Worn Panties (Customized Orders)

  • Get a pair of worn panties, from your new favorite addiction.

    Prices as follows:

    Worn Panties - just regular wear - $20

    Came in Panties - $25

    Creampie panties - mine & my partner's cum [post sex] - $40

    Pissed in Panties - urine - $30

    Add a Day [up to 5] - $5/day [not eligible for pissed in  or creampie panties]

    Pick between thongs, or fullbacks [cheekster panties are generally  the FULLEST coverage I've got]. And a color [black is my color for my wardrobe most times.]

    Want a color/type of panties I don't have

    You can purchase them, by sending EXTRA money. 

    All you have to do is let me know, and I will tell you their running price...fullbacks cost more because of

    my size FYI. i.e. you want lime green fullbacks? I don't have those. Tell me, I'll buy them with your $ and then make them how you want, of course, with that money also!

    I accept Cash App, Google Pay, and Amazon GiftCards [and others.] Shipping for physical items MUST be covered with a CASH method, and is $3/pair, or $5.50/5 pairs. I do offer bundle deals, including a panty subscription.

    No, I am not new to panty selling.

    Yes, my scent IS intoxicating, and you will come back wanting more...

    You've. been. warned!!!!

    Payment Methods....


    PM me for my payment methods. I will not give out my personal email [which I use for GPay] in the open. Thanks!