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Want to Start a Fetish Modelling Career? Start here! (In-Depth guide to Adult Models)

From the suspension bondage-scenes, body modification, exotic photography to the fetish clothing and fashion accessories; fetish modeling is all about the provocative and extreme costuming designed purposefully to invoke a strong desire or emotional reaction on the side of the observer. In the early years, fetish modeling has been associated with sexual misconduct and hence receiving a negative criticism in the society. That has, however, changed with time as personal freedom and that of the media continue to evolve.



Fetish modeling isn't something new in the fashion and entertainment industry. The now popular culture has its roots dated back to the 1950s when the fetish and bondage modeling first gained mainstream notability. By then, there were several producers and notable performers who worked around the clock to take the fetish market to another level.

Fetish modeling can be a confusing career with lots of contradicting speculations from fans and even the models themselves. With those fancy outfits, sexy postures, flexible hours and several travels to exotic locations; these could bring different reactions among the fan base. While thejob could be enjoyable and fun; it sure comes with some drawbacks. Below is a breakdown of all you need to know about the fetish modeling; read on to get started.


Types of fetish modeling

This modeling activity can be classified into several sub-sections and the models can easily shift from one to the other depending on their taste and preferences. The modeling could be done either: fully clothed, fully nude, semi-nude, erotic, video shoots or even private photo-shoots. Some models may also choose to develop and run their own websites while others choose to model for products and classes. The possibilities are endless as one could also venture into full porn-shoots.

One of the most recent types of fetish modeling is the foot fetish that has strike controversies across the social media. This one seems unrealistic to some people, however, it's now popular and people are getting paid for it. This strange community features three groups of people; the sellers, the aggregators and the buyers. The latter is the backbone of the industry while the aggregators act as middlemenl agents or brokers.Those with sexy and provocative feet have the options to communicate with buyers and get paid for the pictures or video content.

That said, each type of fetish modeling above has its own requirements and expectation. The pay will also differ from a job to the other and in most cases; this career isn't a full week job. Most modeling companies will require you to book gigs after which you get paid. The number of days you'll get an opportunity to impress will depend on your hard work-yeah, this sounds weird.


How to become a fetish model

Before taking any step in this career, proper decision making is key. You should be ready to withstand the provocative photos and videos of you going around the internet. The content will be there forever and might affect your social or psychological life in one way or another. Such content might also prevent you from securing certain jobs in the future. Unless you're confident and comfortable with all the possible ramifications that come with this career; you might be forced to give it a second thought.


Booking the respective gigs

This may be the toughest part of fetish modeling. Here, it's all about the looks, your flesh and the much you can deliver in what you do best. No company will look at your degree papers or the voluntary work you occasionally get involved in. To get yourself some top-notch jobs- it could mean some endless grooming, working out, dieting, shaving, patience, and persistence. Rejection could become a daily routine and you need to embrace a persistent spirit since there will always be a younger, thinner and prettier competitor out there.


Promoting oneself

With social media being the heart of communication and interaction; every fetish model has the privilege to promote herself and the work through the various social media accounts. This is a great advertising tool that helps models secure gigs with ease as their fan base grow.

If you are up to the challenge and ready to embrace the fetish modeling as part of your day to day life; there you go! Modelling is an awesome, enjoyable and empowering career that can bring you closer to the world.Once you've learned the basics you can comfortably deal with the inappropriate photography and infrequent gigs more easily.