I'm Tamara from Germany, I'm female and 23 years old and bisexual. I recently found this portal when I was looking for foot fetish-related stuff. So yeah, I do have a foot fetish, which mainly goes for female feet, but just as much I love my own feet and I like to talk about them.

I'm looking for friendly people to chat about the foot fetish, exchanging experience and just talking about it. I don't demand any money or something, since that's for my own pleasure. Just talking about this topic turns me on after all. :blush:


Note: Please understand, that I'm only up for chats. Please no calls or video chat. Pictures can be exchanged at times. :wink:

Big bonus points, if you have a smell fetish besides the foot fetish. :kissing_heart:


Important: Please only contact me, if you either speak english or german. I don't understand any other languages and it would make it more complicated.

If you are interested, then just leave me a message and we will see further! 



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Hi Tamara,

My name is Shady 28 years old, lives in germany. I read your post and found it intersting. I would love to be your friend and chat, if you are intertested. I have a foot and smell fetish, i love to talk about it. I sent you a friend request, so if you are interested please let me know :)

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