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As the subject of this topic would suggest, I love my feet and also get complimented on them from various people. I'm a wheelchair user and have never been able to walk (Cerebral Palsy), so my feet are super soft with no trace whatsoever of hard skin. Due to my limited care hours, I'm quite isolated most of the time and one of the greatest pleasures I have is giving myself a foot massage and doing my best to keep my feet in absolutely pristine condition. My favourite time of the week is taking my trainers and socks off after my weekly gym workout - letting my bare toes feel the fresh air and smelling the scent of my efforts gives me a massive rush! A mixture of my fetish and my disability meant I used to wear shoes and socks every single day - in my head, if I were to wear sandals, I might as well be naked LOL! It was only when I told my carers (female and male) around 18 months ago about my fetish that they convinced me to try flip-flops. Since then, I absolutely HATE wearing anything else! Being (practically) barefoot in public gives me more self-confidence than anything else I've ever done Am I totally alone in thinking like this?
The best place to make candids are crowded buses and trains, because there won´t be enough seats for everyone, so some girls won´t have any options , but to get on their own feet and grab the bars over their heads leaving their armpits fully exposed for candids! but not all kinds of trains and buses are good enought for candids, the best one are thoses that travels around the city center , because most of them will be fully crowded there. I live in a neighborhood far form the center of the city, so to make my first candids I had to take one bus to the center of the city and there to take another bus that allow me to travel around the center all day paying just one ticket! Anyway , in this process, I was spending money on 2 tickets, so I started to look for ways to travel around the center paying only one ticket, when I figured out the way the story of this candid post starts !  :lol:  :lol:  I left home ready to catch the first bus that would allow me to go to a integrated terminus, inside this this terminus I could catch another bus that would allow me to go to the train station and catch the train paying only one ticket in alll of this process! for my disappointment , the first bus was almost empty , so no girls with raised arms in sight. I took a seat and waited for the bus to reach the integrated terminus where I would get another bus to the train station! when I was already hopless about finding a raised arms for a candid blonde girl showed up for my happness! :P  The problem was that she was on her own feet with her right arm raised, but with her back to me!,so I had to find a way to leave my seat and stay close to her without being suspicious and awkward! So I left my seat and pretended I was ask something important to the ticket collector, when the ticked collect finished answering me I stayed on my own feet near to this blonde girl and could manage to make the candids, Unfortunately I misused the spy watch and her armpits was cut off from most of the film, but anyway there it is some pics and the link to download the filming. https://mega.nz/#!RqAzBIyL!n7mDTl0eRv8ER0bh6B01tgqaDuWBQisqXl4ax1_h4cw When I reached the integrated terminus I was happy to get that the next bus with be crowded enough to have several sexy armpits raised up for candids.I was in the line waiting for the bus driver open the bus´s doors and let people board in, while in the line I started to spot the preys for candidsand a beautiful blonde-like teen caught my attention! I don´t now her age but she seem to be around 18-20 years old. when people finally started to board the bus I tried to stay as close as possible of the blonde girl, but unfortunately I lost her from my sight in the middle of all those people bording in the bus! Even though I had lost the blonde teen from my sight, I had Immediately find a sexy brunette that was with both arms raised leaving her armpits wide open , so I turned on the spy watch and started filming! unfortunately when I got home I saw that the filmming of the brunette girl was completely spoiled by the bad angle and the incident sun light , so I could barely film 5 seconds . the print are    here to you guys enjoy  :)    After crossing a terrible traffic jam, the bus started to empty and I could spot the blonde teen! at this point the blonde and the brunette teen had already got a seat and me too. When the person who was seated aside of the blonde girl left his seat, the brunette girl immediately left his seat to seat aside of the blonde teen, that was the point I realized they were actually close friends! They both are headed to the train station too, when the bus reached the train station everyone left the bus and I stared to follow them both to see which train they would take. at this point I have decided I had already make enough candid so I would get a train for my work, but for my hapness the two teens took the same train I intend to take. I came close to them! the brunette girl got a seat and the blonde girl stayed on her feet with her arms over her head grabing the bar with her armpits wide open! so with turned on the spy watch and manage to make almost 10 minutes of great armpit film ! I hope I guys may enjoy and jerk of for those sexy and fresh armpit!  :lol:  :lol:  https://mega.nz/#!lvgxAQKI!I-EhHgK3PG9_Ih95qFHfkmpS00zIAk7R2_0DLgnikBc leave a comment If you want to see more content like that ! Follow my partner´s Instagram page : https://www.instagram.com/axilasbrasil/
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SEXY FEET: WHAT DO THE EXPERTS SAY? As far as expert opinions on foot fetishes, there are a variety of theories. For most people, feet are made for walking, not for fucking, so they might find a sexual attraction to feet mystifying and maybe even a little weird. So where does this fetish originate? Sigmund Freud thought that foot fetishes were based in the fact that feet resembled penises. I’m not exactly sure what kind of feet (or penises) Freud was looking at, but that’s a strange and unconvincing theory. According to a 2006 study, the most common of all fetishes related to body parts involve feet and toes. (Attraction to boobs, butts, and genitals don’t count because this is nearly universal and thus isn’t classified as a fetish.) Although women occasionally have foot fetishes, it is overwhelmingly a guy thing. Sex expert Colleen Singer defines the fetish thusly: Foot fetishism, also referred to as podophilia, is a heightened and specific sexual interest in feet and/or footwear. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts, and is more prevalent in men than women. A neurologist named  Vilayanur S. Ramachandran speculated that the feet and genitals occupy similar areas in the brain’s somatosensory cortex, which may help to explain why some people become sexually stimulated at the thought of feet. Ramachandran even observed that some amputees have reported feeling orgasms in their feet! Sociobiologist Desmond Morris speculated that foot fetishism arose from some sort of traumatic imprinting event at an early age involving feet. Sexy Feet: HOW DOES THE FETISH START? Many adults with foot fetishes trace their fixation back to a childhood event such as being tickled in their feet during horseplay, some dim distant memory where they simultaneously felt trapped and stimulated. Others speculate that feet, just like genitals and breasts, can attain an allure simply because they’re almost always hidden. According to a Reddit user: Like butts and genitals, they are rarely displayed openly; even if someone is wearing sandals or barefoot, they’re still standing on their soles, so they’re just not seen as frequently as other body parts. This makes them almost as much of a ‘private’ part. Another foot fetishist tells Cosmopolitan that around age 15 or 16: I just realized that instead of the standard boobs and bums, I was obsessed with staring at women’s feet and toes, imagining them in my mouth or rubbing them on my face….I love nice arches, red nail varnish, flip-flops, nicely pedicured, slender but not too thin, just an all-round well-proportioned foot. Generally I like fresh-smelling feet, although I have been known to lick grimy feet in the past to offset the beauty. Although safe if practiced within commonly accepted boundaries, the fetish does not always express itself in a benign manner, as in the case of serial killer Jerome Brudos, who developed an affinity for women’s shoes at the age of five and wound up severing the feet of his female murder victims. Oregon seems to be a hotspot for taking foot fetishes too far, as it also was the home of serial killer Leroy Dayton Rogers, who “had a penchant for sawing off his victims’ feet.” And back in 2011, Arkansas police arrested a man identified as the “Toe Suck Fairy,” known for approaching women in stores, complimenting their feet, and asking to suck their toes. But just like all kinks, foot fetishism need not get extreme or abusive. If you learn to manage your kink with an understanding partner, you’d realize there’s a world of pleasure nuzzled inside every warm pair of socks. You might even convince her to give you a foot job. If you find a partner who’s willing to “toe the line” like that, you’ve found a keeper! TC mark