Foot Worship
by on September 21, 2017

Foot fetish is an obsession or having strong sexual interest involving the foot. Foot fetish occurs in different
ways. It may occur when an individual is fixated on a particular part of the foot such as the ankle or the toes.
Another individual may have a special interest on the naked part of the foot.

Foot fetish evokes different kinds of feeling in people. For men, they may enjoy kissing the foot or enjoy the
stimulation they feel sexually. They end up masturbating. Some men develop powerful feelings that they
feel like passing their penis against the foot. Also when storing the foot against feet or toes, the
atmosphere can be much more enjoyable.

The fetish sometimes may involve a compelled application of the foot. This may result in injuring the penis,
an experience that may be very painful. Most men keep fetish fantasy. This is because, if most men were to
engage in the real fetish exercise, believe me, they would never enjoy. Unfortunately, most men cannot manage
to keep fetish in the fantasy realm. They, therefore, develop intense feeling towards practicing it. They end
up doing it with their partners.

Fetish poses a lot of challenges to different people. If the affected person is having a long distance love
affair, a man can be able to figure out whether his partner is comfortable with the fetish or not. If obsession is
very crucial to the man, it is necessary to share it with his partner. Some partners do not feel comfortable
with the fetish.

Men with fetish behave always proud. This is because they do not have the mechanism of managing what
arouses and excites them. They lack the sense of embarrassment and can share more about their
fetish behavior to their partners. They can explain it in a more convincing manner as it is what makes him the
man he is.

Fetish men are always specific. This simplifies things for their partners as it becomes easier for them to
understand about this fetish character. The man will speak clearly and calmly on what he finds tempting, and
his view is getting maximum sexual satisfaction. But before doing foot fetish, men should ensure that feet are
washed and cleaned very well. This is because the feet carry some bacteria that might cause infections.

Men who have fetish habit feel very courageous. They do not get perturbed even if their partners do not feel
comfortable with their demands. They still find a reason of telling their partners about their fetish. Also if this
does not work out with their partners, they accept to their habit and confess the fact that they can give it a
trial elsewhere.

Fetish people always have the urge to discover. They watch a specific fetish on a porn movie and
develop the interest of trying it out. They start enticing their partners to see what they can do. They do all
they can to see that their partners give in and decide to try the fetish with them. The urge may be very
intense to a point they can force things to happen.


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