by on August 31, 2018
ToeRotica - Real Stories From The Life Of A Toe Monster   The Book Store 1 So I am out late at night, about half drunk, and horny as a bunny in puberty when I find myself at a local adult bookstore. This was a number of years ago but still quite a fond memory. As I go in I immediately notice the clerk is a really cute little Latina around 21 years old. I start browsing in the video rows and find a place where I can see her behind the counter.  I watch her for a few minutes and see ...
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by on August 31, 2018
Heroes: running through fire, rebounding bullets from the chest in a massive bullet hail,  or loyal soldiers jumping on exploding hand grenades to save their teammate's lives. You possibly have seen everything in action movies produced by big movie companies like Warner or Lionsgate. But for us real people with a foot fetish it is funny how much action we can have every day and still not die! The feeling having a foot fetish is exciting, and often we hope that women see that we like thei...
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