Foot Worship
by on October 2, 2017

Hey, everyone.

Today I want to talk about something I've read about on an online from a member.

He said that we're copying their idea and that we are not good enough to get big.

I'm not sure why exactly he or she(the owner) got so angry.

Maybe we're making something right, or we do something wrong.

But we can't-do something incorrectly because we're already many.
And many means that we have the same thinking about what we're doing.

So we cant be wrong.


I see it a bit differently. Due we're new and don't have many members they think that the site is
a „one hit wonder“ and might not rise to the top of search engines.

But we can and definitely will get bigger and get one of the most used sites for
foot fetish and female domination.


There was also much effort invested in technology on the features this site is running with and runs on.
We are independent of anyone. We have our ideas and build like we want this site.

You will never find a site like this. But forums, you just have to google it, and you'll discover Millions.
Uniqueness is, like for every human, fundamental. That's why we are great.

This site is not illegal. We are not illegal. And we also host our servers genuinely on clean servers.

We will never allow anyone below 18 to join this site or post pictures. To show
ours affords we're going to implement a sophisticated security system o that nobody
that is underaged can reach this site.


This site´s uniqueness is outstanding. With the help of the first couple of community members,
we could create a unique ecosystem built for image and video sharing.

We process videos directly on our servers and serve them over a fast CDN network so that also
Australia (Kangaroo) can view the content. That is entirely fair for everyone.


We're still not finished improving! So if you have ANY idea or want to contribute,
then make use of the forum or the contact form today :) See you in the network!




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