Foot Worship
by on January 17, 2019

Female domination is in most people's minds a prerequisite for chastity in men, the argument being a man
cannot surrender control of his orgasm without also surrendering his individual will and sovereignty as a person.


The world of foot slavery is an alternative mix between foot fetishes and submissive sexual play. Usually, the
dominator will be female, a role reversal, or otherwise it would not have the same effect if it were a male


The relationship of the dominator and submissive is a consensual act of power play for erotic pleasure.
Neither party is acting out of brutality, cruelty or malice but rather an exchange outside the mainstream
involving the psychological interplay of power. What most people fail to understand is that foot domination is
not based on the individuals' character.

In fact, these are simply fantasies that would not be possible were it not for a willing partner. Most people
leave their fantasies to their imagination and subconscious to take on any given form barring sexual acts in
real life where the dominatrix, submissive relationship places them in reality to be dealt with and embraced
within a safe, consenting environment.

80 where does the foot fetish come in? Basically, the idea of dominating or trampling over someone easily
gels with foot love. Therefore, foot domination is a big part of this kind of eroticism and comes in different
forms to suits individual preferences.

This is obviously not for everyone as the activities may seem somewhat uncanny and precarious to say the
least but an open mind is the only platform one can view this phenomenon. The acts involved in domineering
include, humiliation, where the dominatrix will 'force' their slave to lick the dirt off their shoes, smell their
socks and/or lick them and also lick their dirty feet clean. As a reward for a job well done, the slave gets to
massage, lick and suck the feet and toes of their master.

Other acts involve 'punishment' by standing on the slave's body and stepping on all kinds of body parts,
especially the face, and genital area, referred to as ball crushing. Contrary to popular belief, the slave is said
to find pleasure in this and further more is rewarded with worshipping and caressing the dominatrix's feet.
Foot domination is not bound to including any other sexual favors. While some people will carry it over to
intercourse, a vast majority limit the erotic acts to feet, thus dubbed, foot domination. The sexual arousal
and subsequent satisfaction is achieved solely by the use of feet, remember that foot domination is tailor
made for foot fetishists.

Although as mentioned before the dominator is usually female due to the social contrast, there are players
who are referred to as 'switches' as they will adopt either role as it suits them and in other cases, their switch
partner where the role of dominator and submissive is exchanged several times.


In view of all the above it suffices to say that foot domination is all about foot fetishes and
dominatrix/submissive erotic play. It is safe and follows strict protocol to ensure the safety and pleasure of
all parties involved.


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