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The worst thing I can do in my life is to be alone for too long. I have a really nice girlfriend, but she had to move so we can meet only every 14 days. I miss her and sometimes feel pressure because of my inexperienced sex life. Waiting for 14 days is too long for a man my age! I do not fool my girlfriend with other women. That's why I decided to use a realistic sex doll as a replacement masturbation.

There is no additional charge except the initial fee paid to purchase a sex doll. This is a great pro, considering what daily expenses women need. From regular hair care to regular manicures and pedicures to frequent nights and nights, women are extravagant. Sex dolls on the other hand do not need this special treatment and extravagant life.

Sex dolls are actually useful and exciting, but of course I will not talk to my girlfriend. In addition, the real doll still has a promising name. "Half Body Sex Doll" is the name of a nobleman. The upper body is comfortable and is 82 cm tall. In general, the doll has three inputs, mouth, vagina and anus. And they can be integrated into sex games. The look of the sex doll is absolutely amazing. The most important thing is that it gives me tremendous relaxation.

In fact, real sex dolls need good care to keep them well clean and stored during use. Easy. Right? This is definitely one of the main reasons why sex dolls are better than women. Maintaining the sex doll is quite low In addition to the initial cost of buying a love doll, the total cost of maintaining the dummy is very low. This can explain the growing popularity and worldwide reputation of these wonderful happy dolls. Toy needs to be cleaned and stored well during use.

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