by on November 7, 2019
Hello. i have been into this foot fetish for many years and i used to jack off to magazines, then to pictures, then to videos and i recently discovered cams and they are a really amazing way. i love girls from My Foot Fetish Cams and they understand how to make me hard. i can spend like the whole afternoon with them and i don't get bored.
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by on September 18, 2018
When thinking about models that we often have women wearing expensive clothing, fabulous photos in magazines in front of our eyes. We often feel that we strong enough to resist those ads, but we are not. Those ads often place messages in our brain that are always come in front, when we're shopping. But modeling is not only about advertisement! As a foot fetish model, you can do yourself something great. Becoming an erotic model can be an exciting experience for you because men love women feet...
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by on August 31, 2018
Heroes: running through fire, rebounding bullets from the chest in a massive bullet hail,  or loyal soldiers jumping on exploding hand grenades to save their teammate's lives. You possibly have seen everything in action movies produced by big movie companies like Warner or Lionsgate. But for us real people with a foot fetish it is funny how much action we can have every day and still not die! The feeling having a foot fetish is exciting, and often we hope that women see that we like thei...
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by on August 31, 2018
So you are looking for foot fetish models? Wait, I'll tell you something! The best foot fetish models nowadays earn thousands of real cash just by modeling with their feet. It interesting how much hype foot fetish gets. Whether they're professional or just amateurs posting images on social networks or online shops for virtual goods, foot fetish models are always welcome, and men love to see their pics. This list shows the best foot models and also many other pieces of information! So le...
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by on August 29, 2018
A foot fetish is an "obsession" with feet. That's all we know. Many scientists are searching for the root of why we have a foot fetish. Why do we like feet? Is it the shape, the scent or is it because beautiful women walk on them? I would say its altogether; women know that they look sexy in their heels and treat men, but it's okay or isn't it? Foot fetish has widely evolved in history and feet are a very sexually stimulating part for men and women. Getting feet licked or massaged is sti...
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