by on November 18, 2018
Naked except for the collar, the woman had been kneeling on the ground from where I stumbled leg crossed over the different clothes in my latex apparel on the cozy chair. Knowing she would not dare appear, I listened to myself in the woman's attitude. So many indicators that prospective voyeurs would not detect -- but that constantly betray her brazenness into me. Kneeling attractively -- but close to my bare feet, I can feel her hot and thirsty breath within my feet. Head bowed --definite...
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by on August 31, 2018
"Oh, shit!" still in bed and I was sure I'm too late for school. Usually, I stand up much earlier, but today it was different. The day before I was out with my friends I might have had one drink too much on Jon's birthday party. He just turned 18. I was three months older then he and we have been friends for a very long time. Jon knows very much about me; he helped me to get my first girlfriend, enabled me to make my moped faster and even helped me when my first love left me. He also knows m...
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