Cosplay Foot Party - Nov. 17 - Austin, TX

  • Coinciding with the Wizard World Austin scifi/comics/pop culture convention taking place the same weekend, we're having a scifi/comics/pop culture/steampunk cosplay foot party!!

    You may get to tickle the toes of Harley Quinn, or kiss or be under the boots of Catwoman...or Xena...or play with the Orion slave girl from the original Star Trek as just a couple of examples:

    Who: Foot, footwear, and footplay fans
    What: Cosplay Foot Party
    When: Friday, Nov. 17, 2017, 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.
    Where: Appropriate & spacious (in both ways) private residence, South Austin, Texas
    Address disclosed two days before party to registered attendees
    How: Go to, scroll down, and register!
    How (much): $50 paid in advance, $65 on-site
    After that, it's $20 for 10 minutes of negotiated footplay.

    Customers who took a chance and attended our first party get $20 off as a thank you for your 'bravery' and faith in us.

    Check out the Texas Foot Parties website for further info on the party and the ladies attending, then sign up and make plans to join us (and perhaps register for Wizard World Austin while you're at it).

    We'll see you in November.

    To Infootity, and Beyond!