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by on January 19, 2019

The sense of power over others is what everyone.....well not everyone but almost everyone desires. This desire of domination has been prevalent not only in the human psychology but also seen in animals. That sense of being in charge is the most arousing one especially in bed. Males have developed a natural trait towards the dom scene but it makes more sense to look into the Female dom scenarios. For those new to this total
dom thing.....let me simplify! A male dominating a female who acts submissive in an erotic way to accomplish his bodily pleasures is said to be Male dom and in the same manner when a Female dominates a male who acts submissive to sate her bodily pleasures is Female dom.

How to be a female dom?

Imagination is the spark of all pleasures. Domination is not just the power of one over the other it also involves the submission from your partner. Most of the men fetish about being submissive but they may not come out clearly on this, some may even refuse it altogether just to avoid the embarrassment or the huge male ego. However, coming back women who desire to play the role of women who desire to practice dom should first talk to her partner about her desires, fetishes and make it clear to him about her erotic imaginations and how she thinks it could add variety to their sexual life.

In order to successfully play the role of a female dom, the only important thing needed is imagination, rest will come through practice. Lot of practice!

Femdom training

When it comes to sexual desires and fetishes, women have the most creative imagination. Especially in the female dom scene where the submissive partner does things as commanded by the female dom. Be it chaining, whips, acting as a slave, licking her toes, inner thighs, her cunt, getting choked on her nipples and many more. Some of the women are natural at femdom, some others might need some professional help with it. The
best part is women are quick learners when it comes to sex especially the dom.

These professional female doms are also known as Dominatrix. Dominatrixs are the experts when it comes to female dom acts. They teach you practically about how to dominate your partner and satisfy your sexual orientations. Sometimes they allow you to watch them perform BDSM over their partners or they may
include you in the role play. Either way you will get a first-hand experience of doing dom acts. Dominatrixs have their own dungeons where they perform.

Latex femdom

“I am making a man of you! Submission is the ultimate test of Manhood”. The appeal of a female who is the dom on he submissive partner is just not limited to her actions but it also involves her clothes. Revealing clothes, body hugging outfits, tightly cut garments which complement your curves all in latex are the most sensuous and are said to boost your dominance over your submissive partner. The plunging necklines, nipple ripping appearance can make you feel like a goddess and make your partner worship you.


There are many popular acts when it comes to femdom. One of the most popular acts is bondage. This is the act which has become the defining act of domination. Your partner is chained to either a chair or a wall or he is leashed and you hold his leash and you perform all the acts which you ever imagined, punish him in all the places you ever wanted. Discipline him on how to obey your command. Test him on other things just to get an idea if he is acting as instructed and then direct your moves towards sex. He is all your in this act so enjoy all your pleasures while the fun lasts.

Extreme femdom

As the name suggests it is the extreme level of domination on your partner and equally extreme level of submission from your partner. You are free to unleash all your wild imaginations on him and he is obligated to perform as desired by you. In fact, he should understand your next move and act likely. It is the act where you have the ultimate power over your submissive partner and he is acting like a mechanical puppet in your

So go ahead women! Try the role play of domination and have your partner submit to you. You become his master and he your slave. You become his goddess and he becomes your devout. If nothing try
it for its variety to your sexual life, spice it up a little or I guess more.

After all you are a goddess and you deserve to be worshipped everywhere and at every place......!



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