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  • A foot fetish is an obsession with feet. That's all we know. Many scientists are searching for the root of why we have afoot fetish. Why do we like feet? Is it the shape, the scent or is it ...

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  • Feminization, or sissification, is the act of treating a young man as a submissive. Because the female is mainly the passive role in a sexual activity, it is also called feminization. When ...

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  • PrefaceToday I want to tell you something very personal. It is so intimate that I was struggling if I should write about it or better leave it. But as soon as I started to write theheadline ...

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  • There is a common misconception among people that sex is just about the genitals. But it involves all of our body parts. If we are outright with ourselves, different people have different t...

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  • Mar 12, 2018

    Society commonly sees feet as dirty, and people usually feel embarrassed about their feet from someone they like. You may not know this but any part of your body can be used for a great sex ...

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  • Dec 22, 2017

    Investigate what he likes the most on feet We all have our preferences about what floats our boat, we are individuals after all. It is hard to say what a fetish is too. You might see your b...

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