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Why it's crucial to have a foot fetish

It might be a weird thing for your wife when you tell her you
want to kiss and worship her feet. But soon or later it can be a gift
from god to here. The most significant benefit of your relationship might
be that you create deep emotional connections with your
partner. Additionally its a plus for her that she does not have to
have sex with you to make you happy. This will make every foot
fetishist to a perfect lover!

Almost every human has some form of fetish that differs from regular
sex. In this way, sex can be much more exciting and pleasurable.
Scientists say that it might be unhealthy if you do not have or
repress a fetish.

A fetish helps to improve the emotional connection of a couple in
a significant way. When you have just regular sex with people,
you're not emotionally connected, and with a fetish, you're forced
to open yourself.

If a couple accepts and engages their fetish, they're going to feel
a broader sense of acceptance and love.  This will require opening
yourself more to your partner which can be a great benefit.

You're not only going to accept each other more when having
sex it will also boost the emotional connection to each other.
A fetish can be a steppingstone to a better sexual life. You
even are going to have a closer relationship because you
know each other on a deeper level

A foot fetish has evolved from history, and nowadays it's
also widespread. Most of them its men who are interested
in female feet. There is also very much discussion about
foot fetish in the future. It might be that foot fetish in
sex will become so typical that it is going not to be
considered as a fetish anymore. It will be as usual as
any other part if the body.

A foot fetish is when men enjoy to kiss and worshipfeet of a woman
which is very sexually stimulating for the passive foot worshipper.
When they have sex they just want to kiss, lick or touch the feet of
the female partner.

Often a foot fetish is a sign to a submissive partner. In many other
fetishes like BDSM, FemDom or FLR feet are involved to show that
the man is passive and sees his Domina as Goddess and the most
beautiful or sexy person in the world.

So there are many ways to interpret a foot fetish. It can be seen as a
game of domination, teasing or intimate. It all depends on what a
couple is feeling. You do not have to do anything you don't want
to, and you should think about to stop a relationship if you have
a  foot fetish and your partner does not wish you to touch her feet.
You're not on the same emotional level, and this will make both
unhappy. Think about it and tell us your thoughts in comments.

Could you ever have a relationship with a woman that does not
accept your foot fetish?