Foot Worship
by on January 17, 2019

Human beings are usually attracted sexually to things, people and so many other objects in their environment, this is called fetish. It may have never caught your attention, but indeed people have a bizarre tendency of sexually getting attracted to even objects that are indescribable. Well, here are some of the fetishes that will surely blow your mind.


You may have heard people describing automobiles as sexy or beautiful. Yes, right, men and women sometimes just go beyond the words and in a real sense get sexually attracted to cars or even motorbikes that are appealing. At one point in time, you must have seen people turning around to have a look or even a second at a classy, elegant car. They may not just leave it at that. Some might also take photos with it. One weird thing about mechanophilia is that most of the people experiencing it would spend many hours with their cars, washing them, cleaning them and continue doing services to the vehicle. So, next time if you find yourself in this situation or even see a fellow so much intimate with their cars and bikes or any other machines know that they are experiencing a fetish-mechanophilia.


The sexual attraction towards trees is a fetish called dendrophilia. Fetishes such as dendrophilia will make one do awkward things such as stripping naked to take a snap with a tree. Some people may disguise this fact by saying unknowingly that they are in love with nature. However, their obsession with trees tend to go beyond the typical limits, and they become more and more intimate with the trees. In most cases, those who are dendrophilia would perceive tree as handsome fellow human beings with all the physical appeals that sexually attractive elements people might have.


Over the years people have had very intimate relationships with their pets. However, there have been no limits that define the extent of these relationships or even the nature of such relationships. Just like having a fellow human being in a relationship, animals too are a part of the subject of relations. Unlimited interaction with the pets and other animals may lead to a sexual relationship — bestiality. Such fetishes make you have a craving to spend more time with your pets, sometimes in very compromising position and places. For instance, you if you always find yourself in bed with your dog cuddling and hugging all the time watch out! You might be on the verge committing bestiality.


One of the fetishes is hierophilia. How do you explain falling in love with religious objects such the image of Jesus on the cross? Well, the truth of the matter is both men and women get sexually aroused by such object. Not do they get excited sexually but in the actual sense, some of them experience orgasm and wet their pants. It may sound like one of the fetishes that are pro sinners, but the truth of the matter is that such people do live among the most religious ones. Nevertheless, it remains to be among the wonders and mysterious nature of human beings.


The thought of watching a person puke is very disgusting if not disturbing. In fact, the person puking seems to loathe it really and they indeed undergo such a bad experience. Ironically some nuts are aroused sexually by sights of others puking. There is such an emotional attachment when such weirdos see you vomiting. If you have ever encountered a friend insisting that you just puke in public, in front of them, then be assured that is an emetophilia. Be careful to take keen note of such friend that might hide this fetish by showing a lot of concern telling you, just puke in front of them purporting it to be okay, be warned.


Freezing in the ice is a freaking scary idea. Extreme cold weathers are detrimental to health. On the contrary, some weirdos will relish seeing you freeze on the ice. Psychrophiliacs are not only interested in seeing you freeze but the other freezing in the cold quickly sexually arouses them. I n other instances though it might turn out to be tragic as the victims will ultimately die in the cold.

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