I love to have couples session with you and your wife / Girl  friend. I just had a hot and wild couples spanking session.  i came over to an upscale hotel room in London  and bouth of you have to submit to me and worship me. 
I put the  wife over my knees and her dress was up so i could spank her ass. Than i told her husband to ripp her lingerie  and than i put my finger in her and at the same time i  spank ed her with my other hand. Than i ordered her that she has to give her husband  a  bj  - deap and sloopy … her ass was getting red and it looked so hot. I could feel that she was so wet ... and ready to cum with my finger in her ... than i will use both of you as my sex slave and you both have to please me in any way .. She had to lick me and than i put my strap on and i fucked her.. at the same time i told him he had to please me with his finger on my clit... and than he had to fuck me at the same time i fucked her hard with my strap on . She was on her kneess and at the same time i spanked her more and more.. she came so hard over and over... it was such a fun spanking session... 
What will turn you on with a couples session ( your wife / girl friend)
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