A girl I used to date, whom I've recently reconnected with, is so awesome about allowing me access to her beautiful size 7 feet. I don't have the strongest foot fetish on earth, but I have loved hers since I first saw them. She's a thin blonde with an amazing bubble-round ass and lovely legs, who models on occasion and is so pretty she gets turned down for jobs because they worry she'll be a distraction. (This has actually happened to her!)

I get to rub them all the time lately, and I paint her toenails every few days and then get to apply a clear laquer coat a day or two later. I love it.

I wanted to post a pic or two for some people who would properly appreciate them. So here they are, snapped while we drowsed together on the couch watching a horror movie on Netflix. I think they're super sexy, and believe me, she is a lot of fun.

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Yes, her feet are very sexy! I would take care of those, too. I haven't painted a woman's toenails, yet. I would do it, and would not consider that a subservient activity, because I'm not a sub. I still want to buy a woman a pedicure, and watch.

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Foot Worship

Mhh sexy feet

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Thank you so much for the response! I've talked to her about doing some fetish photography and she's up for it for sure. What kind of content should we do? Personally I like her in nylons and heels and especially sexy boots (taking them off in particular) but can anyone recommend content that's widely appealing to the foot fetish community?

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Here are a few pics taken after I painted her toenails earlier tonight. So irresistible!

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