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How to find a foot goddess that lets you lick and smell her

There is a common misconception among people that sex is just about the genitals.

But it involves all of our body parts. If we are outright with ourselves, different people
have different things turning them on.

Someone will look at your lips and instantly get aroused. Some are into more extreme
stuff like foot trampling. They get stimulated when someone tramples their genitals
with feet. Sometimes really enjoyable with nylons or socks.

Perceived with prejudice is anything that's not heterosexual or seems kinky.
Coming out in public as someone with a foot fetish is not an easy thing.


Is having a foot fetish bad?

Everyone is entitled to their preference. So it is okay for someone to get aroused by boobs,
but who can not get excited by feet? That is just absurd.

Imagine all of us having the same preference. That would only be boring. 
If the submission is your thing, then engage a domme. Let her whip you,
cuff you or insult you. Whatever gets your wheels rolling, do it.

However, the critical thing to note if you have a foot fetish is that your approach is what matters.
You can't just tell your girlfriend out of the blue that you want to suck her toes.

She will completely freak out.

You have to be gentle about it. Warm her up to the idea and start with simple things
such as massaging her feet before you start licking them.

What if she has dirty feet? Wouldn't that be a perfect hit after a long day?

You can read here more about How to tell your girlfriend that you have a foot fetish

So if you are a feet slave, and are into foot sniffing and toe sucking as your sexual fantasy;
I've got good news for you. provides the most excellent platform to live
your fantasies. In this world, you do not have to worry about being judged. Here people live
to suck toes and have their toes sucked. These are people who understand your inclination
as they have the same desire. So if you are ready to find your foot goddess then continue

Sign-up process

The process of finding and connecting with fellow feet slaves is quite easy. The sign-up
process is simpler than joining Facebook. All you need is an email address and a supported
browser. The procedure takes less than two minutes and better yet, you get
to use a pseudonym. Once you are in, you just have to browse about found your perfect
match and hit their inbox.

So in a nutshell, that is how you can find a foot goddess that lets you lick and smell her
on and also get to be in an environment where you are understood.