Foot Worship
by on September 18, 2018

When thinking about models that we often have women wearing expensive clothing, fabulous photos in magazines in front of our eyes. We often feel that we strong enough to resist those ads, but we are not. Those ads often place messages in our brain that are always come in front, when we're shopping.

But modeling is not only about advertisement! As a foot fetish model, you can do yourself something great. Becoming an erotic model can be an exciting experience for you because men love women feet in every positin: With socks, toes spread, in nylons or any other way to show off your feet.

foot fetish model

We believe that feet deserve much more attention everywhere. Because feet are the part of the body, where you can take so much care of and get something really great in return. Healthy feet are great feet because you always stand on then, you walk on them, or you do sports.

Men that have a foot fetish take care of their girlfriends' feet, and that's precisely why women a pleased with a man the loves feet. You must not pay any more for your pedicure, you can just ask your boyfriend or husband for a pedicure, and he will take his time to make your feet look and feel perfect again!

If you want to become a foot fetish model, then follow this simple steps to become famous:

  • Post Weekly a Video or Picture of your feet
  • Be active on many different foot fetish channels like IG, Wus, here on foot worship or twitter
  • Don't be too greedy
  • Verify your authenticity on foot-worship.net

If you follow those step, you can quickly get some thousand followers that will give you tips and tricks to make your feet look even better. Why don't take that advantage 10 minutes a week?

As a foot fetish model, many men will ask you to sell your worn socks to them. This can be very lucrative because you never have to wash your socks or stockings. You can take orders from your fans and sell your scent with a profit.

Even custom videos are often requested by men. So as a foot fetish models you have many different ways to earn a second income.

If you have additional tips, then feel free to ask in comments or tell us your story.



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