foot fetish social network

Foot Fetish Social Network

We believe that feet are magical.

Just imagine how stressful your day is and how hard your feet have to work the whole day.
Your feet are one of the most critical
 parts of your body. Especially this part is often hidden
by socks or shoes.

We think that feet deserve much more attention, not only in the real world
out there but also online.

We created the site to tell people, that feet are beautiful, not ugly or disgusting. This site
was built with love and is used by man and women that not only find feet beautiful, but also
love the message that goes along with feet.

Privacy is not just important to us. This platform is private and secure by design. When you don't
want that other know that you like feet, then your secret is kept secure on our encrypted servers.


Discover the ecosystem.

Foot Fetish Videos 

View or share videos.

Fetish Pictures

Discover thousands of fetish pictures for free, shared by members!

Foot Fetish Forum

Discuss everything related to foot fetish, no need to hide! Fee the vive
and get into stimulating discussions


Write down your thoughts, your ideas or imaginations. Or just read
other members interesting stories.


Offer your products or services in our built-in marketplace.


Find new friends that have the same interest as you!


Discover fetish events in your area.



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Thanks to
 crazyforfeet for helping us getting forward with our plans!