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How To Suck Toes (With Video!)

Sucking Toes — One of The Creative Ways of Giving Pleasure to Your Partner “You just like me for my breast! You never even paying attention to another body part of mine!" Have you ever heard your girlfriend complains this way? Not really? Well, that could possibly be happening, but at some point in their life, a woman usually do feels like their partner only care about certain parts of their body. Be it breast, lips, neck, or vagina.

For those of you who want to spoil your women, sucking toes could be one alternative you can take. Despite of its uniqueness (And certainly, not everybody will be into it), sucking your partner’s toes is an erratic way of showing attention and love. When you do it the right way, a woman could feel both appreciated and adored when you decided to give them a little play on the toes. The Art of Playing With Foot There are several ways you can give women pleasure on the foot. Of course, a foot is not always a favorite place to put your libido on. However, it is also one of the most underrated parts of human body.

If you decided to try on pleasuring a woman’s foot, one thing that’s really important is this: You can kiss, caress and even suck. But make sure that your woman understands your needs and not having something against it. Playing with foot does not necessarily have to do something with foot fetishes (Of course, if you do have a foot fetish, there is no-judgment here!). It is a beautiful part of woman’s body that needs to be appreciated, that is for sure. If you want to have a little fun with a woman’s foot, there are many things you can do. Paint her nails It might seem innocent, painting pretty colors to your woman’s toenails. However, when you do it right, this particular act could be the biggest turn on for your woman. Many women admit that watching her man concentrate while putting on nail-polish on her toenails, drives her crazy and wild.

You can just imagine how the act of sex will be much better if you are able to turn her on even before the actual game. Rub her feet Giving her a little rub and massage in the feet would definitely drive her on if you do it the right way. You can use lotions for better circulations while slowly massaging your woman’s feet. Kissing them a little is also encouraged. Penetrate the feet No, it doesn’t mean that you have to hump your partner’s feet. It simply means that you could give her deep penetration with your own fist. Try it, it is fun and arousing! Suck on her toes This particular part deserves some more attention. While sucking your woman’s feet is not gonna be enjoyed by every woman, for the one who enjoys it, this act could bring unforgettable pleasure. Read the instructions down below if you are interested in doing this act. How to Suck Your Partner’s Toes This particular part is exciting, but it could be a little tricky. To suck your partner's toes correctly, you need to hit the right spot and start with the right maneuver.

We recommend you to start with their ankle. Kiss your partner’s ankle gently and sensually, make sure you do that in such ways that make your partner aroused. Avoid making them feels tickle because it will just ruin the mood for both of you. Keep kissing her ankle while working your way up. Deep kissing is encouraged because it will deepen the intimate gestures for you. While you do want to kiss her feet, avoid kissing her sole. It might be uncomfortable and ticklish for your partner, so just go straight to the toe if you can. Finally — here’s the big catch — when you get to her toes, suck her toes slowly. When you do deep suck to her toes, it will give her pleasure sensation that is arousing.

This could even work for both of you. Maintain the position until you feel like enough. Then, go back to kissing her toes and inner thighs. This action will definitely make her goes high. The action of toes sucking (Many called it “Shrimping"), is a sexual act that is not for everyone. While it is true that not everyone will enjoy it, you can definitely try it to test on whether or not you will like it.
Playing with the foot is definitely an act everybody could enjoy. After all, the foot is one beautiful part of human body that often neglected. You don’t have to be foot fetishes to be enjoying these acts we mention above, normal couples could definitely rip the benefits of it as well. Try to have a various experiment for better and more intimate sex life, it will do wonder for the happiness of you both as an intimate, romantic couple.