the side; she saw how
wet my cock was, so much precum. She jerked it and finally put her lips and mouth over my cocks and gently started to suck it. She
was good at it, and I could not take it anymore. She jerked it why sucking my dick. The sound was also awesome. When she got deeper,
it sounded like she is going to vomit and to cough at the same time. "Ahhh  I love your precum." she said "I also love when men get
hot of feet" she added.
She turns around, and now she sits on my chest with her ass, I could see her wrinkled soles while she sucks my dick and that was
enough for me to cum immediately.

After that our ways separated, or maybe not? What are you thinking?

This was a foot fetish story. Imagination is infinite. Infinity can nobody take you ever.
All persons were 18 years or older.


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