Foot Worship

foot goddess

After another beautifully languorous morning, worshipful and gratifying, they decided to tackle the pending garden chores as it was such a beautiful day outside. The rare English heatwave was in glorious effect.

He cooked them a quick bacon and egg breakfast while she sat, calmly awaiting it whilst flipping through nonsense to torture him with on her phone. She’d clearly become accustomed to being waited on and attended to in all ways by now, he being so obviously, nearly pathetically fulfilled in his many obligatory roles. There was no longer any question…

In the garden they toiled away at grass trimming and seeding. Or rather, he did, while she basked in the sun and potted a few more plants to add to their growing garden. The sun shone, hot and high, an occasional merciful wind allowing them moments to reflect upon each other briefly across the garden.

Once inside, work done, they cooled a bit and relaxed on the couch. It was clear she was a bit tired now, maybe from their night out before, but maybe also her morning orgasm had taken something out of her. Nonetheless she yawned deep and hard just as he moved in to kiss her face. She laughed at his awkward timing and pushed him away, down to the other end of the couch again, quickly raising her dirty foot to his face to hold him at bay with another self-satisfied chuckle. He collapsed back, a little stunned by the turn of events but also completely transfixed by the sudden, domineering presence of her foot, now twisting into his face. He sat back, beaten by the moment, and remembered his place instantly; as always, so deeply weakened by any aspect of her beautiful feet as he was. So many aspects of his Goddess occupied his mind constantly now, all day every day, nothing less so than her gorgeous, perfectly formed feet.
She knew this weakness well and was only too happy to exploit it frequently.

“What’d you think you were doin’ then?” she asked him, grinning.

“Was just trying to give you a kiss…” he said.

“Well, go on then, loser” she replied twisting her dirty, sweaty sole into his face.

He pressed his lips into her arch as she grabbed at his nose with her perfectly shaped toes. She felt him inhaling and breathing in her sweaty feet, knowing that he’d lose himself completely in her essence instantly. She loved toying with his head this way. He felt himself slip quickly under her spell, down a bit inside, then further, as he kissed her foot all over without hesitation. She yawned again, enjoying his helplessness beneath her.
She lifted her other foot onto his somewhat pathetic face, burying and smothering him underneath her soles, quite enjoying the feeling of truly owning her ‘bitch’, her toy, content in the knowledge that it was just this easy to control his will at any time. She took a few quiet minutes now, just idly wiping her dirty feet onto his face, knowing he had no power to resist in any way as she pressed his head harder into the couch armrest. He kissed and sniffed away, instinctively, as an animal, deep inside his own glorious weakness. His vision was filled with her foot at close range, his eyes tracking every bit of dirt and grime embedded in her foot bottoms (more work to be done there, surely, again) and with each breath of her sweaty scent he slipped selflessly into a proper submission to it.
Was he still ‘a man’ in these moments? Yes, but…something else also; something more important, so fulfilling to both. He sneaked a peek to see if she was smiling maybe, at least. And she was, idly. Harmony…
Worshipping his Goddess at any and all times was a forgone conclusion in his mind by now, always, and today despite his own tiredness from their gardening labour. Being her footrest was never a labour at any time, a privilege for sure.
A slave is only what he’s allowed to be after all, and his resignation to his place in her world was total.

“I don’t know if I should get you to make me a brew or to have a nap. I feel a bit sleepy now for some reason”, she said yawning hard again, flicking on the TV as her feet smushed idly all over his face.
He didn’t offer an opinion, entrained as he was to the situation, but parted his lips instinctively to press his tongue to her sole, wanting to taste her saltiness so badly.

“Nope!” she reacted instantly with a slap of her sole against his face. “Did I say you could lick yet?”

“No….I’m sorry, it’s just – “ he spoke meekly into her sole, interrupted abruptly.

“No, I didn’t, bitch…Kissing and sniffing only for you, until I decide what I want. And be grateful for that” she said lazily, pushing his nose in between her sweaty toes and pinching hard for emphasis this time, the sole of her other foot across his wanting lips lest he stupidly try to speak again. She continued to flick through her TV options, eyes on the screen, yawning still, all as if her human property was simply a third-rate concern. Then after a few moments, perhaps realizing that his mouth had really ought to be busy anyway, she glanced down to the end of the couch, lifted the foot off his mouth and said, “Open”, quickly stuffing her heel into his obedient mouth, allowing “There, you can lick that for a bit”, laughing slightly as she did. The sight of her poor foot-besotted, addicted slave in such a compromised position once again, so genuinely unable to resist her in any way, never became any less amusing to her somehow. By now she’d grown quite accustomed to his abject devotion to her imperious feet and she had no inclination to not take full advantage of it.

After a few more moments had passed she gave him an abrupt shove with both feet, sitting up slowly. “I think I’ve decided; I want both”, she said.
“Both?”, he sputtered, a bit dazed, slowly allowing reality back into his brain…

“Yup. You are to….make me a brew, and you can do a little washing up, but I think I really do need to close my eyes for a bit, and I’m going to put this movie on upstairs”, she said pointing at the TV.

He stroked her calf lovingly, replying “Sure, no problem. I can keep myself busy for a bit down here if you like. I can tell you need a little rest really.”

“No, I’ll keep you busy up there, thanks. Just bring my coffee up when it’s done.”

He climbed the stairs, coffee in hand, and arriving in the bedroom found her reclining on the bed, adjusting her hair and smiling sleepily. It made him tweak with happiness inside to see her so content in her realm. He felt placated himself by her own ease and satisfaction at any small thing he could do to please her. It’s what he was there for after all, and they’d both found a perfect peace in embracing that dynamic; a deep resolution within each other’s simplest, basest needs.
He placed the coffee on the bedside table beside her cigarettes and ashtray and saw her lean up and forwards, glancing behind her. He took this as instruction to climb into bed behind her, sitting upright against the headboard to assume a ‘human armchair’ position. Once he settled, she leaned back into him, cradled by his arms and outstretched legs. They both sighed and he leaned forward to kiss the back of her neck sweetly. Once, twice…he found her delicate ear with his lips as she clicked on the movie she’d selected.

“This is probably shit, but it’s perfect to nod off to maybe”, she said. “You’ll probably hate it but I don’t wanna hear any whinging about it either way.”

“Yes ma’am, whatever you say” he replied.

“I know. Good boy.” Smiling, she turned her head sideways towards him and he leaned in to kiss her on the lips, finally. It was too brief a kiss though, perhaps awkward in this position, so he gently reached to cradle her head in his hands, turned her face towards him and kissed her again; long, soulful and deep this time.

The movie started playing and they settled in to watch. He instinctively knew her coffee had cooled enough and handed it her. She took a few sips and handed it back. The humming electric fan by the bedside was sublime.

“Fag, please”, she quietly ordered, and he lit one and passed it to her waiting lips. As they watched the screen he could feel her settling back into him quite comfortably, and he allowed his fingers to gently trace the back of her neck and play a little with the errant strands of her long, cinched-up hair. After a bit, he could feel her breathing slow towards drowsiness, he thought, but he saw her hand slip down into her pants. As nice as she felt right now it wasn’t purely about sleep…
He brought his hands forward to her huge breasts, cupping their true and natural voluptuousness in his hands as best he could. His cock immediately began to twitch slightly, wedged behind her back as it was. He loved to feel the full weight of her enormous breasts in his hands, and felt it must also feel like relief to her being both held and admired this way. His thumbs found her perfect nipples and within seconds they grew harder from his touch. He stroked them to full erectness and began to pull on them as she squirmed back into him, her own hands now busy below her waist. In no time she removed her pants and kicked them to the floor.
He continued to stroke her nipples and squeeze her breasts, slowly and randomly, and he felt the impossible urge to wrap his lips around them, to bite and suck on them. But now was not the time for his pleasure, despite his hardening cock…

He watched almost jealously as her right hand disappeared down, into herself, to her wetness, and he felt her moan as much as he heard it also.
He reached his lips to her ear – “You feel good?” he whispered.
“Yeah”, she purred back, a bit lost in her pleasure already, her breath a bit heavy.
He continued in her ear…
“Good. You got a bit tired and sweaty outside, didn’t you? And I think you know how bad I wanna clean you right now probably. And how bad you need me to.”

“Yeah…course I do…you’re my dirty bitch.”

His lips closed around her earlobe, sucking it into his mouth and kissing her softly.

“I can still see the dirt on your feet too. They felt so fucking amazing downstairs.”

“I know, bitch, you need to clean them again after”, which is how they’d begun the day in the first place as usual.

Her hand-speed was increasing now, as was her breathing, and she pulled her hand away from her pussy and back towards his face.
“You need to clean these now though”, she said, and stuck her sticky fingers into his mouth. He immediately sucked the sweetness from her fingers, very hungrily, licking all around them and feeling so lucky to do so.
“Good boy. That’s enough” she teased, and pulled her wet fingers out of his mouth and back down to her pussy, deeper inside this time.
He was just happy to be serving a useful purpose right now, and beyond grateful to taste her in his mouth. He continued squeezing her nipples, harder now, and waited for his next mouthful of sloppy fingers to suck on. Here they came again…

He whispered into her ear how badly he need to eat her ass, and he asked her to promise to let him lick her clean after. She couldn’t reply verbally by now. She knew how good it would feel to sit on his face later and feel his tongue digging up inside her ass, and she allowed her mind to go there but kept feeding herself to him instead from her fingers, repeatedly, as her pace quickened, intent on cumming quickly this time, the sooner to sleep. He sucked more hungrily each time she shoved them into his mouth for a taste, each time feeling more turned on by his eagerness to please her. She was getting close now…he squeezed her harder from behind and pressed his hard-on into her, telling her how good her cummy fingers tasted and how much he adored her…he munched on her neck, his tongue desperate to taste her flesh now…he felt her quiver sharply, and clutch herself hard.
At last she let out a long moan and he held her tight a moment longer, kissing her where he could through her orgasm. She squirmed a few last humps against her hand and then relaxed, bringing her fingers to his lips one more time to be sucked clean. He gently stroked her face while he sucked her fingers, slowly, singly, each a delicious treasure.

“Thank you, my Goddess” he finally whispered.
“You’re welcome, my bitch”, she said with a satisfied smile. She reached back to find his nuts, giving them a hard squeeze and a sadistic twist causing him to moan. “We’ll deal with this nastiness later.”

He soon felt her energy release and her tiredness began to claim her body again somewhat quickly now. She leaned back into the comfort of his arms and chest and allowed the cooling air from the fan to caress her tingling body. Instinctively, he knew she partly wanted a smoke but partly didn’t want to move at all either. He reached out to the table and lit one for himself, holding it to her lips and sharing it with her. Two puffs later her eyes closed and he felt her slip into a fitting nap once and for all, snuggled perfectly into his embrace.

The TV softly grabbed his attention in the electric silence of the moment and he wondered, “What the fuck is this shit she was watching?” But he laughed it off as it couldn’t have mattered less, his beautiful spent Goddess asleep now in his arms.

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