Eventually Mistress looked down on me, “babbette, go upstairs and start the shower for your customer. You want to make sure that he has a wonderful experience with you. Also, make sure that his clothes are ready for him.”

Rising from to my knees, I kissed her feet and made my way upstairs to the guest bathroom. I started the shower to warm it up and found a bag with Sir David’s street clothes in it. I laid them out on the bed for him and checked the temperature. The water was very hot, so I backed it down a bit, returned to the dungeon and crawled to them. I knelt in front of David and said, “Sir, the shower is on and is hot and your clothes are laid out for you.”

He looked down at me and sneered, “very good sissy, lead me up there.” I crawled and he followed. She we reached the bedroom, he required me to help him out of his fetish attire. When he was completely naked he said, “give my cock a kiss for all the pleasure that you got today sissy.” I leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock, running my tongue around it to show my appreciation for his dominance. Finally he pushed me away.

I returned to the dungeon and Mistress instructed me to clean all of the toys and put them away. As I was finishing, Sir David returned, dressed in his street clothes. Mistress made me walk him to the door and give him a peck on the cheek and thank him for “my date”. I was blushing with shame as he left.

When I returned, Mistress and Master were headed upstairs to clean up. Mistress was quite direct, “babbette, make our dinner and be prepared to serve us in 90 minutes. After you clean up from dinner, we are going to lock you in your cage. You had a full day today and I know that you have two very demanding days of vacation left. We intend to make you earn your orgasm. You are going to earn it by taking even more pain and degradation...”. She turned her heel and left me to finish cleaning the dungeon and then scurry up to the kitchen to make them dinner.

Dinner was an affair similar to the previous evening. I cooked, sat the table and served them. Once they were eating, I was again banished to the corner to hold a coin against the wall with my nose until I was needed. When needed, Mistress or Master simply rang a bell. I would drop to my knees, crawl to whomever had summoned me and ask, “How may I serve you Mistress/Master?” I would then serve seconds or pour wine or whatever was required. When my superiors had finished their dinner, Mistress collected the scraps and put them on her plate. Once again, she allowed me to eat off of the plate, from the floor, Iike an animal. When she decided that I had eaten enough, I cleaned the dining room and kitchen until they were spotless, was allowed to shower and use the rest room and was, finally, locked in the cage.

Alone with my thoughts, naked save for the evil chastity device, I tried to get my head around the enormity of Mistress X’s domination. She had beaten me to tears, cuckolded me and now whored me out. My ass and the soles of my feet hurt from my most recent beatings. My ego was shattered. I was reduced to a cuckold whore who existed solely to please my owners. I felt both violated and turned on by the events of the past several days. Sleep remained elusive for several hours as I thought about the changes that I had endured in such a short period of time. I had a hard time falling asleep that night.

It felt like only minutes later when I woke to the sound of the lock on my cage being opened. Mistress X released me from my cage and she treated me in a similar manner as the previous day. Unlocking the cage door, she held it open and said, “come with me slut, I need to pee.” She clipped a leash to my collar and led me to the toilet chair in the dungeon. Sitting above me, she ordered me to drink every drop and, once again, pissed in my mouth. When she finished, Mistress X stood and released me from the toilet chair, “clean me slave”, was all that she said. I knelt before her perfect pussy and began to lick the drops of her pee from her. It was perfect and it felt right to be her toilet.

I felt Mistress’s weight shift as she lowered herself pussy toward me. It was unspoken, but I could tell that she was giving me permission to worship her. My tongue probed, past her lips, penetrating her pussy. Licking up, I grazed her clit and felt her stiffen. He hands ran through my hair as she drew my face into her sex. Like a good slave, I continued to lick and worship her, feeling the wetness grow and tasting her perfection. Soon she was soaked and gasping with pleasure. Her pleasure was my reward and I redoubled my efforts to make her cum, probing again with my tongue, feeling her open. I was focused on her clit, licking and sucking it. I felt her pleasure increase, the bond between us growing as she enjoyed my worship. Sucking her clit, I felt her fingers on the back of my head drawing me closer. I licked her, she moaned more loudly and then, suddenly, her pussy exploded as she came all over my face.

Not daring to stop, I dialed back the intensity, gently worshipping her, focusing on her lips. The taste of her pussy ran through my body like electricity. My cock, brutally trapped in the plastic cage for which only she had the lock, strained painfully. I wanted to cum myself. I wanted to cum so badly that I wanted to scream.

I did not. Rather, I worshipped Mistress X like the goddess that she is and felt her slowly come down from her orgasm.

As her passions cooled, she stepped away from me. She grasped my chin in hands, raising my face so that our eyes met. “Good gurl babbette. You are quite the little sissy slut and so good at giving me pleasure. I was unsure how we would spend the day and had given some thought to sending you to Lady Carol’s to clean her house. However, that was so pleasant that I believe that I will keep you all to myself today. We shall play, you and I. Is this what you want?”

Blinking as though I was looking into the sun, tasting her on my lips, I said the first words that came into my head, “Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

Her hand fell away from my face and I dropped my eyes to the floor respectfully. She continued, “very good slave. Very good. You will meet Lady Carol tomorrow night. Until then, you are going to serve me. You will clean our house. You will be at my beck and call, existing only to serve, to please and to pleasure me. Such a lucky slut...”

She left it hanging there and I answered, “thank you Mistress.”

“Good gurl, go and clean up. I am going to lay down to do a little reading. I expect my breakfast served in 60 minutes. I should like avocado toast, a latte and fresh fruit. Everything that you need is in the kitchen. However, I expect you dressed properly: your maid’s outfit, heels, make up, all of it. Additionally, I expect you to completely clean, inside and out.” She turned her heel and left me.

60 minutes wasn’t a terribly long time, but it was enough time. I rose from my knees and ran to the bathroom. Filling the enema bag, I gave myself a 2 quart enema and expelled it. I followed it with a 2nd, smaller, enema, making sure that I was completely clean. While I did not expect her to whore me out as she had yesterday, she had been quite specific about being clean on the inside. I was terrified of displeasing her and hurried in my preparations. Showering, I made sure that I was shaved completely smooth. Exiting the shower, I dried and did my make-up. As I put the fire engine red lipstick on, I felt like a total slut and I also felt that I was in the right place, serving the right woman. Finishing my make-up, I put on a black garter belt and black stockings. It was not that I did not want to put panties on, that was simply not an option as Mistress X required full access to me at all times. Then I put on a black and white maid’s outfit, ensuring that the apron was perfectly centered. Finally, I put on the 6 inch, black high heels that she expected her maid’s to wear. Though terribly impractical and very painful, I loved them. They made me feel like a slut. They made me feel like my true self.

Checking myself a final time in the mirror, I scurried to the kitchen to make Mistress’s breakfast. It was pretty straight forward and in no time I had finished and was putting her meal on a tray to serve her breakfast in bed.

I entered her bedroom, Mistress X was lying in bed, completely naked, and reading her book. I went over to the side of the bed and she gestured for her breakfast. Bending at the waist, I set the tray across her lap and dropped to my knees. At this point, she dismissed me with orders to clean the house from top to bottom.

This was real maid’s work and I hastened to obey, cleaning the bathrooms, doing the laundry and working hard. Many hours later, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. As I worked, I heard the approach of high heels on the hard wood floor. My breathing quickened, but I continued to work like a good maid.

Soon I felt her presence behind me and her breathing on my ear. Her hands ran to my nipples, pinching and squeezing, causing me to gasp in pain. Her voice sounded in my ear, “such a pretty sissy. Working so hard for me! I enjoy seeing your sissy ass bent over while you do the dishes. It makes my pussy wet to see you so vulnerable. You like that don’t you?”

I gasped, “yes Mistress!” She leaned closer and I felt her taunt body next to mine, leaning on me. The heat of her touch drove me wild with lust. As she pressed closer, her hand dropped to my caged sissy clit. She massaged my balls, turning me on even further. She continued to tease me, “Do you want out of your cage my little slut? Would you like to cum?”

My answer was, “yes Mistress!” She continued to tease me. “Maybe you would like me to unlock that little clit of yours and play with it until you cum? Would it be the biggest load that you’ve ever had?

“Oh please Mistress! Please! I want to cum so badly! I want to cum for you! I’ll do anything!”

Her teeth nipped my ear, “such a little slut! You want to stroke that pathetic little sissy clit of yours and cum for me! Do you think that you’ve earned an orgasm?” Her fingers tickled my balls.

I was frantic with lust and frustration. “Please Mistress, I know that I do not deserve it, but I want it so badly! I’ve tried so hard to be a good slave for you and Master! I’ve been a cuckold and a whore for you. I am so horny! I want to cum so badly! Can I? Will you please release me and let me cum? I’ll eat every drop, I promise!”

She laughed at my desperation and pulled me even closer. As our waists met, I felt something hard, protruding from her crotch. She thrust into me and laughed again. “Can you feel that? Can you feel my 10 inch cock?” She spun me around, “On your knees! I wish to rape my maid!”

I dropped to my knees before her. A large, 10 inch cock stuck straight out. She grasped it with her right hand, holding it up. “Suck it bitch! Lube my cock for your hole!”

I went down on her for the second time today. This time, instead of tasting her divine pussy, my lips wrapped around a big hard dildo. I kissed the head, just as I kissed the head of her husband’s cock. Sucking it in, I worked my way down the shaft, worshipping her strap on. Pretending it was a real cock, I stroked while I sucked, slobbering all over her giant dildo. She pulled my head down on her strap-on and I gagged. My eyes were watering and I choked on her strap-on. She began to thrust in and out of my mouth, “That’s right slut! Lube me up, I am going to fuck that tight little sissy pussy of yours. Get it all wet!”

She pulled her cock out of my mouth and I leaned forward to try to kiss it. She slapped the side of my face with the dildo and laughed at me, “you little whore, you want it so badly.”

I begged for her cock and she told me to turn around. I did so, on all fours with my back arched like a slut., I wanted to feel her strap-on inside of me. She moved behind me and spit on my asshole. “That’s right slut. You are going to take my cock. You are going to take it just like you took David’s. You are such a whore. Beg me!”

I begged and begged for her cock and soon felt her begin to push it in. I moaned in pain as the head of the massive dildo penetrated me. I heard her voice, sexy and sultry, “breath my pet. Relax and take all of my strap on like the good little sissy whore that you are. Breath and relax...”

I tried and it made it a bit easier and she pushed the head in further. It was a monster and another moan of pain slipped from my lips. I tensed up involuntarily and she felt it. She smacked my bruised ass, “I said to relax slut!”

I got control of my breathing and relaxed. She penetrated me fully, burying her cock in my sissy pussy so deeply that I cried out in pain. “Ride me slut! Ride my cock! Show me what a fucking whore you are.”

Regaining a semblance of composure (but no dignity) I thrust back on her cock.

She fucked me hard, telling me that I was a slut and a whore and that I needed cock. She made me beg hard for it. My clit strained in my cage, every time she brushed my prostrate, I thought that I would cum. It never happened as she varied the speed, angle and intensity of her thrusts. Even the minuscule relief that would be brought from being milked was denied to me as Mistress X rode me.

Eventually, she pulled out, “Kiss it bitch. Kiss the cock that just fucked your hole.”

I turned around and knelt forward and kissed the tip of the cock that had just been in my ass. “Thank you for fucking me Mistress.”

She smiled down on me, “we aren’t done yet slut. Crawl down to the dungeon and strip.”

I followed her orders and was soon naked and kneeling in the middle of the dungeon. She joined me. Mistress X was now naked save for her thigh high black leather boots. She also held her leather strop in her hand. Standing in front of me, she said, “Do you see my strop slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What do you think of it?”

“It scares me Mistress. It hurts so badly.”

She flicked it and continued, “would you like me to take that cage off of your clit? Would you like me to stroke your teeny tiny cock? Answer me!”

“Yes Mistress! Please stroke my teeny tiny cock! Please take this cage off and stroke my teeny tiny cock!”

She smiled cruelly, “I will do that for you bitch. But first I want to hear you ask for 20 strokes from my strop. Is it worth it to feel my hand on that pathetically tiny cock of yours?”

I didn’t even think about it. “Please Mistress X, please give me 20 strokes with your strop! Please hurt me! I want to suffer and I really want out of this cage!”

She didn’t hesitate but rather brought the strop down on my ass. The pain was both immediate and intense. I wanted to scream but instead, I said, “1! Thank you Mistress!”

I was soon reduced to tears, but I was determined to count every stroke. I was determined, in part because I was scared that she would start again and in part because I wanted out of the cage. Blubbering and crying out in pain, I managed to make it to 20.

Taking some pity on me, she began to massage my beaten ass. “My lovely sissy, taking so much pain for me. I bet you want out of that cage.” Her hand strayed back to between my legs. I moaned and begged for release. She raised me up so that I was looking at the gold chain with the key to my chastity device that hung between hers tits. “Kiss it and beg to be released.”

Did I ever! I begged and begged. Mistress X ordered me to the bed on the dungeon. She took her time, securing me to the bed by my wrists and ankles. When I was completely immobilized she straddled my chest, waving the key in front of me, “is this what you want whore?”

“Please Mistress! Please uncage me!” I was breathing like it was the last mile of the New York Marathon. I was so turned on. Mistress rose from me, removed the necklace and undid the small lock on the cock cage. She pulled the plastic sheath off of my cock and it immediately sprang to life. I had never been so hard. She toyed with me, driving me wild while removing the rest of the device.

Mistress X leaned in and kissed me, “would you like me to stroke it?”

“Yes Mistress!!!! Oh God, yes Mistress!!”

Her hand slowly worked up my cock. “Since I am such a kind Mistress, would you like me to use my favorite lube on your cock?”

I was practically screaming in desperation, “Yes please Mistress!”

Mistress X rose and went to the cabinet, she took a large tube of IcyHot and held it up. “This is my favorite lube for worthless cuckold sissy sluts like you.”

“Mistress, please no IcyHot!”

She ignored me, squeezing a large dollop of IcyHot on to her palm. She came back to the bed and began to stroke my cock, the greasy feeling of the IcyHot was immediately apparent. It was immediately cool to the touch, but almost as quickly, the heat began. The burning sensation from the chemicals was intense. My cock, one of the the most sensitive areas of my body, exploded in pain. Mistress X was not done. Taking another dollop of IcyHot she grasped my balls and massaged the IcyHot into them. My head thrashed back and forth as I cried out in pain. The burning was intense and I was helpless to do anything about it. Mistress X began to stroke and edge me. It was insane! The pain from the IcyHot seared like fire while the fact that she was playing with my cock felt so good. The blood rushed to my cock and balls making the buring of the IcyHot even more intense.

I felt the sweat burst out on my body and called out, “Mistress X! I am about to cum!”

As quickly as she started, she stopped. I was on the edge, so close to cumming but unable to finish myself. Mistress X waited until my breathing slowed down. Then, cruelly, she started stroking my again. The surge of blood to my cock made the burning from her IcyHot worse. This feeling of pain was in sharp contrast to the amazing feeling of her hand on my cock. Once again when I was close to cumming, I let her know. She stopped stroking me.

This went on for another 30 minutes, every time that I got close to bumming, Mistress X would stop stroking me. Eventually, she tired of her sport and said, “I am not going to let you cum tonight. However, if you do a good job tomorrow, I might let you. For now, I want you to suffer!” She applied more IcyHot to my cock and balls. The burning exploded again and a single tear leaked down the left side of my face. Mistress X left the dungeon!

She left me tied to the bed, enduring a chemical burn on my cock and balls for the better part of two hours. At first, I was as hard as I ever get. However, within 45. Injures, the pain had lessened and my cock and softened. Finally, she came in and said, “You didn’t think that I was going to let you cum tonight did you? I just wanted to tease you. I Wanted to feel the lust in you, to get your hopes up and then to dash them! Hmmm...I guess it is time to re-cage that worthless sissy cock of yours.”

She did not wait for me to say a word, but worked the sheath of the chastity device back on my cock. She clicked the lock back into place and released me from the bed. Mistress X clipped the leash to my collar and led me back to the cage for the night. She locked me in and said, “I want you to think about something babbette. You’re going to spend the night locked in a cage but I am going to spend the night in bed with Master Roger. We are going to fuck and in the morning, you are going to clean my dirty pussy!”

With that, she switched off the lights and left me to my thoughts...

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