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A girl I used to date, whom I've recently reconnected with, is so awesome about allowing me access to her beautiful size 7 feet. I don't have the strongest foot fetish on earth, but I have loved hers since I first saw them. She's a thin blonde with an amazing bubble-round ass and lovely legs, who models on occasion and is so pretty she gets turned down for jobs because they worry she'll be a distraction. (This has actually happened to her!)

I get to rub them all the time lately, and I paint her toenails every few days and then get to apply a clear laquer coat a day or two later. I love it.

I wanted to post a pic or two for some people who would properly appreciate them. So here they are, snapped while we drowsed together on the couch watching a horror movie on Netflix. I think they're super sexy, and believe me, she is a lot of fun.

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