custom worn panties

  • Get a pair of worn panties, from fantasy turned reality 

    Prices as follows:

    Worn Panties - just regular wear - $30
    Panties with my cum - $35
    Creampie panties - mine & my partner's cum [post sex] - $50

    Bi combo Creampie panties - mine & a friend taking turns cumming in them $60

    Pissed in Panties - urine - $30

    Add a Day [up to 5] - $5/day

    Choose color of panties- $5

    Pick  your style of panties. The color will be a surprise.

    I accept Paypal, Google Pay, and Amazon GiftCards and other gift cards. Shipping  is $3/pair, or $5.50/5 pairs. I do offer bundle deals, including a panty subscription.