Thursday night we had an unexpected visitor. About 8pm I’d just finished the washing up and was just about to sit on the sofa with Kirsty when the door knocked. We looked at each other and I went and answered it. Luckaz was standing there looking at me dumbly, he had a stupid baseball cap on shading his pale spotty face. ‘Oh’ hello?’ I said surprised. ‘Hello’ he said then didn’t say anything else. We stood in silence for a minute then I said. ‘Did you want something?
Did he leave something here I was thinking? Again nothing, then very slowly, struggling he said ‘Kersti’, I see Kersti’, plis I see now.’ I come’ he said pointing past me. It dawned on me what he wanted. ‘No sorry’ I said, ‘no we’re busy I’m afraid’ we’re just in the middle of something’. I knew he wouldn’t have understood what I’d said but went to close the door anyway. He put his foot in the way and stoped it. ‘No’, he said insistently ‘I come’
I said very slowly and loudly , We are busy’ No Come In’. Ok?’ He leaned into me , I could smell chewing gum on his breath, ‘I tell rodrowski’ or something like that. It wasn’t Robbo but I knew who he meant. I suddenly felt very unsure of myself and had a little shiver of panic. He pushed against the door gently but firmly until it was up against me, then squeezed himself sideways through. I didn’t stop him, I let go of the door and stepped aside. ‘It’s Luckaz’ I said over my shoulder
‘Kersti,’ He said and walked straight in and shook her hand. What a strange thing to do I thought. ‘Oh, Hello’ she said sounding surprised.
‘I want come seeing you’ he said. ‘
‘That’s nice’ replied Kirsty smiling. He smiled back at her still holding on to her hand. ‘I go back Poland’
‘Oh, when tomorrow? She said kindly. ‘Yes to tomorrow’. I walked to the window and could see a van outside with its headlights on. They sat down on the sofa and had painful small talk and halting conversation whilst I hovered and pottered about tidying things that didn’t need tidying. Finally I perched in my dark corner and watched them like a spy.
He was saying something to her that she couldn’t understand, she looked blankly at him, shaking her head and kept saying sorry until he started speaking Polish which was obviously of no use. Then he just got fed up, put his hands on her thighs and started moving her dress up. ‘I like’. He said staring at her. She just smiled and stayed still. He stopped when got to the middle of her thighs as he saw the deep red lines going across and all the way up.
He carried on going and looked quizzically at her. ‘I was bad’ she smiled sadly.
I watched them from my dark corner and rubbed myself. He pushed the dress up to her waist and she lifted her bottom so he could get it further up. He looked at the belt, back on again, and shook his head and mumbled something in Polish to her. She lifted her arms for him so he could remove the dress and he stared at her breasts. That’s when he looked over at me and saw I was watching them. He said something in Polish and took her hand to lead her into our bedroom. She walked with him leading her, naked except for belt, like it was the most normal thing in the world. I watched the door close and felt my heart sink, but then noticed it hadn’t shut completely. I silently made my way over and stood where I could see through the gap. They were standing up and he was kissing and rubbing her pert little pointy breasts. I could see her hand rubbing his bulge. He tried to get his fingers round the inside of the metal near her pussy, but he hurt her skin and she said no, she wasn’t allowed. So he contented himself playing with her buttocks which were still sore and red, deep red lines criss crossing the perfect shapes. I moved closer until I virtually had my nose at the gap. I wanted to see and hear better and I wasn’t so afraid of Luckaz like I was of Robbo. She had his cock out now, his trousers had fallen to his ankles and had gathered around his boots. She wanked him while they kissed passionately. I started rubbing myself, feeling pathetic, watching this go on for ages then he stopped, turned her around and started feeling her backside. He bent her over on the bed and felt in between her cheeks, found the opening to her anus, spat on them and started with his fingers. She tried to say no but he pushed back down, brushing her hands away. I knew why she wouldn’t want him to do that. She’d been complaining of a stomach ache all day because she hadn’t been to the toilet. This had been going on the last three sessions with David, she was so worried about not being able to go when he ordered her, that for a whole day beforehand, or even longer, she would hold it in. This resulted in a really bad stomach ache which she moaned constantly about. It also meant she could now almost always go on command. At the click of his fingers.
Luckaz of course knew nothing of this as he spat more on his fingers and rubbed it in, spat some on his cock and placed it between her cheeks. Please Luckaz I can’t please, she said. I could see him trying to squeeze himself inside, being wary of the metal surrounds. He pushed and she yelped and collapsed forward onto the bed. ‘No, please Luckaz, please. I can’t, I’m not allowed, please’. She sounded scared. Pleading with him, curling up.
I knew a real man would go in and help her, I knew it, but I didn’t feel like a real man. I felt like a pathetic worm, standing there with my pathetic penis in my hand. This was between them, I reasoned with myself. What would I say if I walked in there? And anyway, he might go and tell Robbo. It was a private matter, how could I interfere? Even as I thought these thoughts I knew how ashamed of myself I was. I stroked my semi flaccid prick and held my legs together as I tried not to breath on the the door. I pushed my balls between my thighs and squeezed my legs together hard. If I was no man, I didn’t need balls. I tried to crush them, maybe to punish myself.
The boy looked really pissed off now, standing there with an erection and nothing to do with it. He jabbered on in Polish and she looked bewildered then he grabbed her, turned her around so that she was lying on her back on the bed with her head half hanging over the edge. Ah, I thought, I know what he wants to do here. What every teenage boy must’ve watched a thousand times, textbook nasty throat gagging. He placed his cock at her mouth which she opened obediently and he started thrusting. You could see his helmet as it went down her throat, trace the line of travel down her slender neck. She handled it really well at first, the odd gag, and slopping noises but otherwise she looked remarkably relaxed, just laying there letting him slide up and down as he pleased, using her throat. I felt really proud of her. She had improved so much since the first time I took her round to Vincent’s.
But after a while I started to notice more and more spit and goo dripping down her face and retching noises coming from her. He wasn’t being gentle or anything close. She was starting to look uncomfortable. Luckaz was gripping and squeezing her breasts and fucking her, holding it in and letting his balls rest on her nostrils, until she heaved and struggled then he’d withdraw and do it again. He looked like he was actively trying to make his balls cover her nostrils. He would push all the way in, then bend his legs slightly, lowering himself onto her face until his ballsack covered her nose. I could hear her struggling for breath and making mewing noises until she started hitting his leg then he withdrew, she gave an almighty heave as he pulled out and a mouthful of vomit came out with his cock.
He looked a bit shocked for a second and seemed unsure of himself, staring at the sick, some hanging off his penis, most of it dripping down Kirsty’s face into her eyes and hair. It looked like he was trying to follow what he’d seen on porn sites and it didn’t really fit with the shy teenage Luckaz we’d seen before being so polite and gentlemanly to Kirsty. It also occurred to me that Robbo had something to do with this. I could just imagine him saying to the boy, ‘No she is not nice girl, she is whore for fucking, don’t treat her nice, it mistake, you treat her like whore, I was sure he would have coached him to fuck her like a piece of trash or something like that. Come to think of it he must be really pissed off since Kirsty phoned Vincent. I got the impression robbo got told off by Vincent. And now he’s sitting outside waiting. This could be his revenge.
Luckaz got a hold of himself and thrust in again, this time holding her neck and feeling his cock sliding down her throat. It looked like he was trying to feel his manhood with his thumbs as it appeared in her neck. She started making noises but he gripped hard and held it right down until she started hitting his leg and flailing her legs around, then he withdrew. She sounded like she was in trouble. I could see some sick fall from her face onto his boot, but he just kept hammering at her, like he didn’t give a shit. She started hitting his leg again and he tried to grab her wrists with one hand and the other gripping her neck as his pale white face turned crimson red, he pushed in as deep as he could go, closed his eyes and gave an almighty sigh, I imagine spunking halfway to her stomach. He thrust a couple more times, sighing, gave her breasts one last squeeze, then withdrew. His cock came out covered in sick and goo, dripping. Kirsty was gasping for breath, chest heaving, eyes glued shut by all the sick and slime but stayed still on the bed, head hanging over the side not moving. Luckaz scanned the room, like he was looking for something to wipe his cock on but could see nothing so he just shook it over Kirsty’s face, trying to wipe of the sick with his hand, then he pulled up his pants and trousers and zipped himself up. He took a step backwards, Kirsty hadn’t moved, eyes still closed. He looked at her unsure what to say, then started towards the door. I backed away quickly panicking, shoving my prick back in my pants. I had cum seconds ago and was holding my spunk inside my foreskin. I could feel it dripping inside my trousers as I quickly sat down on the sofa. He walked into the room but had forgotten his cap so went back to retrieve it. I could hear him say something to her but couldn’t make out what, then, without so much as a look in my direction he darted around the corner and out of the door quick as a flash.
There was silence in the flat now. I sat and felt the wet in my pants as I listened to the sound of the washing machine coming from the kitchen.
I didn’t want to go into the room so I leaned back and tried to pretend that I hadn’t known what was going on. Finally she came out wearing a dressing gown, head down walking towards the bathroom. ‘You ok babe?’ I said to her innocently. She carried on and didn’t look at me but as she got to the door she stopped, still facing the door, and said without turning, ‘I saw you watching Sam’.
She pushed the door and went inside.

The next day, Friday, was a big day. Kirsty had to work a half shift, I was finishing early, then I had to take Kirsty to David for her final session.
Vincent was also due back but she had no idea when. We had gone to bed in awkwardness the following evening after I had cleaned the sick off the floor, there was quite a lot of it. She turned her back on me and I could hear her breathing as I lay there awake.
We both followed our now set routine in the morning. We ate a small breakfast then set about getting Kirsty ready. She would kneel in a bath of water and I would soap her whole body and rinse her with the shower hose. I now had a soft brush with long bristles which I used to clean the front grill, I made sure I soaped it two or three times and scrubbed it clean. Then she would bend over with her legs spread and I would revert to the old toothbrush, which was better at cleaning in and around the small rear hole, plenty of soap again and I squirted it in with an old shampoo bottle. I was careful not to enter her anus as I knew she was so desperate to go. At one point I could see a turtle head forming but she managed to push it back inside with a groan. I knew she was suffering, I had seen her with her hand over her stomach at breakfast and she really didn’t eat much. It was going to be a really big one this time, I thought.
I then set about drying her, I took her long slender delicate arms, taking care to dry under her armpits and around her beautiful pert breasts. Down her slim body to her legs and feet. All the while she stood silent, moving as I needed her to, staring thoughtfully at me and what I was doing. It was easier to blow dry her belt and around the grill so I did this when drying her hair. I even made sure her uniform was ironed. But still she wasn’t happy.
‘Babe are you ok?’ I said as we were halfway through getting ready. The silence was getting to me. She looked at me seriously. Can I ask you a question? She said.
‘Did you enjoy seeing him do that to me last night?’ ‘Or were you just too scared to come in?’ I didn’t know how much she could have seen of me through the crack. Did she see me wanking? I decided to try and squirm my way out of it.
‘Babe, I’m sorry, but I didn’t know what to do’. ‘I didn’t know whether you wanted me to interfere’, I just couldn’t tell’. I lied. She stared at me but said nothing as I carried on drying and I felt uncomfortable. I said defensively. ‘I think Robbo was outside, what could I have done anyway?’ She looked unimpressed and repeated the question at me. ‘I don’t know Sam, what could you have done?’ She spoke a little sarcastically. When we were done she didn’t say thanks or anything, like she just expected me to run around after her. I knew I was loosing, or had lost all of her respect.
I apologised again but she just said it was fine and not to worry about it in a kind of resigned way. But I had a bad feeling something had changed, the scales might have finally fallen from her eyes.

While we were in the bathroom I could hear her phone keep ringing from outside. Expecting a call? I asked her. ‘No’ she said, we ignored it. But it kept ringing. We were now dressed and ready, I had bought her a different skirt to cover the belt two weeks ago. It was still very short but thicker and less clingy. I zipped it up for her and we were just about to walk out of the door when there was a knock.
Kirsty was nearest so she opened it. It was Vincent, standing there in a smart suit, grey hair swept back, hands on hips. She actually squealed with excitement. I was quite taken aback, not only because he was standing at our door but by her reaction. She threw her arms around him and squealed again, giggling that she didn’t know he was coming back so early. ‘Well if you answered your bloody phone he said with a smile, hugging her back tightly. He asked of he could come in for a minute. Kirsty’s face was beaming, I was embarrassed by how excited she was. ‘Wow that was quite a welcome’! He said. ‘But not the greeting for your Master, surely?’ He looked serious for a moment at her. ‘Oh, sorry’. She said and quickly got down on her hands and knees and kissed his shoes. ‘That’s better’, he smiled. After she had kissed both his feet she stayed still with her nose to the floor in between his shoes, waiting for instruction. He looked at me with her still down, ‘So how’s it been going young Sam?’ Everything ok?’ I felt uncomfortable, I became paranoid the flat was a bit messy. He looked oddly out of place as he sat on our tired old sofa in his smart suit and shoes and began to talk. Kirsty sat at his feet and looked adoringly up at him as he explained what he’d been doing whilst in Poland and how his trip had been a great success. Then he explained why, when he couldn’t get hold of her, he’d decided to come round.
He told her he was going to collect her from work this afternoon to take her straight round to David’s. She wouldn’t be coming home first, she would spend the weekend there.
I watched the colour drain from her as she looked down, an expression of crushing disappointment written all over her pretty face. She looked up at him and murmured, so quietly I could barley hear ‘do I have to spend the whole weekend round there?’
‘What’s that’? He said not hearing. She looked like she might cry. ‘I...I just thought if you were back....can’t I....just come round to you?’ Please?’
‘No’ he snapped irritated. ‘David says you’ve still got ground to cover, we’re still not happy about the belt fiasco you know. A couple more nights and a day will be enough to make up for it’. It’ll be good for you’.
‘But... she gulped holding back a sob. ‘He makes me do such horrible things...and ....if I have to stay round, he’ll make me sleep in the box in the yard’. It’s horrible’.
He looked at her kindly now and stroked her hair, ‘I know, I know sweetheart, but this is your last time, it really is and I want to see for myself how well you perform, I need to see it for myself’. She looked up at this, a faint glimmer of hope in her eyes. A little girl voice. ‘So will you be there as well’?
‘Some of the time’, yes,’ he said. ‘Some of the time I’ll have Robbo there to observe’.
I found my lip curling up at the mention of his name. Observing? I thought, why does he get the right.
She asked in a whimper whether Mr Naal would be there. He told her he didn’t really know Mr Naal, but maybe he said.
I dropped her off to work with a face like misery. We were silent the whole way, I thought about saying yet again, look Kirst, just call it off, tell them you don’t want to do it! But something was telling me it was pointless. I hesitated as she was about to get out then I went for it. ‘Kirst, just tell em your not going’ I said. ‘Tell them you don’t want to do it, you’ve changed your mind’,
‘I mean, if not for me, then do it for yourself, just call it off!’
She looked at me like she had forgotten I was there, turned her head towards me with an expression of irritation and contempt, shook her head and got out without even saying a word. Didn’t kiss me, just walked off like I didn’t mean anything at all. I watched her go into the pub, then drove away, a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Vincent had told me I was to be at David’s for 9pm. They were going straight from work, I didn’t know why I had to wait but obviously I didn’t ask.
I got a Chinese and ate on my own in the flat.
I put my best shirt on, I don’t know why but I wanted to look smart. Felt like it was a big thing now Vincent was back.

I had trouble parking as there were more cars on the small street than usual. Had to go around the corner.
I nervously walked up the path and rang the buzzer having a sudden thought it might not be David who would answer. I hoped it wasn’t Robbo, please oh please I begged to the door, anyone but him. The light spilled out and I didn’t immediately recognise the silhouette that greeted me. I blinked, Mr Naal was standing there looking at me. Same tired suit and ears in desperate need of a Turkish barber. ‘Hello’, he said staring down at me, but didn’t stand aside. ‘Oh, hello’, I said. ‘Er... I’m Sam’. ‘Yes, I know’, he said. ‘Come in’. He turned and I followed him. ‘So today is a big day for you I believe’. He said as we walked down the corridor. We passed the wet room, the door was closed but I could hear voices from inside. ‘Big day?’ I said confused. ‘Yes’ he said. ‘A big day’, the day she becomes his’. ‘I’m sorry’ I said. ‘I don’t understand?’ He spoke in a deep melodious voice, perfect English with just a hint of an Indian accent. He said no more as we walked into the little kitchen room near the back door to the yard. He looked at me curiously. ‘Is it Sam? or Samuel?’ He was standing facing me with his hands on his hips. ‘Well, I said, ‘my full name is Samuel, but everyone calls me Sam,’
‘Then I shall call you Samuel’, he said moving a step closer to me. I noticed he was staring at me strangely, I didn’t like it. I found myself edging away but my back was soon at the worktop.
‘So tell me young Samuel,’ ‘why should a good looking young man like yourself want to be treated in such a fashion?’ Hmm?’ ‘Have you ever asked yourself?’ ‘Hmm’? He took a step closer. ‘Do you enjoy it’? He was now right up to my face, I could feel his breathing on me, and I tried not to breath in. I knew it wouldn’t smell good. ‘I don’t know’ I managed in a whisper.
‘Hmmm’, he said again, pondering. ‘I could help you, you know’, I’m trained the same as David, I could help you...shall we say... ‘Dig a little deeper?’ As he said the word dig his hand touched my groin and squeezed, then he was rubbing me. I turned my head to the side to try and stop breathing his fumes but I said nothing as I felt his hand unzipping me and feeling into my trousers.
‘We could work together, you and I’. I think that you need a little....guidance’.
He now had my cock out in his hand, I could feel my blood start pumping, I desperately didn’t want it to but couldn’t help it. Still I said nothing. He grabbed my face with his other hand, squeezed my cheeks roughly so that my mouth opened and turned my head to face him. It was like I was frozen, drugged even. But I knew I wasn’t. Suddenly we heard a door slam up the corridor and footsteps approaching. Mr Naal instantly released me and stepped away, turning and picking something up from the sink. I had just enough time to put my penis away when David walked into the room. ‘Ah good, your here’, said David. ‘I want you clean up the mess in the yard then put fresh paper down in the coal box for that cunt you call a girlfriend to sleep on tonight’, ‘understand?’ I nodded, dumbstruck. He looked at me with something like disgust, ‘papers there’, he pointed at the floor by the door. ‘And do a better job at cleaning up her shit than last time.’ ‘I want every fucking stain cleaned off the paving stone for fucks sake.’ He went to the toilet door, then turned, ‘And make sure that your hands are clean afterwards’. Then he slammed the door shut. Now usually I grab a load of toilet paper to pick up Kirsty’s poo and wipe the floor, but he’d just gone into the toilet. I stood there unsure what to do for a moment, then Mr Naal, watching me, pointed at the work top and said, ‘Use the kitchen towels Samuel’. I looked and sure enough there was a roll of thick kitchen paper. Why hadn’t I noticed that before? I grabbed it and opened the door but Mr Naal had one hand on my arm stopping me, he handed me a card and said. ‘Make an appointment, as soon as possible.’ Then added. ‘Samuel, I know what you need’. I took it and walked out into the yard with my head spinning. I was so distracted I very nearly stepped in Kirsty’s shit, a great big massive log left on a dirty patch near the bushes. Wow, I thought, I wondered if it hurt her little anus getting it out. That would never have fitted out of the small hole in the belt anyway, it would have all got very messy and I would have had to clean it out with the toothbrush. I was glad about that at least. I wondered who had watched her when David made her do it as I picked it up with a wad of paper towels. I carried it with both hands towards the toilet when I realised David was still in there, so diverted around the corner to the wheely bin and chucked it in there. Probably would have blocked the toilet anyway. I got a cup of warm water and did my best to clean the stone, wiping until I thought David would be happy. I noticed Naal watching me from the window and I looked away quick, feeling uncomfortable. Then I picked up lots of paper and took it to the old coal box, lifted the lid and peered inside.
I’d never noticed the box before, a small waist height lean to, against the yard wall. I couldn’t believe they were making her sleep in here again. It was grim, looked like it had never been cleaned, bare crumbling bricks with cobwebs everywhere. There was a metal eyelet in the corner which she would be chained to I guessed. It would be pitch black in here as well, I thought as I took out the old paper and started placing as much fresh bedding as I could. There was an old filthy stained blanket in a heap in the corner which I gingerly picked up and quickly dropped, dust filled the box and I tried to wave it outside. I felt so sorry for her, there was barely enough room for her to curl up in, this was worse than you’d treat an animal. Why would Vincent want to treat her like this I wondered? I was going to shake the blanket out and thought about looking for a brush to sweep some of the dust and filth out but at that moment David called me to come back in.

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