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Has your partner a footfetish? Follow this easy step-by-step guide and know really what to do!

You might not know it yet, but your feet could be perfect fot a foot fetishist.
Your feet deserve all love they can also get if you think they don't. Many
professionals including sex therapists say that there are many men out
there that have a foot fetish.

When someone has a foot fetish that means that they're turned on by feet.
A foot fetish can have many different exhibitions. Some prefer long toes, and
some prefer toe ring and ankle bracelets and some other like it dirty, smelling
and getting trampled. Trampling says that they like to be humiliated by women
by walking on them or getting their cock trampled. Some also want to sniff
them when you're on your feet the whole day and stink.

Because there are many different manifestations, you don't have to always
put your dirty, stinky feet on you mans face. You can try many different ways
to make your partner happy. It's up to the foot fetishist how he enjoys his
fetish the most.

Let's talk about five great ways if you know your partner has a foot fetish
and to make him happier.

1) Send Foot Fetish pictures
If you into selfies then this might be a great idea to let your partner think of
you when he's away from work. You can make images of your feet in different
positions or wear different kinds of socks or nylons. By adding a flirty text
to them, it will become an excellent way to tease your partner.

2) Foot Massages
You're praised for a partner that has a foot fetish, and there is apparently
no way around that he wants to massage your feet. So let him rub your
feet when you come home. Relax on the sofa and allow him to his work.
Often foot fetishist is very good masseur

3) Foot Kissing
Letting your feet kissed can be a great foreplay. Additionally, your feet are
very sensitive, and this can be very amusing. It's a great feeling that you're
going to enjoy except you're very ticklish.

4) Foot Worship
In a dom/sub game, the foot worship takes the place of the submissive
partner. Feet can be a very significant toy in this game. Let your partner
act as a footstool, so they have to kneel down. Even foot washing or
toe sucking can be done quickly at home without the need for additional

Foot fetish and other BDSM practices are a safe way of enjoying sex.
Because they're often not involving direct genital contact sexual
transmitted Diseases are not that easily spread.

5)  FootJob
By giving your partner a foot, you use your partners most erotic female part
of the body as a tool to penetrate his cock. You can give your partner a
footjob in many different ways that are stimulating your partners cock

  • With a solejob you takes his cock between your soles and jerk it, this
    is high stimulation. It is also excellent training for your legs.
  • A toejob involves only your toes. Why your partner is laying down you
    play with his cock by butting it between your big toe and the small one. Just play around.
  • By a reverse sole job you lay on your stomach and hold your legs to
    the sky. You partner uses your feet to jerk off. He also has a great view of you back.

6) Let him buy your shoes and wear them in bed
Let your partner select sexy lacquer or leather boots/heels, and you
wear them when you have sex. Paired with nylons can be sexy =).
You must not wear them in public just wear them to bed, so they
don't get dirty.

7) Out for a dinner? - Touch him with your feet
When having a dinner in public you can play around with your feet on
his legs or even go much higher and touch his cock!

With this 6 tips I gave you some ideas on how to trat a foot fetishist.
A foot fetishist does not want that much except to pleasure your feet.
But watch out! Too much feet will make him cum much much faster =)

Do you have additional ideas? What are you doing to pleasure your
partner that has a foot fetish?