Foot Worship

This is entirely fiction, but is a story that hopefully vividly captures one of my fantasies, that being, having a confident woman keeping me in line and using my likes and dislikes, both to my pleasure and exploiting me with them too, but in a pleasant way.

I heard a knock on the door, and stood to make sure it was unlocked. It was so I quickly layed back down, seconds later, the door opened, and she walked in, immediately kicking off a flipflop to the side of me. "what have we here!" she said in a tone like she was talking to a small child or animal, and she neiled down in front of me, saying it was so cute how I was laying down waiting for her. I started to lift my arm to move the flipflop into the closet, and she very firmly grabbed my wrist, her gentle childlike tone turning into an angry hiss. "did I tell you at any point you could move?" I told her she hadn't, and started to say more, then she yelled silence, and her tone got more gentle. She said she'd let this go and told me if I stepped out of line again, the first things she was going to take away for the evening were going to be her feet and ass. Not even aware of what was going to involve her ass, I said I was sorry and that I'd give her my best. she stroked my hair, and giggled, then said that for the night, I was to call her princess, and keep my voice as submissive as it sounds now unless ordered otherwise. I said, yes miss page, and she said, "very good, and that I just earned my first two rewards, first for the appology, second for the immediate submission. The first reward was that I could have a whiff and kiss of her feet, the second was that she was going to mark me in her own special way and I could explore every inch of her body while she did it. She undressed, and layed down beside me for the, "marking," as she called it. I felt something wet being rubbed onto my face. She was very gentle, with her two fingers, and I recognized the smell immediately. as if reading my mind, she said, "I have to do something to establish my dominance, can't think of a better way than to immerse you in me." she spread of her juices over my lips, and told me to feel free to sample them with my tongue. She spread some of her cum on my torso, then on my legs, then she went down to my feet, and began to fuck them. once she had cum, then she scrambled up to my head, and took some of my hair into her mouth, and began sucking for a moment, then took it out. "I think every inch of you now has some of me on it. Now, I get to have some of you." she wrapped her mouth around my neck, and bit it lightly. I cried out in pain, but the pain was not so bad that it slowed me down at all. then in a gentle tone she said, "oh don't fuss, I'll clean your neck, I'm just going to have a little drink first." and she began sucking where she had bitten, saying that she's had better blood but it'll do. then I felt a sting and smelled a faint scent of disinfectant, then felt a bandage being applied. I'll have my fill on the other side later. Now, to secure you, and make sure my little pet stays right where I want him." I felt something soft and lacy, being tied roughly around my arms, then with great speed, my legs, then she lifted my head, and a musty scent greeted me as I felt something very warm and lacy being tied around my neck. I asked what she was using? she said articles of her clothing. then she said, "the underward around your neck are what I've been wearing all day today." they were warm and I wanted to feel with my hands if they were as damp as they felt around my neck. I don't know what else the contraption was made of, but for some reason, when I'd try to lift my head, I'd hear a soft clattering sound. she said, "oh and if I hear that sound again, or sense in any way that you're struggling to get out of this, you'll be whipped." I went still immediately. and she started laughing. "You fucking love this don't you?" she started saying, "you're so obcessed with me, you're in heaven aren't you? So much of me, holding you at bay, all over you. my friends have to see this." then she started calling people and telling them how she has a man to controll for the night, and how she is fairly certain she's going to get everything she wants. Then she started giggling in her most femanine way and telling them how obcessed I was with her, telling them that just for a whiff, or a touch, or a gentle word, she can get every need she has met, and that she might kidnap and keep me. When she got off the phone though she told me that latter thing was only a thought and not to count on it but to ame for it, she said very few people in her life would be worthy of something like that from her, but said it's still possible and that I could score extra points for making it as obvious as I can that that's something I want, by being persistant even when she gets mad about it, so she can enjoy administering a punishment somewhere. said if I was too cooperative I'd just look pathetic to her and she might decide not to give me the time of day after tonight. The thought kind of made a tear form in my eye, and she caught it and started laughing. "you want me so bad! I almost feel bad for you. all right, I'll continue on with the mayhem." she stepped very firmly onto my leg, then jumped on it hard a few times, before strattling my face. "hell yeah!" she had screamed, and she started fucking my face. she said when she's particularly evil feeling she sometimes imagines suffocating a guy this way, and asked if I'd like my last breath to be her scent, then told me to answer carefully. I sensed that this was a test question, so beneath her I mouthed, "yes miss page, that would be heaven." she understood me and laughed, the laugh making me harder. "wow, you really are sick. that works out well for me though." She came and automatically my tongue flicked out to get as much as possible. she moaned in pleasure, moaning over and over. then she extrecated herself. "I almost want to reward you for that, but I don't want to spoil you too much yet. Don't want you getting soft on me, besides, you just got a whole bunch of cum to enjoy, I think that's more than reward enough for now. On your feet." she commanded. I was so hard and throbbing. I whispered that my cock was throbbing, and she said in a mocking tone, "aww, is it, am I not giving it enough attention?" then reminded me gently to be careful with my answer. I said I wouldn't mind some. She laughed, and said, "and that was the wrong answer, or maybe it wasn't. I don't know how much of a masakist you are, but you're probably going to wish you hadn't said that." She stepped hard on my cock, first putting maximum pressure on the ball of her foot, then the heal, and laughing almost evilly as she did, causing me a mixed feeling of great pain and extacy from the sound. then she stepped off. "don't ever ask for more attention than I'm giving you. Now back on your feet pet." I got up on my feet, and she pulled me forcefully to my bathroom. I asked what we were here for, and she said she needed to go to the bathroom. She instructed me to put my feet in the bath tub. she climbed in, and I felt warm liquid puddling up on my ankle and the side of my foot. she had called one of her friends again and said, "I'm humiliating the hell out of him, and he's still hard. I've always wanted my own stocker and admiror." then she said she litterally had me eating out of the palm of her hand, then offered me some of her cum, telling me to lick it off of her fingers, and laughing at me the whole time I did.
She handed me a shirt when she was done, saying she didn't want anyone seeing my stretchmarks, and said she made several of these, and they all say, "propperty of princess page." she told me she wanted to meet my neighbours, and wanted to do her laundry, or rather, have me do it. I walked quietly behind her while she told anyone that would listen that she was testing me out to decide if she wanted to keep me, and said she'd always wanted a pet man.
Once we were in the laundry room, she started handing me items, but told me if she caught me pocketting anything, a sock, a shirt with her scent, etc, she wouldn't warn me, I'd find out I'd been caught when she promises me something she knows I want, then doesn't make good on it." so I didn't pocket a thing. She said in a soft voice that she was a little disappointed that I did so well because she was looking forward to really tormenting me, but said she probably should just be nice to me for a bit. let me recooperate." She asked me if I possibly wantedd to cuddle and have some conventional affection. I asked if I was allowed to want it, and she kissed my cheek and said, "Im giving it to you silly, take it." I smiled enthusiastically, and when we entered the room. she broke character and guided me to my bed, gently lying me on it, then with strength that surprised me for her size, lifted me onto her chest, and wrapped her arms around me. "so honey, are you ok? is this helping at all?" I said it was. and said I was really enjoying being immersed in her but said apart from pain, she hasn't tested any other limits. she laughed softly, "let's not go there yet. we're cuddling now, bring that up and I might start feeling sadistic again prematurely. She let out a soft growl, and continued in a laboured voice, "ok, self controll page, self controll. let's not mall him." I kissed her, and she kissed me gently back, stroking my hair. Then she said she had something for me and told me to hold out my hand. She Handed me something long, thin, and very soft. "it's a lock of my hair, put it somewhere safe, I want you to have it as something I can reward you with the comfort of when I'm not home. I put it under my pillow, and she let out a soft groan, then in a voice that sounded really touched, she said, "you really want a part of me to keep don't you?" and I said, at this point, kind of, yes. she kissed me and giggled, a very different laugh this time, a very warm, laugh. "there's more where that came from honey, and in all seriousness, look what you did." she took my hand and guided it to her face, which was wet with tears. "I know we're roll playing, but I could really get used to this, I like to controll things, but I also like to feel loved, and I never get that anymore." I appologised for making her cry, and she told me to consider that an accomplishment, it takes a lot for a man to do that to her. I asked her if she's ever relinquished controll, got clingy ant wanted to be owned by her boyfriend. she said, almost sounding embarrased that she can sense that I'm looking for her softer side and assured me that as embarrasing as it is for her, I'll be rewarded with some vulnerability from her at some point tonight because I'm bringing it out, and making the domination hard for her. she said she's loving the challenge though. Then almost instantly, she made an annoyed growl, and in a much firmer voice said, "back to business. and by the way, you're about to be brutally fucked. Fuck you, opening me up like that." she grabbed my erection firmly, then tisked tisked and said it wasn't hard on it. In an almost disgusted tone she said, "do I have to rub my ass or my fucking foot against it or something, do you really need me to be more fucking dirty just to get this damn thing up?" she sighed exasporatedly, and stood, turning around, and rubbing her ass against it. she said something under her breath about feeling like a common stripper. Then she told me I was lucky she valued my feelings somewhat and was feeling selfconscious, and said I was about to be unjustly rewarded with a bit of a footjob. She gently, wrapped both feet around it and began to move them slowly. She gave a relieved sigh. "that's better isn't it? when you own me, I'll do this all the time." then she giggled. "ha ha he siles, do you really think you'll ever own me? not a chance." and then started laughing really hard, almost maniacally. "god you're funny, really, as if, me, submit to you." then she removed her feet, and said fuck you. "I'm having my way now, too bad if you're not hard enough, I'll whip you if it falls out." then she grabbed it, and stuffed it inside her. the warmth was very welcoming though, and I knew I was in no danger of going soft.
She began to move slowly and consistently, moaning and saying things like, "oh it's so big. I love when I can really feel it." I ran my finger nails down her back, and she gently slapped my face. "slow down tiger, save some cum, I don't want to drain you too dry before it's dark." but it was too late, I was cumming, and she screamed and began to twitch, having an orgasm herself. "I think this was my favourite part of the night." she said, "little addendom, unless you really really piss me off, no matter what happens, I will at least always grant you a fuck." I said "I thought you said no matter what happens, you'll always finish what you start. in a slightly menacing tone she said, "are you actually trying to assert yourself and hold me to something? Are you sure you want to do that?" I shut up immediately, then she giggled. "I love it, I was just kidding though, I always keep my word. so yes, fucking is one of those things along with finishing what I start that is automatic. See getting to know me isn't so bad is it? I hope you're not getting the idea that you can handle me though." I said, "hmm, I think I am." she went still.
"all right then, I will test your limits." She stood, and turned around. "I'm so hot, and sweaty." "I know." I said softly. "even my ass." she said, almost sounding as if she was hinting at something. I asked if she was, and she flicked my head. "isn't it obvious? kiss my ass! litterally." She sat on my face, then began to laugh as my lips moved. "browny points if you think you can rim me." She didn't smell too bad, a little musty, but that was almost hot, in the way her feet and the scent of her gym socks were turning me on. I began to rim her, and she laughed almost maniacally. "that fucking tickles." Then, she lifted herself off of me, my cock beginninng to harden again. "mmmm! that woke him up didn't it. bet you never thought you'd get this up close and personal with me did you?" Feeling a little defiant, I said, "you know for someone who claims to have reactive atachment disorder and is in a group home for it, you seem to love yourself a lot." she gasped. "I really should torment you for that, I don't like to be talked back to, but I'll be gentle with your punishment for that because I know you wouldn't have me any other way." she told me to give her my hand. I did, and she pressed my index finger into a button on what felt like a small pen. I received a semi painful electrical shock and cried out some. she moaned in pleasure. "nothing like the cry of a man who thinks he's tough. Let that be a lesson to mind your tone with me. I muttered my safe word, and she froze, then broke all contact. "what is it hon? she said in a sudden tone of concern. "did I really hurt you doing that?" "not this time," I said, "but I have some fear where it comes to electrical play and shocks and the like, I don't want any permanent dammage to happen even if there's a small risk only." "That's reasonable, a trick pen won't hurt you, but I can understand why that would be concern and I'll respect that. I won't do that to you, ever again ok?" "thank you so much, I appreciate that." she clapped her hands twice. Now, shall we get to taking care of me again? You're going to give me a tongue bath like I gave you, with particular emphasis on anything and everything below the waste, and if you're good, I'll give you another hair lock and a blowjob. if you're not, I may employ one of your soft limits just to make a point on how serious I am about this. And another thing, you don't get to touch me with your hands till you're done, I don't know why I'e let you do it so much already today, I must really be losing my touch. but no, this time, keep those things to yourself. You will wrap them around your cock so you're not tempted, but I had better not see a stroking motion, or the physical contact ends for the night. I began to run my tongue over her body. "that's good, just like that. Don't think about how soft my skin is, how curly my hair is. Don't think about touching those sweaty feet, don't think about the gym socks I may leave for you when I go, don't think about the pleasure I'm drawing from knowing your night depends on your self controll, nore about the fact that I can very eazily be out of your reach, possibly even forever. don't think about wanting what so many people want, but can never have, nore how much you can't resist my laugh and voice. then she laughed very femaninely which was hot, but not as hot as the laugh that followed, a genuine laugh like one does when watching a funny spectacle on TV. Then she spoke, "ok fine, knock yourself, be as physical as you think you want to with me, hands and all." I explored every inch of her, then thought a complement was in order. "I can't keep my hands off of you. you're adicting." I said. she sighed. "that's what I've been trying for, glad it works, glad I still have you, right where I want you." "not only do you have me where you want me, but I'll do anything to stay here." somehow I knew as soon as I said that, that she had something in store for when it came out. "anything?" she said slowly. "Oh well, I mean," "Oh don't backpettle now." she said with a laugh. "you wanted a limit tested, now you're really going to get one." she got up and left the room, then came back in, dangling something very potent in front of my face. "don't worry, I won't have you sullying the ultimate thing I leave you with, no, this isn't quite that potent, but I've worn these gym socks for two weeks. You see, my last man actually doesn't like feet at all, and I did this to punish him before I learned he was going to break up with me. I wore them all day long, every day, for 7 days, took runs early in the morning, took runs late at night, took runs through the rain, even wore my shoes to bed every night that night. Some of my skin is even in them. and I bet you know already what I want you to do." This scent was almost too much, I felt a little naucious, and sure enough, what i guessed was right. "I want to see how much you can suck out of those socks, you may even find a little prize in there for you." I gulped, and incerted one into my mouth. in a more evil tone she spoke. "You want my sweat, you've got it, now shut up and drink it, you little freak." I sucked, and sucked, as she laughed and laughed, muttering things like :pathetic," and "what a spectacle." Then after a while, she removed the sock, saying she was bored. Then in a tone of surprise, she started going on about how she couldn't believe my face actually fell in disappointment for a bit. then she added, "is there really no limit to how much of me you'll try to take in?" :I only wish there was no limit to how much of you there is to take in. I wish I could clone you." she sighed softly. "I know some guys like the fucking twin thing, and I do have a twin, I'll see if I can talk her into it, won't make promises though. ANd hey, don't be ashamed about needing someone to overwhelm you sometimes. As I said, I can't get enough either, so this is perfect for both of us. Up for some conventional sex?" something told me, i don't know what, but something told me to tell her I wanted to suck the sock a little more. Almost as if it were a script, she cut in instantly with, "oh do you? fair enough, here." and put it back in my mouth. as I sucked she said, "try crunching down for a second, you might find a little something you like there." I did, and sure enough, I felt a hole form, and another pungent scent filled the area around me as a tiny bud fell on my chest. "Yes, I put a little smoke in there for ya, another one of my little rewards for good little men.
I packed it into the bowl and began to smoke. "don't you, uh, think princesses should smoke first?" she said in a slow, soft tone, that only on her, would indicate to me that a person means business. I handed her the bowl, and she took a hit, grabbing my head as she did, and blowing it into my lungs. "I only need a little, but you need as much as you can get. we have to calm you down." "Miss page, I don't think calm is going to be a problem anymore, you've spent a lot of what I have." she giggled. "You shouldn't have told me that, I could work you extra hard for it you know."
I did know, and hoped she would.
When we were done smoking, she layed down on the bed and said she has a surprise for me. I asked what it was, and she said, "you have exactly a half hour to do anything and everything you could possibly want to do with me.
Feeling like testing her, I took a strand of her hair in my hand without permission, and slowly she said, "Good thinking, you're getting better at taking opportunities when I present them." I took a lock and pocketted it, kissing it before I did, and breathing in the sweet fragrance of her hair. I settled on top of her, intending to show her just how grateful I was for her tonight. I fucked her hard, and fast. "this is where I make all my points back/" I said optomistically. "I don't like to be transparent, but if I really wanted to be I'd tell you that you haven't really lost any, and you're far exceeding my expectations." I almost lost track of how long we'd been fucking untill I felt the familiar sensation of cum leaving my body. I heard a soft sniff, then she addressed me by name, her voice soft and shaking. "Yes miss page?" she kissed me, "can you call me page, without the miss? just once, let me be vulnerable?" I smiled. "Gladly. I've been waiting for this." "I know you have." she said, "And I can't think of a better person to be like this with. Could you hold me? can I act like I need you for a bit?" I laughed myself. "Yes, my dear friend, you can." I wrapped my arms protectively around her, and she rested her head on my shoulder. "setting all of the play aside, I seriously think I could get used to this. Would you ever want to make this a regular thing with me? Neither of us should have to be alone while you're here if we don't want to be." I said that I wanted to ask her the same question but didn't want her to feel pressured. Then she kissed me very passionately. "I'm running out of ideas, I'm sorry to say, so I guess I've come to the wind down and reward portion of things for the night. I must ask you this first question." I smiled expectantly. "I sense that you don't want me to leave tonight, do you? What would you say if I told you I was willing to stay the night and go into protective mode with you? I almost cried imagining that from this roothless sadist that clearly knew me well. "Yes, that would be perhaps the best thing you could do for me right now."
"then that settles it. Are you a little tired yet? I know I am.
"A little." she smiled. "then here's the final thing I have for you tonight, I have something for you tomorrow that I'll let you sample, but my last thing for you tonight, is I want you to fuck either my feet, my ass, or my pussy while I try to sleep and pretend it's not happening. When you hear me snoring, if you're inside me, I want you to pull out, but if you're on my foot, go ahead and continue, the tip of your cock won't wake me out of it unless it's inside me. "Yes miss page." "You know, maybe I don't want you to call me that all the time, how about only when I'm trying to push you, otherwise, just call me by a term of endearment that shows the level to which you feel things for me." I smiled. "You''ve got it, my rarity." she giggled. "I'll take that tonight, but you need to think of one that a, isn't cheesy, and b, isn't going to make me cry. I'm still not used to someone wanting me in the ways you've been showing yet." "to be clear, I'm still not ready for a partner. I have one for one thing, and I don't know if you're polly, and two, I'm a little scared because you were friends with a very creepy stocker of mine." "I used to stock you too." she said softly. "yeah, but you can." "ok." she said gently. "and I don't expect you to trust me right away, I'd gladly be your partner, but we don't have to do that ever if you never feel up to it, this is more than enough for me." I kissed her heal, then each individual toe, ravenously sucking the smallest one, and trying to get between it and her ring toe, really wanting to put my tongue where the scent was the strongest. "would it help if I spread them apart for a moment so you can get your tongue to fit better?" she asked, almost as if she were offering water to a dehydrated man. I said a very muffled yes, and her toes spread, Once my tongue was securely between, she brought them back together around it, making it almost impossible for me to move it. I didn't care though, I just kept sucking, and she moaned, until she began to snore.
With dismay I realized, I was not fucking her. I wondered how she would feel if I chose now to start since I never got to be in the middle of it when she dozed off. I decided to test my options, and carefully settled over her heal. she stopped snoring. "yes, I'm still awake enough, you won't wake me." I humped like I'd never get to do it again, releasing my final load, barely a drop, painfully but pleasureably, my cock pulsated. Still like a good man, I licked off the drop that fell, and scrambled up to herhead, burrying my face in her hair and taking deep breaths.
The next morning, I woke up to her shaing me. "Hey honey, you still like Mcdonalds Mcgrittles don't you?" "Yes." I replied. she giggled, "put on your leash, and clothes, and We'll go before they stop surving breakfast, then I'll violate you one more time before work.
I stood, and dressed myself, then she tapped my shoulder. "I almost forgot." before she had even spoken, I knew what she was about to do. she put a sock in my face that was perhaps the most potent smelling sock I've ever smelled. The room began to spin and I almost threw up. she exploded laughing. "that, would be my oldest pair of socks. I told you I was going to leave you with something, and I am, along with an assignment. I will be back in two weeks to collect this, but for the next 14 days, I want you to make it a routine to call me, and put that around your cock, and wank while you're talking to me. I want you to call me because I want to make sure every load you spend into it is one I brought about. You can show me how devoted you are, just as you have been, by carrying this out, and when I come to get it, I will walk around wearing your cum for the duration of my visit, that is when we're not skin to skin doing things." I smiled. "with pleasure miss Page." "good boy." she said. "there is a bit of skin in there too, so even if you don't feel it, bare it in mind and know that in a simbolic way, that's me rewarding you for keeping me in your head." I smiled, and reached for a hug. She pulled me into one, ruffling my hair. "ok come on love, we're burning daylight and those sandwiches aren't going to bring themselves.

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