Foot Fetish Hentai
by on December 1, 2018

Master led me downstairs to where Mistress reclined in beauty and splendor on her throne. Once we were down the stairs and in the dungeon, he simply said, “knees babbette”, and I dropped to them and crawled on all fours behind him. Mistress heard our coming and made quite a show of greeting him.

Rising from her throne and crossing the floor, “Roger, darling! How are you?” They kissed passionately while I knelt humbly next to them. “Lie down slave,” she said to me. I groveled next to them and she stood on my back. Her heels dug into me causing me great pain and discomfort. “It is nice to have a slave to stand on so that I am the same height as my man.” She kissed him again. “And what a man!” I had a mental image of her hands caressing his muscled chest. “Roger you are such a stud. And particularly in comparison to this little sissy slut of ours. Did you see the marks that I gave our bitch? How about her tiny clit locked up in a chastity belt? There is such a contrast between the two of you!”

“Yes baby, I did see those marks! Was the slave in tears?”

“Bawling like the pathetic sissy that she is...”. It hurt to hear them degrade me in such a casual way. I wanted desperately to serve and please them. This degradation was part of that service but that did not make it any easier.

Mistress stepped down from back. “Come dear, I have an idea to get us both in the mood. Join me on the couch?” He assented and they moved to the couch. I remained lying face down on the floor, knowing that something difficult and likely humiliating was coming, but not daring to move without orders in the presence of my superiors.

“Rise babbette. I think Roger and I would like a show!” Music burst forth from the speakers, “strip for us and make it good.”

I rose from the floor and began to dance to the beat. I do yoga and one Mistress used to require me to do strip teases for her but it had been a long time. I began to shake myself in a slutty way and dance closer to them. Raising my skirts, I flaunted and then twerked my ass in front of them. They must have liked it because there was some clapping. This encouraged me to spin and few times and then dance away. As I did so, I removed the maid’s outfit. Given the nature of the clothes, taking the dress off was tough. I lost the beat but regained it and was soon dancing before them naked save for high heels, stockings, garter belt and chastity device.

I knew what I needed to do. I dropped to all fours and crawled to them in a sultry way. I kissed both of their feet and the rose and started to grind on Master’s crotch. My bruised and battered ass, plug still in it, ground down on him. Mistress said, “what a slut. I believe she likes the feel of your cock Roger!” I did and I was rewarded for my efforts as his cock began to grow hard beneath me. Being daring, I rose from his lap and bent down, 90 degrees, kissing his cock through his jeans. It got harder still. He laughed and said, “Mistress X, I may need a few singles to tip our maid. She seems desperate to please and I like that in a sissy. Pay some attention to Mistress X bitch. She likes this as much as I do.”

I switched my attentions to Mistress, dancing before her, shaking both my ass and my locked up sissy clit. She was appreciative.

After another song, she turned the music from dance to something that had a much more “dungeon feeling” vibe. “Babbette, help me with Master Roger’s clothes. Let’s make him comfortable. They both stood and she began to kiss him again while unbuttoning his shirt. I untied his shoes and he allowed me to take them off. Mistress hands ran across his chest and down to his jeans, “be a dear and help me with this babbette. I think that your teeth will suffice.”

She held up the metal tong on his zipper. I clenched it in my teeth and awkwardly began to jerk the zipper down. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. After some fumbling and a slightly cross, “hurry up sissy” from Mistress his zipper released and came down. Mistress’s hand pushed my face out of the way as she began to massage Master’s cock through his underwear. I watched as he got really hard. “Use your teeth again maid! Remove Master’s underwear!”

This was such a hot order! I love to serve couples and this was such a fantasy of mine. However, it was not without risk. I needed to bite enough to grasp his underwear, now pulled tight over his raging hard on, without nipping his cock. I managed to do so quickly and, using only my teeth (and crawling around to bite and lower in various places, pulled Master’s underwear down to his ankles as well. I stayed down there and he lifted his feet so that I could remove both his jeans and underwear.

Mistress exclaimed, “now that is a real man babbette! Look at him, all hard muscle and a big hard cock! That is what women want. Not sniveling, pathetic sissies like you. Look at him.”

I did. His cock was sticking out while she held it in her hand. “This is the cock that is going to please me. Don’t you want to thank Master for having such a big hard cock?”

Blushing with shame, I said, “yes Mistress.”

“Oh no my little sissy. I want to hear you say it with feeling!”

“Yes Mistress! Master Roger, thank you for having such a big, hard cock to please Mistress X! Thank you for being a real man sir! I could never please her like you can.”

They both burst out laughing at me. Mistress continued to drive the humiliation home. “Say it again babbette. This time, kiss the head of this cock before and after you thank him. We like to see our sissies being good fluffers. You want to be a good fluffer and a good sissy for us, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress X!” I crawled forward and kissed the head of Master Roger’s hard cock, swirling my tongue around the tip. I felt it stiffen even further and tasted his salty pre-cum. “Master Roger, thank you for having such a big, hard cock to please Mistress X! Thank you for being a real man sir! I could never please her like you can.” Finishing the phrase, I knelt forward again to kiss the head of his cock.

He thrust his hips forward, “taste it babbette! Taste all of it!” I took his length down my throat, trying not to gag. Then I began to slowly deep throat him.

Mistress let this continue for a few moments before she said, “that’s enough. Stand up next to him.” I followed her order, keeping my eyes glued to the floor. “Look at me babbette,” was all that she said.

She ran her hands over Master Roger’s chest, “muscles, manly, this is my real man!” Her hands moved to my shoulders and chest, “shaved chest, beta slave, you aren’t a real man are you?”

“No Mistress, I am not.”

She fondled his cock again. “MMMM...this is so big and so hard. This is a real cock.” Her hand then moved to the chastity device around my cock. It didn’t matter that I was as hard as I had ever been. The cock cage prevented my erection from growing or showing. She fondled my balls. Her touch was amazing. “No real man would ever be locked up like this would they babbette?”

“No Mistress.”

“So what does that make you babbette?”

My breathing had quickened as she gently massaged my balls. “A sissy Mistress.” Her touch changed from gentle to harsh as her nails dug in to my balls, “tell us more!”

“A pathetic cuckold sissy who must submit to both of you and please you in any way that you desire Mistress!” Her grasped relaxed and the pain faded. “Very good babbette. Very good indeed. I have something in mind for our next game. Go to the St. Andrew’s Cross.”

I crawled to the cross and then stood and stretched out so that they can could secure me into place. Mistress worked on my right side and Master on my left. In no time, my ankles and wrists were secured to the cross. Mistress leaned in close to me, “have you ever been caned by man before babbette? A big, strong, real man?”

Gulping with a tinge of fear, I said, “no Mistress X.”

She laughed cruelly, “you won’t be able to say that anymore!”

As if on queue, Master Roger brought the cane down on my ass. There was the odd, micro second of delay that always accompanies caning. I heard/felt the stroke land, then it exploded in pain. It was magnified because of the beating that I had received at Mistress’s hands earlier that day. A whimper escaped my lips.

“Well slave?” The voice belonged to Master Roger.

Recovering myself quickly, I said, “1! Thank you Master Roger!”

“Not good enough slave. I believe that we will start again.”

How stupid was I? How many extra strokes would I endure today because of my inability to follow their rules. I did not mean to be disobedient. Rather, they played at an exceptionally demanding level and I was trying my best to manage the pain and humiliation that they inflicted while following their rules.

The next cut from the cane landed and I gasped out, “1! Thank You Master!”

“Much better.”

Another blow, slightly lower. The intensity of it took my breath away, but I managed, “2! Thank You Master!”

The third blow resulted in a scream from me. It felt like he landed it right on the first. My ass was on fire and I was shaking with the pain. “3! Thank You Master!”

I managed the next several reasonably well. He gave me the tiniest fraction of time to scream/gasp/moan and this allowed me to follow their protocol. The eighth blow landed and the tears began. I screamed and sobbed. He waited. I blubbered. I blubbered for mercy. I cried out, “I am such a sissy wimp! I can’t take it! Please Master! Please Mistress! Mercy! I beg you for mercy!”

She laughed, “well that was a funny way to say, ‘8, thank You Master’, perhaps we should give the bitch another opportunity to thank you properly.”

He laughed cruelly as I sobbed. The 8th blow landed for a second time. Through my tears, I managed, “8! Thank You Master.” He gave me the 9th and 10th in quick succession. I was bawling like a baby and they laughed at my plight. Mistress mocked me, “oh look Roger, babbette‘ s make up is a wreck again.”

He smiled, “I had planned to make her gag when I throat fuck her later. All that spit, snot and tears would have ruined it anyway.” They both burst out laughing and they began to pose next to me with the cane, taking pictures...documenting my submission.

I was in pain and I keenly felt the humiliation of these two exquisite Domme/Doms lording their power over me. It also felt incredibly good to be able to surrender control and suspend reality in their presence. Despite the tears and despite knowing that a relative stranger planned “throat fuck” me later this afternoon, it felt amazing. I was deep into subspace...very deep. Mistress approached the cross and freed 1st my wrists and then my ankles. Without thinking, I sunk to the floor and kissed her feet and said, “thank you for the opportunity to be your sissy slut Mistress.”

“You may rise slave. We appreciate your dedication and willingness to please us, now stand, with your back to the cross.” I obeyed her orders and was soon secured into place, this time facing them. Mistress beckoned to Master, “come her my big stud...” He took her into his arms and they kissed again. He pushed her back into me. I was suspended, largely immobile while the hottest women in the world leaned back into me while her lover embraced and kissed her. This went on for some time. Every so often, one of them would tease my sissy clit by letting their stray to my caged cock and balls. I didn’t feel like a third wheel so much as I felt like a toy that was simply there to amplify their experience. It was what I was looking for. It was what I needed!

When they tired of this sport, I was again unchained and leashed. Mistress grasped the leash and said, “all fours and follow me babbette. You are about to learn what it is like to be our cuckold.” She led me as they walked to their bed. Mistress reclined on the bed and said, “give me a show Roger.”

He didn’t have to be told twice, “suck my cock bitch!” I tried to start gently, licking the tip and caressing his balls. He was not having it. He grabbed my hair and thrust his hard cock into my mouth. He began to throat fuck me. He stood and I knelt at the end of the bed while Mistress watched him roughly thrust his massive tool in and out of my hungry, whorish mouth. I gagged on it and my eyes began to tear up. He kept going. Occasionally, he would allow me to catch my breath, but even then a ribbon of spit always hung from my lips to the end of his cock. Any respite was immediately followed by a manly thrust all the way into my throat. The gagging went on and on and soon I knew that I must have looked like an absolute mess. Finally he pushed me back, “well that was nice! I am ready for you Mistress X.”

He mounted the bed and knelt and she came forward to gently give him a blow job. As rough as he had been with me, he was equally deferential to her. His head turned toward me, aat Mistress’s pussy slave, get her ready for me.”

I crawled behind her and began to gently kiss and lick her pussy. She was already quite turned on and wet. It was a pleasure to taste her after all of the torture and humiliations that I had endured. I probed her hot sex with my tongue, reveling in both the taste and the feel as she got more and more excited.

She moaned with pleasure then said, “Roger, I need you! I want you inside of me. I want to feel your hard cock inside of me and I want this sniveling sissy to see how you take care of me. She moved so that she was on all fours on the bed. “Get underneath me babbette...keep licking!” I strained to keep my lips and tongue in touch with her pussy. “Guide him in for me babbette! Put Master Roger’s hard cock into my tight pussy!” Reaching up I kissed his prick again, tasting his manliness and then guided it into her pussy. My superiors were here to enjoy themselves and I enjoyed being their sex toy.

He thrust in and she gasped. Soon he was fucking her soundly and she periodically ordered me to “lick his balls” or “lick my clit”. I did as ordered, thinking only of serving them. At one point Mistress said, “put our lube bitch to work!” Master pulled out of Mistress’s pussy and thrust his cock down my throat again.

She mocked me, “how does my pussy taste slave?” With his cock in my mouth I tried to say, “wonderful Mistress!” He thrust in and out and then said, “lick her pussy!” I lifted my head and licked her again. Then he entered her again. I watched as she tensed up and had an orgasm.

Master slowed so that she could enjoy the sensation before he started again. This time, it was obvious that it was for him. He took her hard and, after several minutes, grunted as he came hard into her pussy. Mistress cried out with pleasure, “That’s right Roger! That’s right...your cock is so good for my pussy. That is what I wanted!” She turned her attentions to me, “now my little sissy cuckold, we need you be a good maid and do some cleaning for us. Clean Master’s cock, get all of our cum off of it!” He pushed his semi hard cock into my mouth and I greedily began to lick him clean. While I don’t really love the taste of cum, I loved doing this. I felt so submissive as I licked their juices from his tool.

Master pulled out and said, “very good sissy. Now, clean your Mistress.” Mistress X slowly settled her pussy onto my open mouth.

I gently licked and sucked the remnants of his cum from the her engorged pussy lips. She spread herself so that her lips widened and his cum began to dribble out. “That’s right babbette, eat it all. Clean my dirty pussy and show your devotion. Eat all of his spunk like the cuckold sissy whore that you are!” I thrust my tongue more deeply into her and tasted the saltiness of his juices on my tongue. It had been a while since I had played this way, but the taste and consistency drove me wild. I loved the fact that they were using me as their cuckold cream pie cleaner. Finally, she was finished with me and rose. My face was a mess of make up, saliva and cum. I felt like a piece of property.

Mistress rose and took a pair of scissors off of the table by the bed. “Stand over here babbette, legs spread for me.” I hastened to comply as she continued, “would you like me to let you out of that cage? Would you like me to free that little sissy clit of yours? I will never let you be inside of me, but we will let you play with yourself in front of us. If you beg us properly, we will let you cum and then eat it. You seem to love the taste of cum so I want to make sure that you get plenty of it...even your own!”

I stood next to her side of the bed, my legs were spread and my arms were clasped behind my back. Master had moved up and was lying next to Mistress. In a way they reminded me of a noble Roman couple reclining on their couch while I, their slave, stood exposed before them. I begged, “please Mistress X, please Master Roger! I would love to cum. Please, I beg you to take off the chastity device! Please let me cum! I promise to lick up every drop! I promise to be a good cum eater for you. Please release the chastity device! I beg you!”

Mistress was smiling. She leaned forward with the scissors, “it would be so easy babbette. One little snip and I can remove that plastic lock. One little snip and your pathetic excuse for a cock will be free for you play with. Nobody else would ever want to play with something that small so I guess we will just have to let you do it.” She snipped the plastic of the lock and removed it. However, she used her other hand to hold the chastity device into place. I was not free yet. “Or,” she continued, “I could give you a choice. I could let you choose between an orgasm or not. You can cum and then shower and leave. You can just go about the rest of your vacation and think about your experiences here. You can think about what Master and I are doing at the dungeon while you are taking in the sites as a regular tourist. Or...”, she left it hanging. “Or, I can put a metal lock on that cage. You won’t get to cum but you will get to stay here and serve us for another couple of days. You could learn what it is like to live our lifestyle and submit to us. However, if you want that. If you want to be locked up and endure more chastity and torture you have to agree to let us degrade you. Not humiliate you like we have today, but to degrade you. You will learn what it is like to be a sissy cuckold whore and you won’t get out of that chastity device until I have decided that you have had enough. What is it going to be babbette? Orgasm and freedom or degradation and chastity. Decide.”

I really wanted to cum. I desperately wanted to cum. However, the thought of continuing my journey of submission was overpowering. I was scared of the notion of degradation. I would have thought that this afternoon’s experiences were degrading enough. However, Mistress was the final judge of this and she apparently did not think that I had been degraded enough. So be it.

“Please lock me up Mistress. Please lock me up and degrade me. I am scared, but I want to submit to you and Master. I need to submit to you and Master.”

There it was...the die was cast.

“Roger, be a good boy and hand me the metal lock there. Also, give me the gold chain with the keys on it.” Moving quickly, she secured the lock. As it clicked shut I heard my options narrowing to zero. She put the chain around her neck and the keys hung between her magnificent breasts. “I own you now bitch. Kiss the keys to acknowledge your status...your lowly status.”

Leaning forward, I kissed the keys between her breasts. My head was spinning. What was coming next?

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