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"You know, Zayn, this is all your fault."

Playfully Angel raked through his hair with her brightly painted red nails. A workaholic, she never took time for herself. The romance writers convention was in town and she was booked solid.

The handsome young accountant at her feet sensually and slowly massaged the perfectly curved arch of her foot with just the right pressure. "My fault! What did I do?"

Angel cooed as his expert touch pressed out a day's worth of living. "You are the one who began sharing my stories on Literotica. You were my first real fan, Zayn!"

Pausing mid-stroke and looking up into her sparkling green eyes, "You are an excellent writer, Mistress."

Zayn loved knowing how much of a turn on it was for Angel to have her ardent fans write back to her. He loved spreading word near and far of the power of sexualizing a woman's feet. Especially a woman who resists. Zayn knew that disarming nervous perfectionists was an art he had mastered.

She trained him to recognize that first. [Bonus Turn On Tip: Every woman has her own turn ons and not one is the same. But, every woman wants to feel special, even here on foot-worship. To get a girl horny, you need to touch her emotions. See how Zayn helps Angel turn on.]

"When you touch my words, you touch my soul," Angel whispered absent-mindedly as he poured her a glass of smooth buttery chardonnay.

"Well, you are an excellent reader, Zayn, it is so fun for me to write stories with someone special in my mind. It feels ever so much more personal. It is like I am having a real date with the person in the story."

"And I am still shocked you picked me to be a star of a fantasy."

"Tell me how you really feel." Laughing she tossed back the last of the wine.

"I mean it, what did I do that made you pick me?"

Replenishing her glass, he started massaging her left calf. A surge hit his crotch when her legs softened and opened slightly under his touch. Score, he thought to himself. It had taken him months to just shut up and listen to Angel.

"If you want me to get wet, you have to start at the body part the farthest away from Madame Pussé as possible. You do want to get me wet now don't you sweet Zayn?"

Gulping, Zayn steadied himself as he bit the inside of his lip refusing to allow the surge of turn on energy that rocketed him to rock hard to distract him. He was focused on the rhythm of the strokes he knew was getting her wet.

Fuck this game. Denying himself his need for her was the toughest Tease and Deny challenge yet.

"Well, don't you?" Angel purred.

"You know I do." He managed to growl out between tensely clenched teeth. He tried his best to not think about the throbbing going on in his pants. Aching with need he dug in deep.

Angel giggled. "Oh, my!" Gasping as he hit a tender spot in her ankle. Losing her breath for a moment she stopped talking and let him take care of her. Panting punctuated by little moans and giggles replaced her playful questions.

"Damn you are good." Angel trusted Zayn. He knew it and didn't take it lightly. He would never move on her. Until she begged. That was worth waiting for.

Angel opened up to Zayn one night and shocked him.

"My ex forced me to have sex with him when I was pregnant," she had shared under duress one night. She wouldn't let herself turn on and when he pressed her, the truth came out.

[Bonus Turn On Tip: This is how you can get close to a really strong woman. If she opens up and tells about something that upsets her. Listen. Comfort. I know doesn't seem sexy. It is to a woman. Try it. Text her *need a hug?]

"Even when turn on is doing its magic and I am really getting into it, some random thought can come and poof...the turn on disappears, and Zayn?"

"In case no one ever said so, I am really sorry that dick did that to you." Zayn hissed. "How could he ignore your tears?" Sitting taller on the stool and stretching his chest broadly, he reached up and took her hand, what is it Mistress?"

It was so unfamiliar to her when a man cared like Zayn did. Every now and then a man penetrates her defenses. Fiercely independent she never allowed it and then, someone like Zayn would come along. A deep breath and she willed herself to speak. "Thank you for making sex so fun for me."

Zayn's eyebrows shot up in surprise. She was full of surprises.

Angel knew this good guy, Zayn, was not a lewdie or crudie. He genuinely cared for her in his own way and he knew that he was only one of the many who desired her. "So talk to me Zayn, don't hold back. And don't stop that foot massage, mmmm."

Reaching over to touch his shoulder, an appreciative smile touched her face. Angel knew exactly what her nearness did to this quiet, introverted and relatively unfulfilled bisexual man. She knew he would never cheat on his long time loving companion.

With laser focus, Zayn maintained the steady pressure of his loving service to her feet. It took Angel light years of patience to get through to him. Little did he know that her turn ons were not even close to what he thought a woman liked, needed and craved. When he finally shut the fuck up and just followed directions, he became a very good boy.

[For extra credit: Listen to Chris Isaacs Wicked Game right now. Even though Zayn knows that Mistress will never be his girl, this song is still part of HIS turn on.]

"It's simple really." He picked up the warm oil and slid his hands to her other foot. "I am looking for a mature cyber play partner who loves games...BUT behaves and adores me, exactly like the way she wants to be adored. What's wrong with that? I just don't want to pretend I am a Pirate to get there."

Angel's head rocked back in laughter. "Nothing shows you a woman is attracted more surely than a belly laugh. I love men who make me laugh." Zayn fairly glowed with pride.

Knowing he caused her laughter felt so good, wait a minute, could it be? Could there actually be a way to be part of a woman's turn on without being connected to the girl?

Was Turn On fun just for Turn On's sake?

"Oh Zayn," Angel sighed, "I wish more people got it. As a guy, you are holding a lot of exactly what women are hungering for."

"Their foot?"

"I love you Zayn!" Angel sputtered out in another fit of laughter. "Funny you should say that, really, want to hear about the first time a man turned me on by touching my foot?"

Angel loved torturing her men like this. She always rewarded a man who could hold his focus and be turned on at the same time.

"Um, erm," he muttered trying to maintain his composure.

She chose that exact moment to reach down to stroke his neck just under his right ear. Zayn sucked in air as if he had been underwater too long. A huge gasp as the energy hit him. "Don't worry, my Pet, I know you are doing the best you can."

Angel purred on, "Now where was I?" She pulled her hand back and laid her index finger against her lower lip.

"Oh, you were going to tell me about the first time someone turned you on by touching your feet, Mistress." Zayn said eagerly, energized and ready for another round of The Turn On Game.

"Ok," Angel giggled. "Let me remind you of how we play the game."

"Yes, Mistress."

Angel's shoulders shivered in her seat as she adjusted herself into the support of the gold, rose and purple velvet pillows surrounding her. Smiling, she continued, "And what is your single duty during this round, darling Zayn?"

"I plan on turning you on and I expect that you are going to want me to go further than ever before in the game. My goal is to get you so hot and horny that you beg for sex."

"Excellent, and?"

"I have one service to you, Mistress, and that is this. Whenever you talk about taking it personal, I am committed to remind you, 'Mistress, this is simply a game of tease and deny and there is no sex happening, I am simply a player in the game. Turn on is the goal.'"

Angel stroked his cheek with the back of her index finger, just slow enough to make poor Zayn choke on a swallow. "Yes, darling Zayn, and why is that we practice this skill?"

Zayn reached for the golden jojoba oil without missing a beat and smiled back at her, "Mistress Angel, we do the work to help a woman find her deep orgasm." (His hands suddenly radiating waves of heat as he pulled her entire foot through both of his hands repetitively, rhythmically, hypnotically)

"Every woman has to have complete control of her Turn On first, before she can share it with others."

Glancing up at Angel, Zayn thrilled to see her head roll back and her eyes close. Panting quietly as he stroked her foot with both of his hands, repeatedly compressing yet gently nurturing her Turn On with his hands. Angel's complete trust in him was his reward.

He bit his lip. Watching her in that State of Delicious was beyond breathtaking. He could feel his breath in his chest. He felt like he could barely breathe. He didn't want to do anything that pulled her out of it.

"Trust your gut, Zayn!" She had told him again and again. "You have great instincts."

After an hour of watching her body arc up and down in waves of inner delight, he followed an irresistible urge that burned through him, he lifted the arch of her foot to his lips. Shivering with anticipation and moving in for just the smallest kiss, he heard her whisper, "Zayn, oh Zayn, can you just carry me to the bedroom?"

Fuck. fuckety fucking fuck.

Zayn went through his usual inner dialogue. "Maybe she means it this time. I mean look at her there, biting her lip, breathing hard, she's fucking gorgeous." The ache between his legs throbbed.

"I mean it this time, Zayn, Fuck the Turn On Game." Angel begged him. "Please. I need more."

Feeling loving and empowered, Zayn changed directions. "Fuck the turn on game" was Mistress's drop dead safe word. Once she said that. Zayn knew to stop and pause the tease right there.

Forcing gentle laughter out over his tense belly muscles, Zayn whispered back, "You know what Fuck The Turn On Game means, don't you?"

"Fuck that!" Angel giggled.

"It's Tease and Deny, Mistress, it is my turn to deny you. Reality ruins fantasy every time." Taking a steaming towel from the warmer next to him, Zayn gently wiped down the skin of her calves so that all the extra oil was fastidiously removed. Angel's desire came back down in the silence shared between them.

This part of the ritual was critical for Angel. Her body craved the nurturing that comes after her foot treatments. Once Turn On was turned off and Madame Pussé placed back in her cage until next time, both Angel and Zayn relaxed and allowed her to come back into calm.

"So Angel, what was that you were going to tell me? I didn't mean to distract you." Eyes sparkling up at her, he was delighted to see the look of absolute love and acceptance looking back.


"A little blush there, Lass?"

"You are too good to me Zayn. I can't remember what I was going to ask you." Angel giggled with relief.

"No, it is you who are too good to me, Mistress. Thank you for allowing me to touch your beloved feet."

Reaching down to run her fingers though his thick black hair she whispered, "You are a terrible tease. And Zayn, you are such a good, good boy."


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