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How to give a foot massage? Foot massage is as essential for aching feet as it is for pleasure purposes. A good foot massage has the ability to make the entire body feel soothed and relaxed. However, it must be done right in order to give the most soothing experience. The following steps explain how a foot massage should be carried out: 1. Clean and warm the feet: A good foot massage should start with a simple warm foot bath. A few things can be added to improve this bath such as mood im...
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by on August 29, 2018
A foot fetish is an "obsession" with feet. That's all we know. Many scientists are searching for the root of why we have a foot fetish. Why do we like feet? Is it the shape, the scent or is it because beautiful women walk on them? I would say its altogether; women know that they look sexy in their heels and treat men, but it's okay or isn't it? Foot fetish has widely evolved in history and feet are a very sexually stimulating part for men and women. Getting feet licked or massaged is sti...
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A couple of years ago before I started college I had a part time job working at a fast food joint close to my house. I never really saved the money like I should have. I bought many things like my calculator for school, a ps3, but more importantly my first foot worship session. To be honest upon messaging the Mistress (whose name I'll keep confidential due to privacy) I was terribly nervous. Though I knew I wouldn't regret it. So once the date was set I drove close to 80 miles to worship her fee...
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Sucking Toes — One of The Creative Ways of Giving Pleasure to Your Partner “You just like me for my breast! You never even paying attention to another body part of mine!" Have you ever heard your girlfriend complains this way? Not really? Well, that could possibly be happening, but at some point in their life, a woman usually do feels like their partner only care about certain parts of their body. Be it breast, lips, neck, or vagina. For those of you who want to spoil your women, sucking toes...
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