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I'm Alexa I am only the Administrator of this site. My tasks are: - Keep sever & software up to date - Handle support requests - Process ...

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Introducing Premium Membership

By introducing our new premium-membership, we make a big step forward into an excellent
managed and even more high-quality website that has the resources to implement features that
are outstanding.

With allowing paid membership, we can pay servers and also pay people that are posting
engaging contents to our site. Additionally, we can spend more time on developing
features and better servers.

The current plan involves storage features, enables additional features, allows you to modify
your profile-design and many other features we're going through now:

Upload more
This feature allows you to store up to 1GB of files. Including videos and images.

Hide Advertisements
Get rid of annoying advertisements that make loading pages slow.

Support the community
Support all people that a creating stunning contents for you. We can promote even more exciting
content by paying a wage to interesting people.

Premium Badge
Get a cool premium-badge below your name. Increase the trust for your profile.

Message Everyone
With premium, you're allowed to message also people that are not on your friend's list.

Professional editor when composing messages
Get a premium WYSIWYG editor when writing private messages

Use HTML when commenting
Use bolt, italic, underlin, link and images when commenting.

Change your username
Change the username anytime as you wish!

Block annoying members
If you don't want to get messaged or hide contents from members you get a premium block feature.

Change your profile-look
Want custom colors or completely redesign your profile? No problem with premium.

From time-to-time, we will add more and more features and make your premium experience even better.
We support PayPal, Credit Cards as payment methods.

The price is USD 5.99 for 1 Month.
Change your membership go to:

Daily Server Cost is about 3 EUR

If you have questions feel free to contact me =) I try to be in chatroom more often :)