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Monday 3rd December

Beep beep. Beep beep.

The alarm sounded. It was Monday the 3rd of December 4.30am. Kent had just awoken to the sound of his alarm going off. It was time to get up and start the day.

Kent had just moved from his old town into a new luxury 2 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city. He had just taken a promotion and a hefty pay rise. Now earning six figures. In terms of his career he was living the dream, he had been the top regional Salesman at his old office for 5 years. Now taking the next step in his career. He was moving into a management position at a failing branch which he knew he could turn around, he was the fucking man and he could do anything.

Kent awoke with a mixed feeling of excitement and nerves as it was his first time taking the reins and leading a team, but he is a natural leader and was made for this type of role. He naturally took control of situations and was a real example, leading from the front.

His day would begin exactly the same as any other in his old town. A healthy fruit smoothie made by himself and a half hour run to get his blood pumping ready for the challenges that lay ahead for the day. He had scooped out a pretty good route the night before so he grabbed his iPod, changed into his running gear put on some tunes and went off on his run. Clearing his mind of any nerves.

He got back after around 30 minutes of running at just gone 5.15am. His heart racing and mind buzzing from the endorphins racing through his body. Sweat dripping from his brow as he had made those hills his bitch towards the end of his run. His quads were aching but he loved that feeling.

When Kent got to his bedroom he peeled off his hoody and t-shirt off and glanced in the mirror admiring his smooth chest drenched in sweat, but cold from the winter morning. With sweat tricking down from his chest to his tight abs and 6 pack. He tensed and admired his slim but toned physique in the mirror.

Kent liked to keep in shape and maintain a healthy life style so he could be on top of his game and always tried to look his best whatever he was doing. He has thin blondish brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a chiselled jaw line which is covered in short stubble. He is not your typical Ken doll. He is handsome, slim and confident of himself but in no way cocky.

Next he pulled his grey jogging bottoms down and stepped out of them and sat on the edge of his Queen sized double bed. He began to massage his quads that were sore from the run but feeling pumped at the same time. Slowly needing the knots and releasing the tension. He felt ready to take on the day and whatever it would throw at him.

He stood up from the bed and made his way to the en-suite bathroom and brushed his teeth and washed the sweat from his face. Running the shower to get it to a comfortable warm temperature. He removed his tight boxers allowing his cock to flop down out of them. His balls and cock dangling between his legs he stepped into the shower and began wash himself.

After getting out of the shower Kent dried himself and began to decide on what to wear for the first day in his new office.

First of all he chose his usual style of boxer briefs. Tight, white and classic. They allowed his manhood to bulge inside them. Kent is about 8 inches in length when hard and pretty thick. There is always a bulge when he puts his tight boxers on. He went to his sock draw and grabbed a thin black pair of socks and sat on the edge of his bed and put them on.

Next he walked to his wardrobe full of shirts and suits and carefully selected his favourite crisp white slim fit shirt. It was perfectly ironed and he slid it on over his chest and arms and buttoned it up. Showing off his gym fit body.

Next he chose his favourite navy blue suit jacket and trouser combo and changed into them. He felt proud and empowered that he was moving forward in life when he looked in the full length mirror.

He walked over to his chest of draws and selected a professional classic watch and placed it on his wrist and fastened the strap before buttoning up the buttons on his shirt cuffs. Finally Kent selected a dark blue tie that complemented the rest of his suit and began to fix his hair and spray himself with one of his many aftershaves.

He was almost ready to leave, all that was left now was to grab his black leather shoes from the front door with his coat and leave. Not forgetting to pick up his wallet and keys from the bowl at the front door on the way out bang on time at 6am.

The train station is about a 15 minute walk from Kent’s apartment so he left with ample time in order to make sure he didn’t miss his train and also had time to grab a season ticket, coffee and a light snack to keep him fuelled before he met his new team at the office for breakfast.

He made it to the station at just gone 6.15am to be greeted by a long line of people at the ticket office. They were all waiting to get their tickets which he patiently waited in line for. Next he popped over to the hut on the platform to grab a vanilla latte and a croissant as he was pretty hungry by now and took his place on the train platform for his train into the city.

After about 5 minutes of standing on the platform in the freezing cold and finishing off his croissant he began to sip his coffee and think about how he was going to start to turn this office around and make it one of the top offices in the firm. He pondered and came up with a few ideas. After about 5 minutes his train of thought was interrupted by a familiar sound.

Clop, clip, clop, clip. It was the sound of a woman walking in heels.

Kent smirked and his mind immediately switched from work mode to something else. A deeper darker side to Kent that was his true weakness, the female body and his need to dominate it.

As he heard the footsteps get louder and closer, he began to think dark sexual thoughts. Remembering some of the encounters he had before he moved.

Kent loved nothing more than dominating a confident strong woman, dressed to kill. He loved to break them and have them at his mercy. He began imagining who was wearing the heels. What type of person they were and what he would like to do to them. He could smell her perfume. It smelt fresh and sweet.

Playing it cool he didn’t turn around to see who it was. Instead he waited for the woman in heels to stand next to him on the platform and then he would get a cheeky glance. He glanced to his left to see a strong confident woman in her late 30’s to early 40’s. She had a long black hair and was wearing a long black suede coat. He could see her tight grey pencil skirt hanging out from the bottom of it. As it was cold she was also wearing black nylons that complimented her heels and skirt. He could tell from her profile she had a great figure and an amazing ass. Leaving it up to his imagination what was underneath the pencil skirt and nylons. This would be Kent’s perfect match. Being 32 he had a thing for slightly older women and they loved him to!

He glared at her from the heel up. His eyes tracing up the step of the heel, to the buckle and from there to her black nylons. Then up to her hair which draped down just below her lower back. He imagined taking her from behind and grabbing a fist full of her hair as he thrusted his cock in and out of her. Until her lips tightened around his shaft and he would explode inside her. Filling her pussy with his seed.

He wanted her.

Ring, ring.

Her mobile rang. He listened carefully to her conversation and it was her boyfriend. She was bragging about how she cut up a young lady in the car park and took the last parking space. He wanted her even more knowing that she had such an attitude. He loved to adjust that type of attitude with all manner of tools. As much as he loved to fuck and dominate this type of woman though, he wasn’t a home wrecker so he would just have to play this one out in his head. Store her image in his wank bank and let her get on with her day.

The next train at platform one is the 06.43 train to London Liverpool Street; calling at blah, blah, blah.

It was Kent’s train. He checked his watch and it was dead on time. The train pulled in and he allowed the woman to get on before him, she didn’t even say thank you, just rushed on to find a seat on the packed train.

Manners must be non-existent here Kent thought to himself as he made his way down the train to find a seat. He found a seat towards the back of the cart not too far from the door and made himself comfortable. Removing his coat and placing it on his lap.

The doors slammed shut and an announcement sounded off over the tannoy. He was on his way to his first day of work.

Bang, bang, bang on the train door he heard.

The banging startled Kent and he looked up to see a cute blonde. She stood about 5ft 5 with glasses. Kent guessed she was about 24 years old. She was conservatively dressed but and had an innocent look about her. She frantically pressed the button trying to get the doors to open, with a look of both anger and frustration on her face. But it was too late, she had missed the train.

Maybe it was the girl who the woman in heels cut up and stole the last parking space from making her late. He began to feel a bit sorry for her. It wasn’t fair but in Kent’s world life isn’t fair and he began to focus on his work plan again.

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Foot Worship

Tuesday 4th December

Beep beep. Beep beep.

5.00am. Jenifer stirred in bed, still tired from the night before. Last night was spent working hard on a report for her boss that had to be on his desk first thing.

He was a bit of a stickler and had a very low tolerance for errors, so she had to work late into the night to complete the report and keep him happy. Reluctant to wake up though, she snoozed for another 10 minutes but she knew she had to get up sooner rather than later.

She couldn’t miss the train again and be late for work two days in a row. Her boss would kill her. If it hadn’t of been for that selfish bitch yesterday morning with the high heels, pencil skirt and long black hair cutting her up in the station car park and nicking her space she would have made the train on time. Instead she had to go back out of the car park and use the street next to the station to park.

The alarm sounded again after 10 minutes of snoozing. She sat up in bed and stretched her arms high above her head and held them there for a few seconds. With an almighty yawn she awoke. It was cold. So cold her nipples were standing to attention underneath her white cotton strap top. She didn’t want to leave the warmth of her bed but knew she had to.

Another day another dollar she thought to herself, whilst rubbing her eyes. She reached over to the bedside table and grabbed her glasses. That’s better. I can see now she thought. She pulled the duvet off her body and picked up her dressing gown from the floor and made her way to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast.

Porridge with chopped banana was on the menu today as it would give her energy and also warm her up a bit. She filled a glass with some fresh orange juice from the fridge and sat at the breakfast bar in her small studio flat eating her breakfast. Whilst eating her breakfast she opened her laptop to give the report one final check. After checking the report and emailing it to her work email she headed to the shower to get ready for work.

She walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror and let out a slight sigh. Long were the days of last year when she was at university enjoying her life. She had now officially joined the rat race and wasn’t a fan. The money and experience was good though. I guess that softened the blow a bit for her.

She washed brushed her teeth before turning on the shower to warm it up. The flat had a rudimentary water boiler system so it took a few minutes to reach a comfortable temperature.

In those few minutes she dropped her dressing gown to the floor and lifted her top over her head. Uncovering her perfectly formed and pert b-cup breasts. They sat perfectly with no bra. Her nipples had calmed down and softened by now as she had warmed up a bit. She took a second to admire her breasts and stomach in the mirror as she was proud of how she looked. Tracing her hand over her stomach.

Then she slipped off her cute pink cotton short shorts and stepped out of them. Her pretty pink pussy lips neatly tucked and small pubic patch above them exposed. She turned and had a cheeky look at her bubble butt in the mirror before stepping into the now steaming hot shower. Those squats in the gym have been paying off she thought to herself. She washed herself paying close attention to not get her hair wet as she didn’t have time to wash it this morning.

After her shower she stood in bathroom and carefully dried her body before leaving the bathroom and heading to her room to get changed.

Jenifer dressed in a conservative and professional manner for work. She worked as a Junior PA at a top law firm. But, also liked to feel sexy and comfortable.

With a towel wrapped around her she made her way to her underwear draw. The draw was crammed full with all kinds of coloured panties and different styles. Some lacy, some skimpy and some frilly. You could say she was a collector as nothing made her feel as sexy as wearing classy and cute underwear.

With her draw wide open she carefully selected a nice black lace pair of french nickers and a nice bra too match and proceeded to put them on. She then selected a pair of black nylon tights from the draw below and sat at the edge of her bed whilst she slid them on.

Next she went to her wardrobe and chose a white long sleeved top and a grey roll neck knitted jumper to keep her warm. Then she rifled through her skirts that were in the bottom draw of the wardrobe and chose a black one. It was knee length but frilly and flared at the bottom. She looked in the mirror, twirled and smiled before taking a seat at her desk to fix her make up.

Jenifer subtly applied her make up as she always did and put her hair up in a pony tail before putting her glasses back on. She wasn’t a trashy girl covered in makeup, she had natural beauty and knew how to apply her makeup delicately. Finally she sprayed herself with a few squirts of her favourite perfume to finish getting ready.

It was 6am, just in time to leave and head to the train station which was about a 15 minute drive from her flat. She grabbed her coat from the hook in the hallway and her bag and slammed the door shut behind her. A whole 20 minutes earlier than the day before.

I’ll beat that bitch today she thought and giggled to herself. It’s the little things in life she thought.

She drove to the station and parked her car in her usual space. Haha she said to herself quietly. Don’t see you cutting me up today! A small victory she thought.

Next she went to the platform to wait for her train. Checking the board she was pleased to see no delays and she had time to spare. She waited patiently on the platform in her own little world.

The next train at platform one is the 06.43 train to London Liverpool Street. The tannoy announced. Calling at blah blah blah. The train was coming and Jenifer would be on time for work. She was happy.

The train pulled in at the platform, Jenifer was first in line to get on and made her way through the busy carriage to find a seat. She wasn’t a fan of the commute as she was a little shy and didn’t like random people sitting next to her, which most days couldn’t be avoided. She took her seat midway through the carriage and by the window and the train pulled away.

About 5 minutes into the journey she felt a presence. Something she hadn’t felt before in her life. She was for some reason overwhelmed with a feeling of nerves and anxiety for no reason. Today feels different she thought. But couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

She looked around the carriage for answers. One thing she did noticed a few rows in front of her and on the other side of the carriage was a sharply dressed older man. A man she hadn’t noticed before.

Usually the morning commute was filled with the same old boring faces. Jenifer paid close attention to detail and very rarely was there different people in the carriage. Today was different though she had never seen this man before. She blushed and bit her bottom lip as she checked him out.

He’s dreamy she thought to herself. His perfect hair, short stubbled beard really complemented his chiselled jaw line and soft lips. He looked gentle but like he could handle himself. His suit was of high quality and he really knew how to dress and clearly looked after himself. This is a real man she thought.

Her loins began to warm and she felt a little wet. A feeling she hadn’t felt for a while. She imagined him holding her, running his fingers through her hair and down her neck. Planting his soft lips on her neck, making her feel safe and comfortable. It was too much, she felt her nipples harden through her bra and her panties getting wetter. Her pussy twitching slightly. Thank god I wore this big grey jumper today she thought. Everyone would be able to see I’m smuggling peanuts if I didn’t!

Stop it Jen she thought to herself. Why would he be interested in you!? Jenifer wasn’t confident when it came to men. She wished she was but she often clammed up and didn’t know what to say.

She blushed again. Letting out a nervous giggle under her breath. His presence was too much, even though he was sitting a few rows in front of her and on the other side of the carriage. He was making her wet and he didn’t even know she existed!

She couldn’t help herself. Gazing at him the entire train journey. She would look in his general direction but was too nervous to catch his eye and looked away when he looked in her direction. She pretended to look out of the window but was checking him out in the reflection of the window. She was enticed, her pussy wetter now with anticipation and her nipples as hard as they were in the cold this morning.

Before she knew it the train tannoy bellowed; We will shortly be arriving a Liverpool Street. Please ensure that you take all of your personal belongings with you when you leave the train.

Wow that journey went quick she thought. She sat in her seat and waited for everyone around her to gather there things and leave. She pretended to look for something in her bag. Delaying herself to let the sharply dressed man get off before her so she could see which direction he took when he got off the train.

He exited the train but before Jenifer could get a view of him again he had disappeared into the busy crowd. A little disappointed she sighed and headed to work with a smile on her face and moist panties. She didn’t mind though. After yesterday she thought this was the world showing her it’s not all

Jenifer hoped that she would see the sharply dressed man again tomorrow, but for now she had to concentrate on her first meeting of the day.

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Foot Worship

The Girl on The Train

Chapter 3 - Lust

Wednesday 5th December

Kent’s day began the same as any other. Up at 4.30am. Half an hour run, shower and get ready for work. He had just been given his work laptop and phone, so he ensured he had them both packed in his bag and left for work as usual.

Jenifer’s morning however would have a completely new meaning. She was still smiling when she got home from work the night before about the hot stranger she had seen on the train that morning.

Her alarm went off as usual. 5am it rang out. This morning was different though. She awoke with a big grin on her face and actually for the first time in a long time wanted to get out of bed. It was cold again, perhaps colder than the morning before. Her nipples were striking through her black strap top again. Harder and firmer than yesterday, her breasts felt swollen. Her pussy slightly wet. She was horny. The second she woke up she was thinking of the guy from the train the day before.

She resisted the temptation to massage her swelling clit and make herself cum. She didn’t have time. She needed to make an extra effort today to try and get the mans attention.

Picking up her dressing gown from the floor she made her way to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast and get a drink before heading to the shower. She showered and brushed her teeth before drying herself and heading back to her room to get changed. She washed her hair today as she had the extra time.

With her body dry but her short, blonde shoulder length hair still wet she bounced over to her underwear draw with a spring in her step and a cheeky grimace on her face. She felt good about herself today.

She opened the draw and thought. Hmmm which panties should I wear today..? She picked a bright pink laced thong. The waist band had a cute floral pattern. Jenifer was pleased with her selection. She sat at the edge of her bed and slid the thong over her ankles. She slowly pulled it up over her thighs and over her neatly presented landing strip. Snapping the elastic of the thong on her hips she giggled.

Jenifer took a moment to stand in front of her mirror and admire her cute bright pink thong. Perfect she thought as she twirled and checked out her ass in the mirror. The pink strap of the thong gradually disappearing into her ass. Leaning forward slightly and spreading her legs so she could see the gusset of her thong running between her legs. The lace felt so good against her smooth, young tight pussy lips.

She felt so comfortable and sexy. Next she chose a matching pink bra because she always liked to be co-ordinated and slid it on over her pert breasts. Taking another look in the mirror she smiled.

Before Jenifer went to her wardrobe she plugged her hair straighteners in to warm them up.

At the wardrobe she chose a nice new pair of trousers she had treated herself to for work. They were light grey with a black and white checkered pattern on them and they really showed off her curvy bubble butt and cut off just above the ankle. Making them perfect for her cute white lace socks she would put on. They were pretty tight and showed her panty line, but that was the point. She knew it and wanted him to notice the outline of her pretty pink lace thong she was wearing underneath.

Now for her top. She chose a black cotton long sleeved t-shirt which again was quite tight and showed off her pert breasts. Jenifer is slim anyway and this just helped show off her figure. As it was cold she also thought it would be wise to put on a nice light grey cardigan to complete her look. Taking a few more minutes to check her look in the mirror to ensure she looked good. Slowly turning to give her a full view.

You look amazing she said to herself.

Now for her makeup. As always she applied it subtly only today she would apply a shiny pink lip gloss to her lips. Making them stand out accentuating them. As she applied the gloss she rolled her lips and pouted, ensuring they were completely covered. Then she put her glasses on, which had black frames and enhanced her cuteness. Making her look intelligent at the same time.

Her hair was still a little wet as she patted it dry with the towel. Making a grab for the hairdryer she proceeded to dry her hair and and then straighten it, before applying a light dusting of hairspray and combing back the fringe tight to her head finally putting it into a tidy neat pony tail. This made her look cute and innocent and finished her look.

Finally she squirted a few squirts of a sweet fresh smelling perfume and gave herself one final check in the mirror before getting her short coat that hung just above her ass, really showing off the curves of her tight bubble butt. One of her favourite features. It was time to leave. She slipped her flats on, grabbed her car keys and headed out the door to her car.

She arrived at the train station at just gone 6am. Plenty of spaces today. She was a whole 40 mins early for the train so she parked her car and took her place on the platform. Positioning herself to the left of the coffee shop on the platform just in front of the yellow line and patiently waited for the stranger to arrive. She had noticed he had a coffee the day before so hoped he was a creature of habit and would visit the coffee shop.

6.20am. Kent arrived at the station. He had ample time to grab his vanilla latte and a light snack. He made his way over to the coffee shop and grabbed his usual. Jenifer heard his voice for the first time. His voice was deep and sexy and not too gruff and husky. He sounded like fun as he joked with the lady behind the stand and he made her laugh.

Kent spun around and could smell a sweet fresh scent in the air to the left of him. It was strong enough to over power the smell of his vanilla latte but not so strong it was overpowering. He followed his nose to the left and noticed a short young blonde about 5ft 5 with a shoulder length pony tail to the left of the coffee shop standing alone on the platform.

Kent took a minute to look her over. He started at the top. Her hair in a pony tail pushed back. Reminding him of the innocence of a younger girl. Not Kent’s usual type as he preferred his women a little older than him.

Next he traced his eyes down her back and to Jenifer’s firm and curvy bubble butt. It was a delightful sight, his eyes transfixed on the cheeks and how the crack was separated by them, you could wedge a pen in there and it would stick! He stepped a few steps closer to get a better look. As he got closer he noticed her panty line.

A thong. That’s playful. He thought to himself as he sipped his coffee. His eyes then tracing down the back of her legs and noticing the white lace socks. Kent was turned on, his cock began to twitch a little. She looks so cute and innocent. I’d love to break her he thought, a grimace upon his face.

Why have I never been this attracted to younger women before? He questioned himself. Her perfectly formed ass. Her short pony tail perfect for grabbing. Those cute lace socks and that thong! He was totally lusting after her and began to imagine the colour of the thong. How she presented her pussy. What her ass hole looked like. How he would bend her over and slide his cock between her tight young pussy lips, spreading them as they tightened around his shaft.

Keep it cool, he thought. Don’t want to get a boner in these trousers. Everyone would see! He stepped in closer to smell the perfume once more. He was just 6 feet from Jenifer.

Jenifer could feel his presence behind her and hear him breathing deeply. As if he was excited and trying to control his breathing. Her plan had worked. He had noticed her. Jenifer’s pussy began to twitch with excitement and anticipation. She imagined laying him down and climbing on top of him, lowering her self onto his shaft and riding him hard. Keeping eye contact with him. She imagined his cock was long and wide and would stretch her pussy like never before. Ill definitely give my pussy the attention it deserves tonight when I get home from work this evening she thought.

Ooops. She said, dropping her ticket on the platform on purpose. Squatting down to pick it up and slowly rising back up. Jenifer knew that if Kent was watching her he would get a great view of her tight ass she worked so hard on in the gym. She smiled as she could feel his eyes on her ass but she resisted the temptation to turn around and look at him.

The next train at platform 1 is the 06.43 service to Liverpool Street. Calling at blah, blah, blah. The tannoy announced. The train was on its way.

Jenifer immediately boarded the train as it pulled in. Playing it cool she did not look around at Kent once. Feeling triumphant she made her way to an empty seat and sat down and crossed her legs. A big grin spread across her face. Her plan had worked, she was sure he had noticed her. She got her phone out and started to browse her social media accounts to see what her friends had been up to.

Kent allowed everyone around him to board the train as he went over to the bin to throw his coffee cup away and boarded the train just as the doors were shutting.

The train was pretty busy as usual. He looked down the carriage and noticed Jenifer sitting with her back to him and an empty seat directly opposite her. Everyone had taken their seat on the train except him, so he made his way over to the empty seat opposite Jenifer and sat down.

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Foot Worship

Chapter 4 - First Contact

Wednesday 5th December

Kent made his way to the vacant seat directly opposite Jenifer. He had already admired her from behind. Now it was time to see if the front was as fine as the back.

Jenifer’s head was down and in her phone, looking through her social media pages. She didn’t notice Kent making his way to the seat opposite her.

He sat down opposite Jenifer and began to check her out from her shoes up. Admiring her white laced socks. All he could think is of how innocent they made her look and how much he wanted to break that innocence. Her legs were slim and he imagined how smooth they looked underneath.

I bet she doesn’t have a hair on her body he thought to himself. He was lusting for the young girl opposite him, biting his bottom lip as he thought of all the things he would do to her. He imagined her tied down, blindfolded and gagged in just her thong and lace socks. On all fours, her head down, back arched and pussy and ass cheeks spread. Her tight ass hole winking at her.

Kent wasn’t disappointed at how Jenifer looked either. She was cute. Her glasses made her look intelligent and really brought out her bright blue eyes. He noticed her pink plump glossy lips as she breathed slowly through her mouth, blowing as she exhaled.

He pictured her on her knees, her hands tied behind her back, mouth wide open, tongue hanging out waiting for him to slide his thick hard cock into it. Forcing it in her throat making her eyes widen and gag. Her mouth his to use. His cock twitching at the thought, he didn’t notice the semi which showed as is trousers were pretty tight.

Jenifer looked up to see who had sat opposite her.

Startled she let out a little yelp, quietly enough so only Kent could hear her.

Don’t worry I don’t bite. Unless you want me to. He joked with a cheeky grin on his face.

Jenifer’s heart began to beat faster, her chest tightened. Oh shit she thought. That went a little to well! He’s only sitting opposite me and now trying to talk to me. Be cool she thought.

She took a moment to check him out. Today he was wearing a grey suit with a crisp white shirt and black tie. He smelt amazing and his hair was neatly cropped at the front. His lips were soft and his beard neatly trimmed and stubbly. Her eyes wandered down to his crotch, she could see his semi and her eyes widened.

Wow that looks pretty big she thought. Certainly bigger than she had had before.

She couldn’t believe it. She imagined him kissing her neck. Flicking his tongue on it, sending shivers down her spine. Her pussy twitching at the thought of him running his hand along her leg and inner thigh. Sliding his fingers down the front of her trousers and into her panties. Touching her pussy lips and massaging her clit. Her putting her hands down the front of his trousers and teasing his cock, gripping the shaft, pulling it up and down. She was wet with anticipation, her nipples began to harden through her bra.

Oh shit she thought. Keep it calm. Don’t get over excited.

She looked up and into his eyes and said, please don’t bite.

She giggled like a school girl, breaking eye contact with embarrassment at what came out. She looked down.

Wait a minute he said. I recognise you.

Umm... Where from? Jenifer had a puzzled look on her face, knowing full well they had never met. Surely she would remember him?

Aren’t you the girl who just missed the train on Monday?

Y...Yes Jenifer replied.

Oh my god she thought, this isn’t the first time he had seen me!?

I heard some woman on the train bragging about how she cut a young girl up and nipped into the last space. Kent explained. Was that you?

Yes. Jenifer replied. She was so rude! I couldn’t believe it. Remembering that morning she looked frustrated and a bit annoyed. Not with Kent but with the woman who had cut her up.

I know right said Kent. Did you get a telling off from your boss for being late?

A little. I lied and said the train was late so he as ok with it, Jenifer explained. I don’t like lying but I also don’t like being told off for something that is out of my control. I aspire to be a good girl. She giggled again. He can be a bit much sometimes, a perfectionist, so his mood is hard to gauge. But I think I got away with it.

All of a sudden she felt a little easier. Kent was really easy to talk to and made her feel comfortable. He was so warm and friendly.

Is your boss a stickler? Jenifer asked smiling at Kent.

I am the boss. He said proudly and began to explain his career and how he ended up in this part of the world. How he had left everything behind to progress his career.

Jenifer listened to his story intensely and was impressed that he was so career driven and felt a bit sorry for him as he had left his friends and family behind to pursue his career, but they were not far from him so she felt a sense of comfort in that.

He’s perfect she thought. He looks amazing, has a great career and a great personality. I bet he’s amazing in the sack to she thought. She wanted his big thick cock inside her, spreading her tight young pussy.

Jenifer wasn’t overly experienced in the bedroom as she was shy in that department, but she loved to fantasise. Often having to settle for making herself cum. She wasn’t a slut, she was quite conserved when it came to sex but wanted to explore with someone she felt comfortable with.

How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Jenifer asked.

I’m 32 Kent replied.

Wow, I thought you were mid 20’s she replied. You hide it well.

Thank you, said Kent. So tell me about yourself he asked.

She began to explain her not so glamorous career and her graduation from university last year. How she was at university along way from here and most of her friends were from up north. She had a few local fiends but didn’t see much of them.

So that would make you around 23? Kent asked with a look of intent on his face.

Yes she replied. Spot on.

She couldn’t believe how comfortable she felt already. It was like she already knew him, as if they were old friends just catching up.

The train will shortly be arriving at Liverpool Street. Please ensure you take all your belongings with you when leaving the train.

The announcement rang out over the tannoy.

Wow, here already. Jenifer said shocked.

Well you know what they say. Time flys when you’re having a good time. Kent said smiling.

They both got up at the same time to leave. Kent let Jenifer go first for two reasons. One to make him look like a gentleman and the other so he could get another look at her pert bubble butt as she walked down the carriage to exit the train. Her panty line still visible and her cheeks wobbling slightly. She had a great walk and the ass to match it. He wanted to bury his face in her young ass and peel her thong off.

As they got of the train together they both stood on the platform. Oh, I didn’t tell you my name. Kent grabbed a business card from his inner jacket pocket and handed it to Jenifer.

She read his name allowed. Kent Matthews.

Well Kent Matthews, I’m Jenifer Sanders. It was lovely to meet you.

Likewise said Kent. Maybe see you tomorrow?

I’m not working tomorrow. I have a days annual leave but I’ll be at the station Friday morning provided no bitches cut me up she said jokingly.

Ok see you then. Kent said with a smile on his face. I’ve got a meeting now but I’ll look forward to Friday.

Me too said Jenifer.

Jenifer watched Kent walk away to work.

Clutching his business card she immediately put his number into her career phone and went off to work with the biggest smile on her face and soaked panties. She was so wet from the thoughts she had on the train whilst talking to Kent.

Kent left for his meeting and hoped that Jenifer would text him that day.


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