Foot Worship
by on September 22, 2017

Today I want to tell you something very personal. It is so intimate that I was struggling
if I should write about it or better leave it. But as soon as I started to write the
headline my writer-heard said to just write about my own experience in foot fetish and
to stop thinking about privacy problems. I will write more and more stories what happened
to me as a woman about all those guys who fucked me had a foot fetish.


I never had a BF till I was 18 so I felt a bit lonely sometimes. Especially on Sunday evening
where I just wanted a healthy boy on my side with a nice dick. It was hard for me
to find a boyfriend like an average woman in my age. One time I tried Online-Dating and many
men contacted me, but not „that one guy“ was there. I tried many sites, small ones, big
ones. Especially the small sites that did not look like a dating platform (where you have to
pay) were impressive. Those were just somewhat usual chat-rooms with a profile where you
can pick your interests.

Of course, that sounds like a happy-ending story for you. Like one from the Brothers
Grimm. And yes it was. The story starts at a small local dating site (or chat, as
we have here on foot-worship.net). Overnight a guy wrote me with „Hello I love your hair
those are so perfect and your eyes are also the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my
life.“ In the evening of the next day, I saw this message in my inbox. When I opened up his
profile, I also liked his look. He was a tiny bit older than me, but that was not a
big hurdle for me. So I wrote him back that I also liked him and that I was pleased
about his very kind words.

We made up a date on the same day. We wanted to go to the cinema and watch a movie,
sorry, I don't remember what movie it was – maybe horror – for all those movies lovers
out there.

The days before we talked a lot, we even did a skype-session and talked a bit to
get us known. It was awesome; I always blushed when I thought of him. When the
day arrived we mate in the bus. We hugged us when we met inside. He said how good
looking I was, which helped me to fight my shyness. But we both were rather shy and
mostly looked us in our eyes and saved our words for later. The bus arrived surprisingly
fast at the cinema; the time just flew away like a cloud that is carried away by the wind.

Arrived at the cinema we bought tickets, popcorn and coke. After 5 minutes waiting,
we sat in the movie hall. As I can remember the movie was good. He laughed much
and said „this isn't real“ and tried to calm me down. It was cute from him.

As the film ended he asked me if I want to come home to him. I said yes …

While he was massaging my feet he I felt so good and welcome in his room. We talked a
lot till he started to touch me very sensual at my hips and came nearer with his mouth.
He kissed me. I trusted him, so I let him go on. He pulled off my shirt and pants. After that,
he kissed my legs down to my feet and toes. I heard him smelling when he reached my
toes. „Why are you smelling my toes?“ I asked him, and he said „I just love your smell.“
he answered. I trusted him, so I let him go on. I started to put off his T-Shirt and pants
and gently touching his cock. It already was hard and wet where his cock-head was. I
took it in my mouth and sucked it. I didn't do that very often, and I even didn´t know
if I was good at it.
He pulled off my thong and fingered me. Our chests were rubbing together, and my
hips were pulsating. We tongue kissed us. And then he stuck his hard cock inside me.
While he fucked me, he took my legs together and held my legs towards the ceiling
and licked my feet. He smelled a lot, and he came pretty fast. We had sex 3-6 times
this evening.

That was my first foot-fetish experience.
I hope you liked it as it was a very personal experience.

What is your experience? Tell us about your foot fetish ideas and experiences too.





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