Foot Worship
by on January 17, 2019

Did you know that after videos and pictures of booties and breasts, men consider those which show off a
woman's feet to be a real turn on? Although most people don't know it, podophilia (also known as foot
fetishism) is a common sexual fixation in which feet are a source of sexual excitement. In fact, if you are a
woman who normally wears peep-toe heels, sandals, or any type of shoe which bares your toes, chances are
you have been eyed up more than once!

Considering the fact that there are numerous men out there who have gained some sort of pleasure from
viewing your feet FOR FREE, don't you think that learning how to sell foot pics ( or videos) online makes
sense? That's right! Girls and mature women can actually convert pictures or videos of their feet into money.
How to Sell Foot Pics ( or videos) via foot-worship.net

Foot-worship.net offers individuals across the globe with an anonymous platform over which they can buy or
sell foot pictures and videos. Therefore, if you are searching for avenues which will help you sell your foot
pictures or videos, one of the easiest approaches is through registeringl creating an account with
foot-worship.net. The second step involved in how to sell pictures of my feet (or videos) is placing a
classified advertisement promoting your services with trampling videos, feet pictures, or foot worship videos.
This is the best way to get the attention of potential customers.

How to sell pictures of my feet (or videos): Understanding your Potential Clients (Vital Selling Tip!)

Although foot-worship.net offers a great platform for selling your foot pics and videos, the process of getting
actual clients who are willing to buy them is easier said than done. This is particularly true if you do not know
anything about your target market (potential customers).

The very first thing you ought to do in the process of learning “how to sell pictures of my feet (or videos) is
that of understanding! knowing your customer. In this case, your customer is obviously a man with a foot
fetish. However, it is important to note that there are various types and categories of foot worship. In this
regard, foot fetishes may range from desiring specific sizes and shapes of toes or feet, well-manicured toes,
feet adorned with certain foot accessories or footwear to an attraction towards dirty or smelly feet.
Regardless of the type of foot fetish a man may have, there are various categories in which these foot fetish
types can be classified. The most popular of these categories are lesbian foot worship (pics or videos
showing off lesbian feet), ebony foot worship (pictures of videos of ebony feet), pictures and videos of teen
feet, and those which feature Asian feet.

Therefore, each time you take videos or pictures of your feet with the intention of selling them, you must
make sure to always have the above-mentioned foot worship types and categories. Conduct some research
to find out which foot accessories, types of shoes or nail polish colors are popular among men with foot
fetishes. This way, every foot picture or video you take for sale will be relevant and meet the desires of most
potential customers. Remember, if your foot pics or videos have a high demand, you are guaranteed more

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